x men fairy tales


Marvel continues to reveal more manga variant titles include covers drawn by character designer Yūsuke Kozaki (Fire Emblem: Fates, No More Heroes) who provides the variant for Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #4, Kia Asamiya (Martian Successor Nadesico, Silent Möbius) drew the cover for Civil War #3, and Sana Takeda (X-23, X-Men: Fairy Tales) created the cover for X-Men ’92 #3.

Kitty’s Fairy Tale is truly one of the very best single X-Men issues. You can quite literally feel the love Dave Cockrum had for these characters in every single panel. Damn, I wish he was still with us.

Uncanny X-Men #153, January 1982
Dave Cockrum, Josef Rubinstein,
and Chris Claremont

The comic in which Illyana fights Baba Yaga is one of my favorites, right up there with the one where X-Factor fights trolls. I guess I just like X-Men/fairy tale stuff. Weirdly, I just found X-Men: Fairy Tales kinda okay. 

I don’t think that that joke works, Doug. I mean, Warlock is techno-organic, so I’m not sure how much of him is iron. I just thought it was interesting that Baba Yaga included Warlock in her child-eating plans. I don’t know, I’m just overthinking stuff. Ignore me.