x men crossovers

Angel With a Shotgun

Peter Maximoff x Reader

Prompt: Supernatural/X-Men crossover where Reader is an angel - a very unconventional, non-standard angel - that hunts with Sam & Dean and falls in love with Peter.

Editor: @fetus-twink-howell

Beta Reader: @nerdy833

A/N: Assume this takes place over the course of about 6 months to a year, I suppose. Sorry if the lyrics make it choppier, it just… felt wrong to leave them out. Also, please don’t kill me.

Get out your guns,
Battle’s begun.
Are you a saint or a sinner?

  Your eyes were closed the first time you ever heard his voice. It had been eerily silent in the forest that day, the dense quiet disturbed only by the sound of your footsteps. You didn’t mind, however. It was not often that you experienced the pleasure of true silence within the human world - or heaven, for that matter - and you were taking the time to enjoy it. Even if the silence meant that whatever you had been hunting was not hunting you.

  You thought about calling the Winchesters, but disregarded the idea, almost with distaste. They had their own problems to attend to, and this small vampire clan was the least of them. Besides, you were an Angel of the Lord. If you could not handle these simply creatures - ones who probably could not even kill you - you had fallen far, indeed. You paused then, your ears having picked up a sound in the distance. That was when the vampires made their first mistake. They did not stop moving quick enough, and you heard one of them move.

  You hadn’t whirled around, hadn’t bothered to even look, you’d merely slipped your angel blade into one hand and gripped your shotgun in the other. You held still, listening to the perfect silence. Listening for the mistakes.


  You whirled, throwing the blade - with enough precision and accuracy to scare any being - and firing the shotgun after it. Both projectiles met their mark. The vampire, most likely a fledgling, was too slow, too clumsy, to evade, and its head toppled to the ground within five seconds of you throwing the blade. One down, you thought, retrieving your blade, four to go.

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Barry: Y/N, hang in there! *cradles your limp and bloody face in his lap*

Meta human *laughs maniacally*: No one can stop me now, Flash!

Logan: Think again, Bub. *beats the living daylights out of the meta human*

Y/N blinks awake, glaring up at Barry in annoyance. “What’s the matter with you? I’m fine.”

Barry: You’re alive! *hugs you in relief, and you frown miffed*

Y/N: of course I’m alive. I have super regeneration. *Glaring at Logan* I had it under control.

Logan rolls his eyes: sure you did, squirt.


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Imagine…Your Friends, Barry Allen and Peter Maximoff, Helping You Get Over Your Fear Of Clowns

You: You guys are such assholes!

Peter: Lighten up, (Y/N). It was just the circus.

You: Yes, and you locked me in a dressing room filled with clowns!

Barry: (Y/N), come on. They were just clowns. We should go watch IT at my house.

Peter: YES!

You: NO!


Imagine: Bucky meets Magneto.

Request from: Anonymous

The view from the hotel window was breathtaking. The hotel was located on a hill, near a big river. Apart from the hotel and the restaurant, there were not many other buildings in the vicinity. It was a beautiful, wild place.

Bucky traveled there to get some rest. As he always did.

That day he decided to take a little walk to the nearest castle. The castle was located on one of the hills, which surround the mountain. It was a grey, impressive castle with several towers and it was surrounded by a high defensive wall.  At the foot of the mountain there was a broad river, which flew through a valley and then disappeared behind the hills.

Bucky always enjoyed the pleasant calmness, it was the place where he could gather his thoughts after all of his missions.

A stone pathway ran through the middle of the lawn. Along the pathway grew an alley of small maple trees. At the end of the alley there were rosebushes. There were also wooden benches and Bucky took a seat at one of them.

He was sitting in a silence, when a strong voice has brought him out of thoughtfulness.

“Beautiful place, isn’t it?”

Bucky lifted his chin and turned his head. He noticed a tall man with dark brown hair and blue eyes. The man was wearing a long dark coat and a dark jeans.

“Mhm..” Bucky mumbled loudly, closing his eyes again.

“I haven’t seen you here earlier, Sir” the stranger took a seat next to Bucky, leaning his back against the bench’s back.

“Yea…” Bucky mumbled again. The truth was he wasn’t into a conversation with the other man. He only wanted to enjoy the silence.

“You aren’t too garrulous, Sir” dark haired man said under his breath. “But I think I do know you.”

“Oh, you do?” Bucky opened his blue eyes and looked at the stranger, chuckling loudly. “I don’t think so.”

For a few moments there was a silence between two men.

And then…

Bucky’s left arm just hit his own chin. Without a reason.

Barnes blenched in a second, then he blinked few times before he spoke.

“What the hell..”

But before he ended his statement, his metal arm hit his chin once again. And then once more…

“You are James Barnes, but more people know you as the Winter Soldier” stranger laughed loudly. “You are almost invincible. But not to me” man smiled while Bucky’s metal arm hit his own stomach.

Bucky was trying to stop it, so he put his normal hand on the metal forearm and he was trying to hold it in a place, but he didn’t manage it and once again he was hit by his own limb.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” Barnes yelled, clinching his teeth, stopping the whimper of pain after another strike.

“I am Magneto” brunette only smirked. “You want me to stop?” he chuckled shortly after his first sentence.

“…Are you kidding me?! You are…” Bucky blinked.

“Haha, of course I am doing this. You know, sometimes it’s good to have a control over all metal objects” man chuckled happily. “So. We’re gonna work together, Mr Barnes” Magneto sighed deeply.

Bucky’s hand finally stopped to blow another hits into his stomach. Man shook his head and looked at the other man.

“Why… And.. Hell. I don’t want to work with someone who is using his force against me. Besides, I used to work by my own” Bucky miffed.

“Well, it’s not up to you nor me. The Shield has made that decision. And you know..” Magneto smirked and shortly after Bucky’s metal fist hit his own chin again, “this is what is happening, when you’re trying to argue.”

Then brunette in the coat just got up and walked away, leaving Bucky alone, as surprised as Barnes only could be.

Author: Anti

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