x men adventures


I can’t be the only one who has/had crushes on these goth/emo/dark/angsty and broody characters! (Part 2)

pairings that remind me of jack and ralph

erik and charles (magneto and prof x) - x men

shego and kim possible

cartman and kyle - south park

draco malfoy and harry potter

marceline and princess bubblegum 

lisa and suzanna (girl interrupted)

deadpool and spiderman

- basically almost every major frenemy pair

Whoever made this comic is a dumbass, and Marvel are morons for publishing it.

Do I even need to explain what is so retarded about this?

I’ll give you a hint 

External image

Marvel purposefully lied about their own history to make some half-assed commentary about an issue that never even existed in tne first place