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Is there statistical proof that players react better to characters that are like them? Sure, the role of the "self-insert" character is important in a story, but though many readers look through the Frodo's eyes while reading, he scores pretty low in many voting lists. Meanwhile, Gandalf, Aragorn and Legolas, characters that the readers/viewers look up to, occupy the top spots. So what's with the fixation of making sure everyone gets a character identical to them, down to the hair color?

Let’s explore this idea. Below are the top 25 grossing movie franchises:

1) Marvel Cinematic Universe - Mostly humans (albeit many with superhuman abilities). Has gods, but they look human.

2) Star Wars - Has lots of aliens and droids. Main characters mostly human though.

3) James Bond - All humans.

4) Harry Potter - Moat characters are technically wizards but essentially humans. Has some fantastical creatures.

5) Fast and the Furious - All the main characters are human. One could argue cars are kind of characters.

6) Transformers - Here the cars are literally characters. First on the list to have main characters not be human although every movie has had its POV protagonist be human.

7) Despicable Me - Main characters are human. Minions do get a lot of screen time though.

8) X-Men - The heroes are technically mutants but essentially human in appearance and demeanor.

9) Jurassic Park - The main characters are always human, but obviously the dinosaurs are the Draw of the franchise.

10) Pirates of the Caribbean - Primarily Pirates but other than a few dead ones, mostly human.

11) Mission Impossible - All humans.

12) Spider-man - Protagonist and antagonists are superhuman but human nonetheless.

13) Toy Story - This is the second franchise where they main characters aren’t human but toys. The main characters are facsimiles of humans.

14) Ice Age - Not only are the main characters animals, but humans have had very little screen time in this franchise.

15) Indiana Jones - All human.

16) DC Cinematic Universe - Superhumans, some of which are human, some of which while technically not human pass easily for human.

17) Kung Fu Panda - This is another IP filled with animals. Unlike Ice Age, these animals primarily act like humans, walking on two legs, using martial arts, etc.

18) Terminator - Main characters are humans but robots get a lot of screen time.

19) Star Trek - Mostly humans with a few aliens that look a lot like humans with a little face make-up.

20) Planet of the Apes - Another IP where the main characters are not humans but apes. Like Transformers, movies also have a human POV protagonist.

21) Alien - The bad guys are not human but mostly everyone else is including all the main characters.

22) Jason Bourne - All humans.

23) Men In Black - Main characters are mostly human, but lots of aliens.

24) Rocky - All humans.

25) Die Hard - All humans.

So, of the top twenty-five grossing movie franchises, only five can be argued as not primarily being about humans, three of which are animated. Both of the non-animated ones always have its protagonist be human. Of the animated ones, only Ice Age don’t have the characters anthropomorphized.

The fixation on humans is because that’s what works.

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Male actors I love

1. Travis Fimmel - Vikings
2. Charlie Hunnam - Sons is Anarchy
3. Joe Dempsie - Skins uk / Game of Thrones 4. Nicholas Hoult - Skins uk / X-men
5. Bill Skarsgård- Hemlock Grove
6. Gustaf Skarsgård - vikings
7. Evan peters - American Horror Story / X-men
8. Tom Felton - Harry Potter
9. Alan Rickman - ( everything he has started in tbh)
10. Tom Hardy - Legend / Dunkirk

Top Movies of the First Half of 2017.

1. Get out- When it comes to the best movies of first half of 2017, consider this situation… Fucking Handled! Yo, Jordan Peele made the best movie of 2017 so far and it’s going to take a hell of a movie to knock it off. I had my reservations about this movie because movies that get this kind of hype on Facebook and social media never pan out but this one did! This movies comes correct from the first scene of my beloved Lakeith Stanfield walking through a, “superb,” in a situation that every person of color has feared would happened to them. A lot of praise should also go to the leading man Daniel Kaluuya too, his physical acting is incredible and as he’s required to change demeanors so many times during the movie and he never wavers for one moment. There’s so much to talk about with Get Out. All the white people come correct and are genuinely horrifying. I guess Lena Dunham isn’t the biggest villain on Girls. A true hallmark of an important movie is how it can change or shape your perception of a certain person, group or situation. While it sheds an incredible light on how most minorities and especially african american minorities feel about living in this country the most image altering part of this movie is that Jordan Peele made the fucking TSA cool. There has to be an award for just that alone. 

2. It Comes at Night -This film is a “horror” movie that isn’t interested at all of scaring but instead it wants to horrify you. This movie relies on tone and atmosphere than actual jump scares to create the his dark (literally because most of the movie is in the dark) tense canvas for their characters to live in and instead of a big bad monster waiting at the end of the hall the true horrors are the people themselves, well intentioned individuals who because of circumstances are forced become the most desperate version of themselves. Those circumstances are left incredibly vague throughout the movie with only just subtle nods and hints to what’s actually going in the outside world and that allows us to not worry about the world but more so on the character themselves. Nothing is ever really explained in this movie but it relies on the viewers basic understanding of a humans connection to family, a teenagers connection to sexuality to a mothers connection to a son and so on and so forth. If you come to this movie to be scared you will be disappointed. But if you come for a gorgeously shot, tense and dark character study of human survival instincts you will be blown away. 

3. Lost City of Z - Lost City of Z is one of the most beautiful movies I’ve seen in a long time. All the shots in the Amazon are breathtaking. James Grey has so much respect for all the beauty that the world has to offer and lets his camera linger on shots that a lesser director would have just blown through and moved onto the next one to service the plot. The way scenes fade in and out of each other is also masterful and makes me wish for nothing more but to leave my life behind and go exploring the amazon.  Lost City of Z is also an incredible piece of period filmmaking. From the opening shots to the courthouse drama you’re submerged into 19th century Britain and that comes with it’s own baggage. Especially when it comes to Sienna Millers character who gets treated like an afterthought half through the movie. But the first half of the movie she’s terrific and her character is given a lot to do and deserves to be respected. 

4. Win it All - As a person who enjoys people meeting and interacting with each other I can’t say enough about Joe Swanberg and Jake Johnson and their collaborations. Everything about this movie feels so real from the people, the relationships to the stakes. And by stakes I don’t mean just the gambling stakes, I mean the stakes of what it means to have a job, a girlfriend and have your life figured out. Shouts to my man Jakey J for now and forever. It may not have been as good as Drinking Buddies but for what it lacks in substance it makes up for with it’s absolute delightfulness. I never thought in a million years I would be saying a Joe Swanberg movie was, “delightful.”

5. Wonder Woman - I don’t really care for Super Hero movies that much anymore but Wonder Woman blew me away. Yeah the third act has issues and falls for the same old comic book tropes but everything leading up to it is amazing. From watching Princess Diana discovering what ice cream is to her walking across No Mans Land and unleashing hell on those machine guns all the way back to seeing baby Wonder Womans face on the big screen knowing she was going to be the hero of her very own story! It does justice to not just the woman part of it’s title but the wonder as well. It’s a wonderful movie.

6. John Wick: Chapter 2 - Spoiler alert: the dog live in this movie. Which is about the only real criticism that the first John Wick had and now that they fixed that they take this surprisingly successful franchise to new heights. Keanu Reeves is absolutely terrifying in this role especially considering I see about 5 Keanu Reeve’s look a likes walking the treadmill at the gym everyday and they’re all more likely to be doing someone’s taxes than they do gouging peoples fucking eyes out. But to each his own! 

7. Logan - When all the fanboy dickriding and Johnny Cash settles you’re left with a really good superhero movie. All the action is terrific and is a very emotional movie.Jackman and Stewart play their f bomb dropping and eye gouging versions of their iconic characters perfectly and this movie is honestly a very nice course correction after visual garbage that was X men Apocalypse.

8. Split - M Knight back? Possibly. This a very good movie with no discernible twist. Unless you count Jame McAvoy getting buff a twist, which I knew he had that in him the whole time (apparently he did too). But this a very good movie for the uneasy and tense thriller genre even though the most uneasiness to this movie comes from the real world horror and not the big bad swoll James McAvoy himself. 

9. Kong - This movie is like going into a test and expecting a D and getting a B- and sitting there and realizing you could have had an A if you really tried a bit harder. This movie has so many moments of pure joy and pleasure but the over saturated World War 2 soundtrack and some over the top Unle Sam-ification of Samuel L. Jackson bogs this down from being a truly special movie. 

10. Free Fire - Although I would have much rather this movie have more shoot em up scenes than, “hey are you still alive?” scenes I enjoyed the hell out of Free Fire. As much as I’d like to say queen Brie Larson was the best part of this movie and she’s terrific but it has to be Sharlto Copley and his A+ suit.