Kurt at the Olympics: Chick Magnet


Let’s be real.  All of the girls have been eyeing him.  Since day ONE.  Circling him.  Waiting.  For one of them muster up the courage to ask him.  And the moment one of them finally did.  THEY.  POUNCED.

The first panel was actually a “deleted scene” from “Worth It.”  I ended up cutting it from that comic because it was taking too long to finish and I felt it didn’t “go” with the rest of the panels as well.  I’m glad I found a way to use it in the end. 

FYI, Kurt has given people permission to pet him before:

X-Men Preference: Handling Jealousy...

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Alex Summers:

Chilled, he’s very chilled. He recognises he’s jealous, but he also knows it’s unnecessary and he should trust you. So he does. He pushes it to the side or he talks to you about it but he never acts on it.

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Scott Summers:

Does not handle jealousy well at all, he is in fact ridiculous with jealousy. In fact it’s really annoying how violent he gets just because he feels threatened and it’s something that really causes a problem in relationships. 

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Warren Worthington:

Broods, he broods in a corner with arms crossed and a pout and he’s very grumpy about it but he doesn’t really do anything but brood. 

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Kurt Wagner:

I don’t think he’s ever experienced it before, it’s actually pretty terrifying an emotion for him and he’s immediately asking about it, but once he knows what it is he’s pretty good at handling it.

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“What’s going on, blue boy?” Warren asks as Kurt comes in the kitchen and you roll your eyes.
Insecure Kurt looks from the empty chair to you and back before you pat on the seat surface.
“Sit down.” You offer, but he shakes his head.
“N-no. I was looking for, uhm, Jean.” Kurt mumbles and teleports away.
“Strange guy.” Warren laughs and a wave of anger rushes through you.
“He is nice.”
“Oh c'mon, you don’t fall for that freak?” He asks in disbelief.
“I said he is nice and nothing more.”

Tired you sit in the class room, trying to concentrate on Xavier’s voice, but you’re too distracted by the empty chair in front of you. And Jean’s hateful gaze toward Warren and you.
“What is her problem?” Warren asks quietly and you shrug.
“I don’t know.”
…and you don’t care at the moment.
You’re worried about Kurt, he never missed a single school day. It costs you every effort not to look for him.
“(Y/N)…(Y/N).” Xavier’s voice in your head tears you off your thoughts.
“Huh?” You look to the floating chairs and desks and blush slightly. “Sorry professor.”
He nods understanding and continues his lesson.
As soon as Xavier lets you go you jump up, but Jean holds you back.
“We need to talk.” She says and you suppress a sigh. “It’s about Kurt.”
“Warren and you shouldn’t treat him like that. It’s mean and he doesn’t deserve that.”
“I don’t..” You stop yourself from speaking, because you both know you lie.
Of course you never said anything against Kurt, but you also never said anything when Warren joked around.
“You like him, too.” Jean suddenly says with a smile.
“I guess.”
“That’s awesome. Go and talk to him.” Jean says while she drags you through the corridor.

Nervous you stand in front of Kurt’s door, feeling like a complete idiot.
“You can do it.” You mumble to yourself and knock on it.
As Kurt doesn’t reply you open the door, seeing him in his bed and is he crying?
“Kurt? Can I come in?” You ask quietly and he winces.
Embarrased he turns around and wipes the tears from his cheeks.
“What do you want?” Kurt asks and you sit down on the bed.
“Listen, I’m sorry. I know I’m not a, mh sociable person. Hard shell, soft core or something.” You try to explain yourself. “But I like you.”
With widen eyes Kurt stares at you. “You like me?”
“Yea, I do.” You smile at him and he responds it happy.

“You know I love you, right?” + Peter Maximoff x Reader

A/N: I had an idea…idk this is just some fluff I wrote in film class

Warnings: crying???extreme fluff???? let me know if I missed something

Character: Peter Maximoff x Reader

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Peter’s lips are a nauseating shade of pink as he attacks your neck. His right hand is intertwined in yours. The long fingers of his left hand rub slow circles on the exposed skin of your hip. A soft sigh of contentment escapes your parted lips when Peter places a kiss on the column of your throat. You feel his smile into your skin. You almost whine when he pulls away.

“You know I love you, right?” Peter’s face is inches from your own; the silver-haired boy was so close that you could see the little flecks of light brown in his eyes.

There was a haze in your eyes, a sort of high that you only got from Peter. The simple question he asked you had hundreds of underlying meanings. His insecurities surfaced very rarely, but they were crystal clear in this moment. You felt it through the way the grip on your hand softened, and the way that his voice eased into a piano-like dynamic.

The question posed so many possible outcomes. No would mean lonely beds and no more forehead kisses, yes would mean commitment and taxes in a shared apartment. Neither of the two outcomes appealed to you, but the way that Peter’s eyes shone with tears proved that there was no other answer but yes.

“Of course I do Pete.” A single tear escaped Peter’s long lashes and glided down his face. But before it could drop onto the couch cushion between the two of you, your lips met his. You pulled away after a few seconds. “Peter Maximoff, I will always love you. Don’t ever think twice about that. You’re stuck with me, and I hope you don’t mind.” Peter sniffled with a light laugh. He wiped his eyes and smiled at you. Neither of you would have it any other way.

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

“Did you just quote Gone with the Wind?”


“Peter Maximoff, you are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“I’m not cute.”


Can you do Warren and his gf chilling in bed watching Netflix, well he is, his gf on the other hand is playing with his hand and slipping her tiny chuby fingers between his long slender ones and they have like a fluffy cute Tarzan moment 😂? -Requested by @tanovic54321

It was date night with Warren, but instead of going out, you decided to stay home instead. You turned on the TV in your room and put on Stranger Things while he made popcorn. You jumped in bed in your PJ’s and got comfy under the covers while you waited for him to come in.

“Extra buttery, just for you,” he said as he walked in, grinning. The popcorn’s smell made your mouth water.

“You’re the best,” you said, grabbing a greedy handful of the buttery goodness and plopping it in your mouth.

He set the bowl between you and got under the blankets, pressing his warm body against yours. He stretched his wing out behind you, and you leaned back on it while he slung one arm around your shoulder. It was like laying down on a soft, feathery blanket. He pulled you close to cuddle while you started the episode.

You’d already watched the entire season of Stranger Things, so you were more interested in the popcorn than the TV. When the snacks ran out, you tried to watch, but it just wasn’t the same now that you knew exactly what was going to happen. Instead, you started playing with his fingers.

You intertwined your short fingers with his long, calloused ones. “What are you doing?” He was only half-paying attention.

You lifted your arm and examined your tiny hand wrapped in his. “Your fingers are so long,” you said distractedly. “Put your hand up. I want to see how long they are.”

He raised an eyebrow, but let go of your hand and complied. You pressed your palm against his and stretched your fingers, but they were not nearly as lengthy as his.

“It’s like that scene from Tarzan,” you giggled. “Your hands are like Tarzan’s compared to mine.”

He ripped his attention from the screen. “Hey!” he protested. “My hands are perfectly proportionate, thank you very much.”

“I was just teasing,” you smiled. You turned your head and kissed his cheek to show there were no hard feelings. You slipped your fingers in his again. “I like you just the way you are, Warren.”


Ain’t no angel - A Nightangel playlist

save me from myself // oh lord, oh lord, what do i do? i’ve fallen for someone who’s nothing like you // don’t wanna let you down, but i am hell bound // i will never let you fall, i will stand up with you forever // won’t you lay your healing hands on my chest, let your ritual clean // if someone believed me, they would be as in love with you as i am // if hate is poison, then love’s the cure // spread yours wings all over me