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Rules: List 5 OTP’s from 5 fandoms and tag 10 people to pass it on…

I was tagged by @ultrahotpink and @jomiddlemarch and I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve such a double dose of affection!

1. Hasil Farrell and Sally Ann from Outsiders. This backwoods mountain boy and his beautiful Kentucky girl slay me, every single time. Only six days until the premiere of Season 2, whoo hoo!

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2. Alice and Uncas from The Last of the Mohicans. The first, the original OTP, forevermore. Immortalized in tragedy, but luckily there’s fanfiction, right? :)

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3. Mary Phinney and Jed Foster from Mercy Street. They bicker and tease and help each other with amputations and I just want to mash their faces together like I did with my childhood dolls. Can’t wait until Sunday!

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4. Eleanor Guthrie and Charles Vane from Black Sails. I like to imagine an alternate Season 3 where everyone lives (sob!) and Vane and Eleanor rule Nassau together and every single episode involves a visit to the fuck tent. 

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5. Furiosa and Max Rockatansky from Mad Max: Fury Road. I love my murder puppies and their five adopted daughters. Bonus points for one half of the OTP using the other as a gun tripod. 

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Just for fun (’cause why not?), I’m going to add in my new ship du jour

6. Dorothy Gale and Lucas from Emerald City. Only three episodes in and they’re clearly headed for canon-ville. Honestly, Lucas only seems capable of making heart eyes at her at this point. And I totally dig the height difference!

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5 otps

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Soo…yeah let’s get this over with! Haha!

1) Banana Bus Squad (maybe?) - Brohm

2) Yuri!!! On Ice - Victuri / Victuuri

3) Undertale - Undyne x Alphys (idk what the ship name is sadly)

4) Life Is Strange - Chloe x Max (idk the ship name of this one either huhuhu)

5) //idk help// //nevermind//
New 5) YouTube (??) - Septiplier

I tried putting one of each different fandom I’m in?? (I DONT HAVE 5 FANDOMS THOUGH,TOO MANY TO COUNT)

*stares at you* YOU!!!
I tag YOU reading this!!
Yeah that’s right!
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*picture falls from Max’s bag. Chloe sees it*
C: “ Wait, Max, a picture fell from–uh?! …Thanks, Max, nice shot!”
M: “ What…?”
C: “ I didn’t know you took a picture of me at the pool… I look hella sexy, here!”
M: “ …Shit! Chloe, give it back!”
C: “ Hahaha, no way! …Did you want to keep it for yourself?! You’re such a perv-nerd!”
C: “ I could, but I want something in return… ”
M: “ What the hell do you want?! ”
C: “ I’ll give it to you and forget about it… but you have to kiss me. ”
M: “ God, not again! ”

*apologizes for unnecessary scenario*