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6 and Taserbones?

Pairing:  Brock Rumlow/Darcy Lewis
Prompt:  #6. “Take your damn holiday lights down, it’s June." 

Brock settled down onto his sofa. He was cracking open a beer and reaching for the remote when it happened.  

The garish red and green twinkle lights blinked on and off erratically.  Like some kind of seizure inducing torture.  

Groaning, he set the beer on the table in front of him and gazed mournfully at it before hauling himself up off the couch and over to where his phone was charging.  He swiped on the screen until he arrived at Darcy’s number.  

Saved as ‘X-Mas Lights’ in his contacts, he sighed heavily as he tapped the phone icon to call her. Darcy lived across the alley in the apartment building next to his.  And she’d had her holiday lights up for approximately seven months.  

She answered on the fourth ring.  

"Heya, Rumlow.  What can I do ya for?”  

“Take your damn lights down.  It’s JUNE.” He glanced across the alley at her apartment.  She was standing at the window in a tank top and a pair of shorts so short that she might as well have not even bothered.

“Not a chance.  Do you know how hot it is outside?  No way in hell am I climbing around on my balcony just to fall off and fry on the sidewalk.”

“Can you at least turn them off?”  


He exhaled loudly.  "Why not?  You’re obviously having issues with your A/C. Maybe it’d work better if you unplugged a few things.“  He glanced back over at her, fanning herself despite her scant wardrobe choices.

"It’s more fun to annoy you than it is to not.”  

“Take them down, Lewis.  Or I’ll come over there and take them down myself.”  

“Do it,” she said.  A challenge if he ever heard one.  "You won’t come over here.  You’re too scared of me.“  

He snorted back a laugh.  "Scared of you, Small-Fry?”  

“Scared of me… scared of my booty shorts and my long, long legs…”  He could hear the smirk in her voice.  "Or something.  For all I know, you’re not even into women and my obvious advances are flying over your head for a completely different reason.  If that’s the case, I apologize.“  

He sniffed once.  "You gonna leave the door open for me?”  

“No.  You can knock like a gentleman.”

He smiled.  A gentleman he was not.  But Darcy didn’t seem to care.  

“I’ll be there in ten.”  

Hey RPC, you’re getting better, you really are, I’m proud and you should be proud too, but there’s still way too many Native fcs who don’t have proper resources so I, Natalie, with my Microsoft Word Graphic Making has decided to make you Part One (Part Two will be up tomorrow, Part Three Sunday) of a Masterlist of Female (Cis & Trans) Native North American (including Alaska and Greenland) and South American Faceclaims with resources equalling fewer than 100 gifs/gif icons/rp icons (part two is non binary, part three is cis and trans males) so that you can look here for some fcs to make resources of (this is even going to be used for personal reference for fcs I’ll be making resources of). Beside each person is their age (if known, if not known it says “unknown age”), their tribe(s) (I did not include anyone on here who is “tribe unspecified”), and what they’ve done, as well as any social media accounts that they may have. Not all faceclaims are 100% Native, and it is stated beside each if they are not (with what else they are). All faceclaims are aged 13 or older and living. Italicized are faceclaims who at least have some resources, bolded are faceclaims who don’t have any resources (and I’m sorry to say there are a ton more bolded than italicized). There are a total of #226 faceclaims under the cut, I’m sure I missed people, though, and I’m sorry for that. Note: these are only including resources I could find on tumblr, some may already have resources on places like livejournal or deviant-art that I’m unaware of.

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