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Sherlock & Molly | What is She? vimeo for mobile viewing

Sherlock wonders what Molly is to him. John and Mycroft provide some answers. (sort of AU)

When the Lights Go Out

Featuring: Jung Hoseok x Reader

rated m (to be safe) // angst // warnings: implied sex + foreplay

“Love is blind / when the lights go out” 

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No response.

“Jung Hoseok, you need to get up so we can go home.”

“Mmmmm no I dun wanna…” he replies, words sloshing into each other as they spill out of his mouth the same way his drink is escaping the red solo cup in his hand.

You snatch it away from him and place it haphazardly on the nearby coffee table, half rising and attempting to pull him up off the couch where he has decided to take up residency.

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All Smiles - Ch 1

SHIP: link x sidon / sidlink
RATING: E for everyone… for now ;)
FANDOM: the legend of zelda: breath of the wild
ONE-SHOT/MULTICHAPTERED: this is CHAPTER ONE, of an unknown number of chapters!

inspired by my own playthrough/painful journey up to zora’s domain, in which link finds prince sidon to be incredibly obnoxious… at first!
journeying to the zora’s domain in order to battle with the divine beast ruta, link’s injuries from the monsters speckling the path there result in him spending more time getting to know sidon than fighting ruta.

this story WILL feature smut at some point, so be mindful of reading future chapters & whether or not they are nsfw tagged!
anywho, happy reading! :D

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Darren x Holly and Kenna x Dom🤓

Darren X Holly: Already done (LINK). Thanks for asking for a Sleep/Ship meme for me and my Hartfeld husband. 😁

Kenna X Dom: For Good

Who is a night owl:

They both are. But it’s Dom who wakes up again when Kenna is fast asleep. It’s to check if she’s sleeping soundly, sleeping safe. He falls asleep again gazing at her, thanking the gods she was back in his arms for good.

Who is a morning person:

They both are. But it’s Kenna who gets up first, always eager to catch the first rays of the sun shedding light on the kingdom. Dom gets up a few minutes later. He would always join her by the window, wrapping his arms around her from behind. Together they watch the kingdom be bathed in the sun’s first light.

Are they cuddlers:
Aye. As soon as their bedroom door is shut and locked, they scramble towards the bed and melt into each other’s arms. In bed, she is not the Queen nor is he a warrior. She is Kenna, his true love, and he is Dominic, her one and only.

Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon:

Dominic is always the big spoon. No matter how strong she is, she likes letting herself be vulnerable in his arms. He loves the feel of her bare back against his chest. They fall asleep in this position, with Dom whispering sweet sentiments in her ear until she drifts off, her hands on his own.

What is their favourite sleeping position:

Face to face. Arms around each other. Legs intertwined. Skin against skin. Her face against the brand on his chest. This is how they sleep most nights. Locked together like the infinity sign.

Who steals all the blankets:

There is no need for blankets. Dominic emanates with so much heat that it’s enough to keep them warm even on the coldest of winters. On nights when Dominic’s kisses and caresses enliven their bed, there is especially no need for blankets or covers. Dominic’s heat is all they need… all she needs.

What they wear to bed:

They prefer going to bed naked, skin on skin. But they’ve learned the hard way that they could be woken up in the middle of the night for emergency consults. And so he has a tunic right by his side of the bed, and she, a heavy robe. Just in case.

Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt:

Kenna had worn his tunic for fun one day, and they had both laughed so hard. He didn’t like her in it, thinking it was not befitting of her sophisticated bearing.

Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares:

Dominic has woken up to Kenna trying to hold back her screams. It scared him more than if she had actually screamed. He had woken up to her clawing the wall beside her, desperate to open her eyes, but paralyzed by visions in her mind. He had shaken her awake. She told him she was dreaming of her Aunt and her Mother, and of Gabriel dying over and over again.

Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep:

This has not happened to either of them.

Who can’t keep their hands to themselves: 

Dominic can’t keep his hands off her. He counts the minutes till they retire to their room each day, eager to let his mouth and his hands near her. And once their bedroom door has been bolted, Kenna doesn’t stand a chance. He always, always takes her first.

The hero’s bond

I absolutely love the fact that Wolf Link is in Breath of the wild. So much so that I thought it would have been even better to have had regular TP Link helping BOTW Link during his quest. 

So naturally I though of the possible conversations they would probably have, and after some daydreaming I made the connection that they have both had “almost something” relationships.  

And then BOOM! This came out of my head, to my drawing pad, then to your eyes!

I might actually keep making these if I think of some more stuff like this.

But at any rate, hope you like my art!