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SS Zelink headcanon: In Skyloft, there was an ancient and beloved tradition that when someone threw themselves off the island and were caught by their lover, they were bound eternally to each other. The day of the Wing Ceremony Zelda was so happy for Link's victory that she absentmindedly revived this tradition, much to Link's surprise

this is canon for me ❤️

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I just recently started following your blog and I was wondering how Perry got to Eastern Kingdoms. I'm not great with lore, but I think night elves weren't really "discovered" by the humans until the third war?

Hey 💜 thank you for following my blog >v< !
I have answered this a few times before, so… I hope you don’t mind if I give you a little link to read one of those ? ;w; It’s right here in the FAQ ^^ (The resume also says a bit about it ^^ )

Trust pt. 2

Kylo Ren x Reader fanfic

Warnings: none

Authors note: I had no clue this would receive so much love omg thanks to everyone who liked the first part and asked for another!! Also I am very sorry this next part took so long I just wasn’t very happy with how it was turning out… Hopefully you all like it! Also to read the first part just visit my blog and search ‘trust’. I swear I’ll figure out how to link posts and put these under a read more. Maybe if this gets long enough I’ll make a masterpost.

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       Not shortly after your conversation with Kylo you couldn’t help but notice some changes. He kept closer than before and you kept closer to him. You attended more meetings involving matters beyond your training. Learning more of how the first order operated. Kylo would look in on you more while you spent time meditating or reading about military operations. We did admit there was a gap without the other so it would make sense to cope like this.

You thought of a rational reason almost immediately. And he had been away for longer than usual so this could just help patch that up faster. Staying in tune together was key to your training and Kylo recognized that. How could he teach you when you both were out of sync?

       There’s no point reading the same book at the same time when you’re on different pages, you thought. Kylo knew you had focused less on mental training and decided to focus in on that. Now you sat in the floor of the training room, Kylo pacing behind you. The room was a deep steel color. Sparring weapons hung on shelves and a first aid kit by the door leading to a connecting refresher.

“Neglecting the mental portion of your training during my absence was irresponsible. We have to make up for lost time now.” Kylo wasn’t harsh when he said it but there was that tone of dissapointment. “We have an upcoming excursion in 2 weeks and you must be ready.” Kylo circled around to face you.

       “Close your eyes.” You did as told and breathed deeply. “Feel how the galaxy is bound by the force. How you too are held within it. Find yourself.” You focused in on yourself. Noticing how you floated in between all the force held and promised. You could feel the stars and planets floating in a sea of inky black. And you heard it. A deep rumble in your chest.

       You isolated yourself within what you felt. Is it me? Only me? You furrowed your brow. You could sense yourself yes, but there was also something else.

Something familiar.

       The rumbling deepened and you could see him now. I can see without opening my eyes? Kylo stood there in front of you. Alone. Something is wrong. You frowned and began to fret. Where am I? Where is Kylo? Something is off… Then you noticed the blood. He was bleeding from the abdomen.. His face blank. Oh, Kylo, oh no Kylo no nonononon-

       “No!” You yelped and snapped open your eyes. You curled up and backed away from Kylo now. You were on the verge of tears and hastily wiping at your eyes. “Kylo I saw.. I saw you and I couldn’t understand and I panicked and I-” Kylo knelt down and shushed you. “(y/n). I felt you struggling, I sensed turmoil.” Kylo grabbed your shoulders, firm but not bruising. He tilt his head and studied your face.

       “Tell me. Or I will find out by my own means,” Kylo spoke. You shrugged, knocking his hands off, and stood up. “I don’t know what I saw, I felt confused and I felt you. I felt…” you bit your lip. “Kylo I felt how you hurt. I apologize I shouldn’t have looked in so much but I saw you hurt and I panicked. It felt real.” You held your stomach and looked him in the eyes.  Kylo looked down over his nose, “You may have had a vision (y/n). Don’t push this away. You have to embrace this to unlock your potential. Wether it’s painful or not.”

       Kylo put his hand on your shoulder, “do you understand (y/n)?” Kylo lent down to look at you.“ You nodded. "Yes I do.”

       As time passed you continued training. Mental and physical. Kylo wanted you to try and concentrate on your vision but you were avoiding it. It wasn’t as if you wanted to…it just hurt to think about, every time you tried it was another migraine. Which led to another failure. The excursion was in a few cycles so you preferred to concentrate on it. Focusing more on Kylo and what you as an apprentice needed to do.

      Making sure you kept your strength up and being ready was less stressful than that vision. Those feelings. You always took your meal in your quarters. Partially by your own preference and partially Kylos orders. You admitted you disliked the meal hall and Kylo took it upon himself to tell you to eat in your quarters. You had a small table and chair to accomadate this. Nothing elaborate, you felt no need for anything like that. You sat at the table wearing your casual clothing. Basic tank top and shorts with your hair thrown up.

       You scrolled through your holopad mindlessly. Hux needs to tone down the propaganda… You chuckled to yourself. You were relaxed. It felt nice. You backed off the main page into the gallery. Scrolling through a bunch of photos you had taken of Millicent from the times you stole her away. It always bothered Hux but Millicent had taken a liking to you too. And as Kylos apprentice what could he do? Kylo didn’t approve of you keeping a pet so Millicent was as close as you could get.

       Kylo was back and things had gone back to normal. Well, moderately normal. The vision you had still bounced around your head. It made no sense. Kylo isn’t weak. Maybe I’m projecting my own weakness… Maybe I’m just nervous about the excursion? By now the excursion was in 3 cycles. A wooded planet named Grakon 5, suspected of aiding the rebels. Why the “5”? How many 'Grakon’ planets are there?!

       Feeling frustrated you flung the holopad down and looked out the viewport. Calming yourself down with some stargazing almost always helped. Unless someone started banging on your door, which was happening right now. I can’t get a moments peace can I?! You were slightly furious as your head snapped toward the door. I can’t nap. I can’t have a cat. I can’t find myself within the force. I cant even goddamn stargaze anymore without something going wrong?!

       The banging persisted and you groaned. You got up and smashed the door button. “If you dont stop that infernal banging I’ll- Oh hello.” You had just yelled. At Kylo Ren. The Supreme Leader. Your teacher. Shit.

       “You’ll what?” Kylo asked, a small smirk flicked across his face. Thank the stars he seemed in a good mood. You noticed he held a large duffel bag. You felt your face burn, “I didn’t mean to yell I didn’t expect you…” Kylo moved past you into your quarters. He was huge compared to the small space. “Pack your belongings.” Kylo said. “I’m relocating you to another room.” You turned and faced him, confused. “Where?” You asked.

“Mine.” Kylo was stone faced as he said it. So much so it took you by surprise, how calm he was. “Um, Kylo? I don’t understand?” You rubbed your arms and continued. “When I mentioned I felt a hole I didn-” “(y/n). Don’t make me repeat an order.” Kylo sighed lightly and sat at the table, placing the duffel bag on the table.

       You nodded and began taking clothes from your closet, dumbfounded by his descision. “With your recent troubles I have decided that staying in the same quarters would be reasonable and help both of us. Ease both of our minds.” Kylo was rather frank. He’s troubled too… You ran your hands through your hair. You went back and forth from your closet to the bag. “I feel…more at ease around you (y/n).” Kylo looked off into space, gazing out the viewport. Has he had visions as well?

       You tried to think about the stress he had been under. Being supreme leader. Having to carry the first order while trying to squash the rebels… AND trying to train an apprentice? It was safe to say he was as stressed out as much as you.

       Kylo’s eyes flicked up to yours while you put away the last sock. You gave a small smile. “I feel the same way.” It was all you could think to say, but it didn’t quite touch on how you felt about him.