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I was just thinking about my changing feelings for Jonsa and what I want from them romantic or not and just my heart right now. I want them to be more that Ned and Cat 2.0 because they deserve to be more than reminders and relics of ghost.

I want them to feel a shift in the room once the other enters.

I want their relationship to be strange and explosive and full of hidden glances that tell everything and nothing all at once. I want them to be able to communicate without saying a word. I want it to be changing and developing and something that never settles or is stagnant.

But more than that I want it to be spiritual. I want for them to be two souls or hearts that you would never expect to connect, connecting. While I would love for it to be romantic in canon I don’t really mind or care of it isn’t if it’s done right. Romantic love isn’t the be all or end all and what I want for Jonsa is more than that. I want transcendence for these two, I want depth.


“Light and Dark, Love and Hate,

“They’re two sides of the same coin.”

Wow angst. Why do I draw this crap?? Alright alright, so, my friend who sits next to me in math really wanted to see me draw some sad stuff in my sketchbook and I was like; “Aw sure, why not” MISTAKE very bad mistake. I cried drawing this and people thought that I was crazy because I kept on crying and laughing. I don’t even know why I was laughing ok. I used a mechanical pencil and copic markers/copic multiliner to draw/color/ink this garbage. I only inked the colored ones btw. AND, the little scribble with the date next to it is the signature that I use in my sketchbooks

Reader’s guide - master list of my favourite fics and writers

So I was originally just making this for myself as a shortcut to author’s I knew I liked in different genres for when I want to read something particular, when I figured why not make this a public post so everyone can access it, right? 

All of the present links are to the blog, fic/series, or master list of a writer whose work I adore and all are marvel/avengers based. If you want me to remove you off this list or even just change the way I describe your work please message me and I will do so straight away. All descriptions are only based on my perceptions of the content there is at the time of making the post.

Like most of our fandom and like my URL, icon, blog description etc infer, I’m a slut for Bucky Barnes and this list reflects that. 

Smut City

@buckysbackpackbuckle - Masterlist - okay so this list isn’t all 100% smut but it mostly is and the smut is just so good. Oneshots and a couple short series, mostly Bucky x reader, other ventures include Peter Parker, Lance Tucker and Bucky x Steve x Reader 

@fvckingbuckyandsteve ​ - Masterlist - Basically the URL says it all, pure smut featuring Bucky, Steve, Bucky and Steve, Seb and Chris being sinful with reader, plus a few bonus Avengers sex drabbles and a Steve x reader x Nat oneshot. 

@actuallyasgardian - Masterlist - mostly smutty one shots and drabbles, Bucky x reader, Bucky x Steve x Reader, Thor x Reader, much great sin.

@sebastiansin-221b - Masterlist - Bucky, Seb, and Chris Evans smut goodness, mostly oneshots, a fabulous Stony smut 

@just-call-me-mrs-captain -Masterlist - so much great smut, largely ft Bucky, Steve, Seb, Chris, bit of Nat bit of Sam + more, one shots series and drabbles and some great Bucky x reader x Steve action. 

@fvckingavengers - Masterlist - pretty much, in my humble opinion, marvel smut queen. In one shots and short series, lots of Steve and Bucky, with some Pitero, Loki, Thor, Nat, Tony and Wanda on the side and a generous amount of reader x two-and-even-sometimes-three-character-action

Fluff Town 

@writingruna - Masterlist - mostly mega fluffy/ romantic one shots + bunch of drabbles feat. so many characters we got: Bucky, Steve, Pietro, Wanda, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Thor, Loki, Tony

@writingbarnes - Masterlist - I’ll be honest this tumblr has done SO MANY AMAZING FICS I am yet to peruse them all but from what I can tell its basically fluffy or general oneshots and series, including Bucky, Steve, Tony, Thor, Clint, Pietro, Wanda, Loki, Nat, and Bruce sorted into an impeccably presented series of character-categorised lists

@buckyywiththegoodhair - Masterlist - much Bucky x reader fluff series, one shots and drabbles with a hint of Steve here and there and perhaps a love triangle 

@pleasecallmecaptain - Masterlist - Bucky and Steve x reader fluff city one-shots, a series and a pile of dribbles 

@scarlettsoldier - Masterlist - These are all just pretty sweet even if they’re not all overly fluffy its just kind of a happy time. Features Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader and Wanda x Reader


@sebseyesandbuckysthighs - Masterlist - THE BEST AU SERIES YOU CAN IMAGINE: reader x Vampire!Bucky  (I don’t even tend to like AU’s OR series!). Some heavenly Bucky series, many Bucky one shots and some Steve, Tony, and Clint one shots. Angst, smut and fluff, all labelled. 

@backpackfullofplums - Masterlist - fluff and angst and smut, oh my! All Bucky x reader (smut is labelled). Great lil descriptions for each title. 

@buckysplums14 - Masterlist - basically all the Bucky smut and fluff (labelled) you can imagine in the forms of one shots and short series. Features Bucky x reader, Stucky, Bucky x Nat, Bucky x Wanda, Bucky x Reader x Third party 

@after-avenging-hours - Masterlist - smut and fluff and angst (smut not labelled but kinda clear a lot of the time in titles and descriptions). Mostly Bucky, Steve and Bucky and Steve, featuring some Thor, Loki, Bruce, Sam. Oneshots and series. The disney corruptions are an actual work of smutty genius. 

@badults​ - Masterlist - smutty and fluffy one shots (smut is labelled) with a variety of characters including Bucky, Steve, Tony, Pietro, Wanda, T’Challa, Peggy and Clint. 

@marvelfic - Masterlist - smutty and fluffy one-shots and short series (smut is labelled), characters include Bucky, Steve, Bruce and Clint, also features non-romantic Avengers fics.

@stories-from-stark-tower -  Masterlist - one-shots come in fluffy or angst/mega feels with the following characters; Tony, Steve, Bucky, Bruce, Pietro, Wanda, Clint, Nat, Thor, Scott, Loki and Wade Wilson (Deadpool), various drabbles and one Bucky series. 

@mywritingsblog​ - Masterlist - fluff and smut (smut is labelled) with Tom Hiddleston and Sebastian Stan, the actors and various characters they play, featuring reader and various female characters, one shots and series.

@rogersxbarnesx​ - Masterlist - Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers galore, series and oneshots, Stucky and stucky x reader action, and a Wanda Maximoff appearance. Features smut and fluff and some angst (smut is labelled). 

@shieldsshallbebroken - Masterlist - oneshots and drabbles, fluff and smut (smut not labelled), great (and smutty) A/O/B steve x reader x bucky series, links to whopping impressive fics on Ao3

@221bshrlocked​ - Masterlist - Bucky x reader angst, fluff and smut (smut not labelled) one shots and series. Professor!Bucky!! 

@avasparks - Masterlist - Pretty much Bucky/ Seb Stan in many one shots, drabbles, series, featuring AUs, Steve x Reader x Bucky action. Fluff, angst and smut (smut not always labelled) 

@sebbytrash - Masterlist - Mostly Bucky x reader, fluff and smut (smut is labelled), features a bit of Tony and T’Challa with reader too

@bucky-plums-barnes - Masterlist - Lots of cute Bucky x reader prompted drabble, fluff and smut mostly (smut is labelled so are trigger warnings), bucky x reader one shots of the same variety

@imhereforbvcky - Masterlist - Mostly Bucky x Reader, some great series and also drabbles and one shots: angst and fluff but slays me with the smut

Something Different aka “Other” 

@the-life-of-bucky-barnes​ - not fics but Bucky Barnes’ instagram, genius drawings and captions = A+ quality content.

LAST UPDATE: 02/01/17


  • When i say smut is labelled or not labelled I mean from the master list, most of the not labelled ones include warnings or labels once you click on the stories
  • I intend to update this list over time
  • Please message me if you find any links don’t work or have any other issues (eg. see top of post)
  • Anyone is so welcome to message me if you write Marvel fic and maybe would like to be added to the list I’m 100% open to that and always love reading new content!

I honestly just made this for my own reference and convenience but then thought others would possibly benefit from it too so I hope people find it useful

The South Park Fandom Summed Up, Based on What I've Seen So Far

• I would die for my ship
• Kyman vs Style ship war is more important than both world wars combined
• Matt and Trey gifs
• saying the new South Park seasons suck, but proceeding to watch them anyway
• anger over the Fractured But Whole
• Kyle being labeled “kosher daddy”
• Stan is an alcoholic who is very gay
• they’re all very gay
• Craig is a rebellious, bad boy even though he’s canonically a science-fiction-red-racer-guinea-pig enthusiast
• edits
• insane amounts of Yaoi
• Kyle in Chains
• Kyle and the goldfish in Kyle in Chains
• memes
@southparksaywhat ’s videos
• “South Park is my antidepressant”
• having a crush on stan
• the confession blogs
• secret double lives as musical fans because of the book of mormon
• complaining Matt only owns like four shirts
• thesouthparkers on Instagram and going bonkers every time they post
• Drinking games for interviews
• Fireside Chats
• Bakin’ Bacon with Macon ft. Pig Cannibalism
• Cannibal! the Musical
• “Kenny is a genderfluid pansexual and is gay for Butters”
• Wendy Testaburger = trash
• the Creek game that was supposed to be a thing
• changing the wiki pages
• RIC122

animated sailor moon manga caps:
                > Haruka x Michiru doujinshi - Bleu de Ciel by Studio Canopus

MM!Fantasy Imagine: Vigilante

Imagine having to work as a knight under the Queen, Rika.

You’re not fond of her and her manipulative ways, but you need the money to support your loved ones. Lately, there’s been a vigilante going by the name of Zen, the “Knight for the People”, who’s been giving you and the other knights some trouble with his elusive ways. You manage to capture him by chance one day, but in your slight moment of hesitation on bringing him back to the Queen, Zen turns the tables on you and takes you back with him instead and tries to convince you to leave the knights and join his cause instead.

[ARTICLE] MONSTA X To Make Official Japanese Debut Under New Label

MONSTA X will soon be promoting in Japan!

On April 3, Starship Entertainment announced, “MONSTA X has signed with Universal Music’s new label Mercury Tokyo and will make their official debut in Japan.”

Mercury Tokyo is a label created especially for MONSTA X’s Japanese debut by Universal Music. The name comes from a famous label called Mercury Records in Chicago, Illinois in 1945.

MONSTA X’s Japanese debut single will be “Hero,” which they promoted as part of their second mini-album in Korea last year.

MONSTA X will also release a Japanese version of “Stuck” at the same time as “Hero.” Their official Japanese debut date is set for May 17. On May 1, they will travel to ZEPP NAMBA in Osaka to hold a showcase event.



  • also known as: the boss (the boys of super space)
  • fandom name: master
  • all members were formerly in xing
  • when they debuted with xing in 2008, maknae jay was 14 (int. age)
  • the members are very close to former label mates x-5, who are now l.a.u
  • they have a sub-unit called popsicle consisting of members mika, karam & jay
  • they are very active in japan
  • absolutely. killer. vocals
  • ´¯`·.¸¸.· MEMBERS ☆·.¸¸.·´¯`
  • MIKA aka lee suhoon // 미카 // leader, vocal // 90.06.28
  • KARAM aka park hyunchul // 가람 // vocal // 91.06.28
  • HYUNMIN aka woo hyunmin // 현민 // vocal // 91.07.22
  • INJUN aka lee injun // 인준 // vocal // 92.03.09
  • JAY aka jeon jihwan // 제이 // rap, dance, maknae // 94.03.31

anonymous asked:

Don't you think the term pansexual is unnecessary? Like, bisexuality isn't just feeling attraction to cis men and women, it includes all genders. Think about it, they're both kinda the same thing? I can't see the difference. Please tell me if I'm wrong (sure I am).

No, I don’t. Specific identity labels don’t exist because they’re necessary. They exist because they’re helpful. The label pansexual might not be helpful to you, but if it helps another person more precisely describe how they feel, that’s a good thing. 

It’s also worth noting the history of the labels “pansexual” and “bisexual.” When understanding of nonbinary genders was picking up in the West in the late 90s and early 2000s, there was a debate in the bisexual community about how to best respect people with those identities. Some people wanted to create a new word with an etymology that would more clearly reflect the diversity of genders, and some wanted to reclaim the word “bisexual” from the medical establishment that had created it, redefining it in keeping with how actual bisexuals thought about their orientation. 

Of course, this created a collective action problem with some people ardently believing in one solution and some in another. So, bisexuality was reclaimed AND pansexuality took off as a label. And I think it’s a testament to how openminded and accepting the m-spec community is that both the bisexual community and pansexual community largely get along and accept each other. 

Sure, there is overlap in what the words mean. Language is messy, and labels are no different! Definitely a lot of people identify as both. Some people choose one and not the other because it better fits the nuance of how they experience attraction, or for political and community reasons. So the differences are nuanced, and there is plenty of overlap, but that doesn’t mean we should just get rid of a word that’s helpful for people. 

If you’re interested in reading more about bisexuality vs. pansexuality, here are some places you might start: [x, x, x]