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Hi didi hope you're well. I want to ask you for some advice. How do I help a friend who's going through a bad breakup bc the guy cheated on her? I don't live close to her so I can't visit her, and this is the first time this is happened to a friend of mine that I'm close to so Idk what to do apart from tell her that I'm here for her :( x

hey jaan, I’m sorry to hear about your friend I hope she is okay :( honestly yeah there’s not really a lot you can do other than provide emotional support, just keep letting her know that you’re there for her. offer to talk to her on the phone or skype with her, maybe you can stream a movie together or st. she may not accept your offers but ik that itll be reassuring for her to know that you’re there if she does need you. if you wanted to you could also send her a package - even st simple like a postcard bc it’s nice getting handwritten things in the mail. 


”Have you even listened to it [Nas]?” “I have listened to it, a little bit!” “It doesn’t sound like it!” “Fuck! I have … listened to it.” “We’ll listen to him later.”

In which Isak wasn’t lying about listening to Nas at all, because had Isak known and listened closely enough, he had in fact listened to Nas even before Even had asked him, whilst he was searching for Even.

concept: even and sana both becoming the “no drinks no drugs duo” at parties.

and hanging together at every party, and talking and laughing and chilling. and watching people get hammered and doing the most absurb stuff, and taking photos of their squads doing the most stupid shit to keep for later purposes. and sometimes they’ll be talking about deep stuff and sometimes just sharing a mutual comfortable silence between them. and sometimes they’ll go on the dance floor and be the only sober ones but still have fun. and sometimes even’ll ask sana about isak at school and sometimes sana will ask even how he is. and sometimes even will ask sana how she is. and they both, honestly, open up to one another. no facade.

and they have this be their thing at every party they attend. they’ll be by each other’s side. then even will go and spend time with isak and the boys and sana will go and spend time with the girls. and then even and sana make their way back to each other. and after some time, sana will go over to the guys and even will go over to the girls. and then they’ll spend some more time together again. and they both carry on doing this. and they realise that they love each other’s company so fucking much. they love every second of it, tbh.