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Drowning In His Eyes (Castiel x Reader)

I am suspicious. I live with two boys, brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, and occasionally, Castiel, when he pops in. I have the right to be suspicious. It all started when I was at the bunker one morning.

Sunlight filtered through the windows, bits of dust flittering around, dancing in the pale light.
I squeaked a bit, stepping out of my bed, before looking at my appearance. Usual (H/C) hair, (E/C) eyes, clad in a dark blue t-shirt and plaid night pants.
Sighing, I stepped into the hallway, my feet already cold, and walking into the kitchen for something to eat.

“Morning Sam, Dean. Where Cas?” I asked, staring at Sam, who was involved in his research, and Dean, crunching away at some expired cereal.

“He’s doing Angel stuff.” Dean replied.

“Okay…?” He is usually there to greet me.

“I’ll be in my room, doing…girl stuff.” I jogged back into my room and stalked Tumblr.

Deciding that I would go and socialise, I opened my door, only to be met with the blue eyes Angel, standing right there, the door almost smacking him.

“Why are you infront of my door?” Your felt Dean’s eyes watching Castiel intently.

“Dean told me to say, that I should say I like you. So, I fancy you (Y/N), I really do.” He stammered, his voice gravely.

“I like you too, Castiel..” you smiled a bit, ignoring the cheers from the other room.

To my surprise, he took my arm in his, and he drew his arms across mine.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked silently.

Drowning in those cobalt eyes, an ocean of wonder, I didn’t care if he asked me to jump from a cliff.

“Yes.” I said, voice high.

He slowly and unsurely moved closer to me, our bodies pressed against each other. Staring in my eyes, not breaking contact for a second, he captured his mouth on mine.

It was heaven.

I don’t mind drowning if this is what it felt like.

I’ll Come Back for You Part 7

Poe dameron x reader

Summary: Y/N watches as her father confronts her brother. (I totally don’t feel like writing a summary but you get the gist of it.)

Warnings: Curse words, mentions of blood and death.

A/N: Sorry it has been so long since I have posted this! But yay I finally got to post it!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 

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You froze as you heard you father’s voice and looked down to see him and your brother, who was faced with his back turned away, standing on a walkway with no railings. The tension in the air was profuse and you were scared to take a breath because you thought that the Stormtroopers nearby would hear and attack. The weight that you have felt numerous times while encountering your brother felt darker than normal; you had to shake your head to get rid of the dizziness. You saw Chewie and made your way to stand next to him. You turned back to look towards your brother when you heard him speak.

“Han Solo,” you cringed at the way he used your father’s first name; as if greeting an enemy, “I’ve been waiting for this day a long time.”

Your father started making his way towards your brother slowly and you desperately wished that you were standing there with them. Behind you, the sound of doors opening made you and Chewie turn your heads. You both looked to see Finn and Rey standing there, the wind blowing small gusts of snow around them. You noticed it was still light outside and you cheered inside, if there was still light then the planet killer wasn’t charging yet. You were hoping that these explosives would be enough to help Poe and the other pilots. You turned your attention back towards your father and brother.

“Take off that mask, you don’t need it.” You felt Chewie nudged you with his elbow and you turned to see him nodding back towards the steps you both took to climb up to where you were. You noticed that there were no Stormtroopers there and you looked over the edge to find it was clear as well. You handed Chewie the detonator and quickly, but quietly, made your way to the steps and climbed down to be on the same level as your brother and father.

“What do you think you’ll see if I do?” You rolled your eyes at your brother, being a smart-ass was your forte. You were almost to the floor when you heard your father say,

“The face of my son.” You walked slowly to the railing and stood behind it. You watched as your brother hesitated before taking off his mask. You didn’t realize it until now, but he didn’t take his mask off when he was interrogating you and Poe. From what you could make out, he still looked the same; the wavy, black hair that made yours look like a rat’s nest whenever you were near one another, his rigid posture which you assumed was mostly caused whenever he was in the presence of your father, and his dark brown eyes that used to show a hint of playfulness whenever you guys were younger but were hidden by the seriousness of his face. You still saw the same old Ben that would play with you and would always make sure you were safe, even during pretend. You were pulled from your thoughts when your brother finally spoke,

“Your son is gone. He was weak and foolish like his father, so I destroyed him.” You were starting to get annoyed and took a step onto the walkway,

“Shut up, Ben!” Your father and brother both looked towards you, “you’re only saying that because that creepy Snoke told you that. We know there is still good in you, just come with us.”

“Ah, Y/N,” you stopped in your tracks, “I see you are just as foolish as Han Solo. No matter, I am glad you are here. I have informed the Supreme Leader that you are also Force Sensitive and he has given me permission to begin your training.”

You stood with your mouth slightly open, but quickly closed it, and you began to shake your head,

“You’re the foolish one if you think I am going to join you and that monster.” You took a cautious step forward, “Just please come home with us Ben-“

“Ben is dead!”

You flinched and stopped walking when your father raised his hand to stop you in your tracks. He started slow and finally stopped,

“That’s not true, my son is alive.”

“No, the Supreme Leader is wise.”

You were shaking and took another step forward,

“Ben, you seriously can’t believe-“ your father shot you a look and you stopped in your tracks. He turned back and walked closer towards your brother,

“Snoke is using you for your power and he will only use your sister too, if you let him. When he gets what he wants, he will crush you,” he stopped in front of your brother, “You know it’s true. You don’t have to follow them anymore; you don’t have to take your sister to them. All you have to do is come back with us.”

“It’s too late,” your brother said in a quiet voice and you felt your throat get heavy. Despite your father’s wishes, you took another few steps closer,

“No it’s not Ben,” you said in a shaky voice and stopped walking, “you can still turn back and come with us.”

“Leave here with us; come home,” your father took one more step closer, “we miss you.”

Your eyes started to burn from the tears that were beginning to form. You wanted nothing more than for your brother to come back with you, to go back to your mother. You just wanted things to be the way they used to be before he went off to start training. When he left, you felt nothing but loneliness, you didn’t have anyone to talk to and you had felt like your parents were inching away from not only each other, but from you as well. It was as if Ben was the glue that held you all together and when he left with Snoke, you all slowly slipped away from one another. You could hear his voice breaking when he said,

“I’m being torn apart; I want to be free of this pain.” He paused and you could feel the Force around you get heavier again but brushed it off, “I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?”      

“Yes,” your father took one last step to your brother, “anything.”

You flinched as you heard the loud sound of your brother dropping his helmet onto the walk-way. You couldn’t see what was happening but you heard the sound of clanging and assumed that he had his lightsaber in his hand. The light that was once shining quickly disappeared and you turned your head to see Rey and Finn also looking behind them as well. You began to panic inside as you realized that the planet killer was almost done charging and you instantly began to worry about Poe. You turned back towards your father and brother and watched as they were still standing in front of one another. You heard a small voice in your thoughts and you furrowed your brows as you realized it sounded like your brother’s voice,

I’m sorry.”

You froze as you heard the sound of Ben’s lightsaber and watched as the end came through your father’s back. You heard Rey and Chewie yell from above, but stayed in your spot. You couldn’t move and as much as you wanted to yell for your dad, you couldn’t. You watched as your brother took another step forward and pushed the saber in more and that was when you flinched. Your eyes began to widen when you heard Ben, whose face was shining red from his saber, finally speak,

“Thank you.” He harshly pulled his saber out from your father and you began to shake and realized you were going into shock. You felt your chest tighten and it felt like you couldn’t breathe; you pulled a hand to your chest and saw your vision go blurry as a result from the tears that were forming. You watched as your father raised a hand and placed it on Ben’s face. He then slowly turned to you and whispered,

“Y/N.” He began to fall and you tried to run to catch him, but ended up falling to your knees and all you could do was watch as your father fell farther down. You gripped the edge tightly until your knuckles turned white and you looked up at your brother who quickly clenched his jaw and looked away from you. You took a deep breath and began to stand up slowly, clenching your fists and you glared harshly at him. You shoved him harshly and began to yell at him,

“WHAT THE FUCK, BEN? HOW COULD YOU KILL OUR FATHER? HE WAS TRYING TO HELP YOU!” You began to hit him in the chest and he just stood there and let you. Tears were falling down your face and you found yourself struggling to catch your breath. Your hits began to slow down and you finally grabbed onto his shirt.

“I had to do what was necessary in order to become as great as our grandfather.” He spoke and you lifted your head up, “Now you need to do so as well, Y/N. I can train you and the scavenger girl and together we will be so powerful, not even the Supreme Leader himself could defeat us. Join me, Y/N and we can rule the galaxy as brother and sister.”

You released his shirt and took a couple of steps back. You didn’t recognize the person standing in front of you. This wasn’t your Ben, the brother who would always play with you and was always there to brush the dirt off of you when you fell. This wasn’t the same brother who stood up for you when other children began to bully you for not having the Force the same time your brother did. This definitely wasn’t the same brother who cared deeply for you and your parents and always tried to make them proud. Standing in front of you was someone whose lust for power overcame his love for his family. Your brother was truly gone and you had witnessed one of the worst things that you could have ever imagined. You began to shake your head and tried to calm your breaths as you said,

“You are not my brother; my brother would have never done this. He would have never killed our father and he most certainly would not have tried to force me to go to the Dark Side. The only thing that has made you weak and foolish is following that monster, Snoke. You are foolish to think you will ever be as strong as Darth Vader!” Ben gazed up at you and began to shoot daggers through your eyes and you quickly turned to run but felt as if something was tightening around your throat. You reached for your throat and tried to relieve that invisible pressure that was there but failed. You began to fall to your knees and barely caught yourself with one hand and you tried to find a way to breathe. You began to see spots and your vision became darker and darker. You heard the sound of a blaster go off, followed by groan, and immediately felt the pressure release from your throat and you began to gasp for air. You shook your head to get rid of the dizziness and began to slowly stagger across the walkway. You made it to some steps when you ducked as someone almost shot you with their blaster and looked to see two Stormtroopers raising their blasters at you. You began to reach for your blaster and shot one of them, while the other was shot from either Rey or Finn, you couldn’t tell, and you quickly made your way up the steps to get to Chewie.  

You stopped to catch your breath and looked down to see your brother staring up towards Finn and Rey. Instead of running towards Chewie, who was waiting for you, you made your way up to your friends. As soon as you made it up there, the explosives went off and, with Finn’s help, you began to make your way out of the hangar. The cold air blew harshly against your face and you tightened Poe’s jacket around you, getting a faint hint of his smell and you smiled to yourself weakly. You ran along with Rey and Finn until you came to a wall of rocks and watched as Rey began to climb up it. Finn had one hand laid on your back as he pushed you up to follow Rey. You mustered all the strength that you could to pull yourself up the rocks and grabbed Rey’s hand as she pulled you up the rest of the way. You turned to help Finn and saw nothing but fire and smoke from the now destroyed hangar. All you could think of was Poe and wondered if he was alright; how you wished you were in his arms right now. You were pulled from your thoughts as Finn grabbed your arm and began pulling you to follow him and Rey.

“The Falcon’s this way!” Finn yelled and you and Rey followed him. You felt your brother’s presence and slowly stopped running and you tried to yell for them to stop, but your throat burned too much and a mere whisper only left your voice.  You watched as they stopped and you slowly walked up to them, only to see your brother standing in front of you. You stopped behind Finn and Rey and glared at your brother.

“We’re not done yet.” He raised his lightsaber and pointed it towards the three of you. You were about to say something but paused when you heard Rey’s voice.

“You’re a monster.”

“It’s just us now, Han Solo can’t save you.” He began to punch his side and you watched as blood began to fall onto the snow. You pushed past Finn and Rey and walked slowly towards your brother. You stopped a couple of feet ahead of your friends and spoke.

“Ben,” your voice came out hoarse and you tried to clear your throat, “you need to stop this. Just let us leave.”

You watched as your brother straightened up and stared at you. You knew he wouldn’t let you all go without a fight. There was only one way out of this and, as much as you didn’t want to do it, you realized that it would be the only way for your friends to make it safely back to the Resistance. You sighed deeply and finally spoke up,

“If you let my friends leave, Ben, then I will go with you. I will not put up a fight and I will go willingly. That’s what you want right? To train me?  Just let them go and I will go with you, please.” You watched as Ben just stared, pondering if what you said was the truth. The cold air blew around you and tugged on the edge of Poe’s jacket sleeves. The only sound was the whirring of Ben’s lightsaber and you released a breath when he nodded and switched his saber off. You slowly began to walk towards him but were stopped when you felt a hand tighten around your wrist. You didn’t turn to see who it was, instead putting your head down to look at the ground.

“Y/N,” it was Finn, “please don’t do this. I can’t let you, I am supposed to be protecting you. What is Poe going to think when he sees us without you? And your mother?” You looked back towards Finn and gave him a sad smile, “Don’t do this, Y/N. Your father wouldn’t have wanted you to leave us and endanger yourself.”

“I have to do this Finn, it’s the only way that you and Rey can get back safely. Just tell Poe that I am sorry and that I love him.” Finn just stared at you with sorrowful eyes and you pulled gently from his grasp. You looked between him and Rey and shakily said that you were sorry. You began to walk towards Ben when you heard a blaster go off and you quickly turned to see Rey being thrown in the air and colliding hard with a tree.

“Rey! What the fuck, Ben I told you I was going to go with you!” You glared harshly at your brother who returned the same look. You heard Finn yell and watched as he ran towards Rey, kneeling down once he got to her, and reaching for her head to place onto his lap. You tried to run towards them but were stopped in your tracks, Ben walked past you, unleashing his lightsaber once again, and yelled


“Ben! Don’t do this I told you I would go with you, you asshole!” You struggled against the invisible force that was holding you in your place but it was no use. “Stop being a little shit and let me g-“  you didn’t get to finish your sentence as your brother flicked his hand and sent you flying back. You hit your head on something hard and fell to the cold, wet ground. You lifted your head off of the ground as you heard the sound of two different lightsabers and you saw two blurry outlines of blue and red clash together. You dropped your head back down and watched the world around you fade to black.

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Jackson x Reader

“(Y/N) right?” Jackson asked as he watched you walk out of the school.

“Maybe… why what’d you want?” You asked Jackson who grinned.


“No offence but I just need to use you, and I’d rather it be you than Stilinski.” Jackson muttered as he gripped the back of your hair and forced your neck back before revealing his red eyes and fangs, his deep bite muffling you cry for Scott’s help.

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ib!; ^ Thank you !

Jack x Reader (Y/N)

In what form?: Twist.

Word count: 2 967.

Enjoy ! © thesheepsunk.


You were at PAX, joining your boyfriend Jack & his ‘squad’. They were doing some sort of Panel, which you thought of the whole time, literally. “Y/N?!” You heard a familiar voice calling you, causing you to jump in surprise, “Hm?” You replied and turned around, seeing Sean run towards you, opening his arms up “Oh my god. You scared the shit out of me!” He sighed and hugged you tightly. You let out a giggle, hugging your boyfriend back “Aw, I’m sorry love” You spoke softly and kissed his chin. Sean looked down at you and cupped your cheeks carefully “I have to go.. The panel starts in like 5 minutes” He mumbled before he kissed your lips softly. You pouted, nuzzling him softly “Fine, I’ll be in the back, Okay?” You poked his chest. Jack nodded and rubbed your back “Just come up near the stage if you need something.” He smiled before walking back to Mark, bob & Wade.

A few minutes later, you walked out to the back of the massive room, sitting down in a corner. You looked around the packed room, smiling as the guys got out on stage. after a short while a few guys walked up to you, Being the polite lil’ bean, you offered them to sit next to you. You returned to watch your boyfriend talking on stage, not noticing that one of the guys started bringing his hand close to you legs. You squeeked before he put his arm around you, “I-Im sorry.. I don’t like-” You stuttered before being cut off, a deep voice next to you, whispering into your ear “Don’t put up such a fight, Princess..”. You tried to call the security, but no answers. The stranger suddenly grabbed onto your arms & his other hand wrapped around your throat, choking you as he tried to kiss your neck. You gasped and saw Mark turn around to your direction. You looked at him so vulnerable. And tried to scream out, for someone to hear. “Jack?!” Mark turned around to his friend on the other end, pointing at you “Who’s that guy touching your girl?” He asked him, looking at you. Jack looked over the crowd, finding you in the back, trying to kick the guy off of you (D: ). “Woah, what the fuck are you doing?” Jack growled loudly, making the crowd quiet down. You felt the grip around your waist get tighter, making you squeak in pain. The guy grinned up at Jack, kissing your neck again. “Cut it off” Mark growled at him “Do we really need to go down there and hurt ya?” . “Jack don’t-” Wade started off, sighing. “He doesn’t have much of a choice” Jack frowned, jumping off the stage, making his way up to you two. “Knock it off!” Jack yelled at him before pushing him off of you “Get the fuck out” He spat at him, as security ran up to you guys. Luckily, they kicked out the guy, leaving you curled up in a corner, sobbing. Your boyfriend scooped you up, pulling you into his arms “Oh my god.. Its okay hun.. I’m here” He mumbled, nuzzling your head under his chin. You shook softly, trying to grab onto your boyfriend’s shirt “S-Sean..” You whimpered and covered your face & as a few minutes passed Jack finally calmed you down, hugging you tightly. “Its okay.. I’m here” He kept whispering softly as he walked back to the stage with you. The crowd looked at you two in awe. Your boyfriend walked over to the back, placing you on a chair “Stay back here, Okay?” He whispered before he kissed you softly, cupping your cheeks. You just nodded and looked over at him, walking back to the others “Oh.. Okay” You sniffled softly, waving to him. When the panel ended you & Jack were still sitting on the stage, talking about what had happened. “I won’t let that happen again.. I promise” He spoke in his cute lil’ irish accent, hugging you tightly, nuzzling his head into your neck.


If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)

Pretty (Jungkook x Reader, M)

“Are you watching, Y/n? Are you watching yourself come apart, just for me?” 

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Bruce: Hey Y/N, what are you watching?

Y/N: Oh just the news. Hey have you heard of this criminal, Jerome Valeska. What a monster, I hope Gordon finds him and arrest him for good.

Thief: Wow Jerome, heard about your little lady friend. How’d you take it? Did you go crying to your dead mommy?

Jerome: Hahaha, she’s a girl-a pawn! There’s a million of them who cares?! Just gotta find another gullible girl.

Jerome: I miss her. She was the only person who never saw me as a monster or some bother she just had to tolerate. She just looked at me, and loved me and cared about me. And I loved her too. And I wish that she could just remember me, so I can finally be happy again.

Real Eyes and Realize

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1384

“Y/N! Watch out!” You hear someone yell. Before you could even register what was going on, you were being held by Pietro, your best friend, and was set down. It seems like you were still in the forest where the fight was taking place, but you were some distance away.

“Piet! What the hell! Get me back there, you guys need help.”

“No, you almost got shot.”

“Yeah! That’ll happen when we’re on missions!” You tried to walk past him, but he stopped.

“Y/N, please.” He was giving you that puppy dog look that you hated oh so much.

“Ugh. Fine!” You throw your hands up to surrender, “I’ll just wait here.” Pietro winks at you and then speeds away. Damn him. Damn yourself for loving him.

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You have to watch it! Beautiful video! pretty sure, Daryl and Carol, have all those moments in their mind while everything happened… Man! I want them to be together!

Video credit to gracefull mess  @iwillsetme3