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Nadalind | Nick Burkhardt x Adalind Schade

Grimm 6 x12 - Forehead touch

Yes. Yes, he did that again.

My babies have reconciled. They’re getting in touch. They’re making me g i d d y.

It’s last year, all over again for me. *them feltson feels* Watch as I go back to Feltson VMs on YouTube.

Watch as I die in peace…

I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to all the mryder x gil and mryder x reyes fanart and fanfiction

Nadalind | Nick Burkhardt x Adalind Schade

Grimm 6 x 12 - In sync

Oh, yeah. - Adalind 

I love that as she says that, both she and Nick are in sync. They inhale and exhale at the same time as they reminisce about their not so friendly past. lol  

honestly at this point every member of monsta x has biased wrecked me and i am TIRED. first it was shownu with his dumb eye smile, then kihyun and his sass, next minhyuk and his screaming, i.m shading, then wonho and his thighs, and now jooheon with his fucking dimples like stOP COMING AT ME LIKE THIS. LEAVE ME AND MY MEME HUSBAND ALONE TO NAP IN PEACE PLS.

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What do you think of "Never Again"?

Never Again is hands down one of my favourite episodes. Definitely in my top ten.

I really didn’t understand as a kid during the original run. But now that I’m an adult woman working in a male-dominated industry, now that I’ve had a few more dealings with the complexities of relationships and serious illnesses and been steamrolled and depressed by the banalities of life… Never Again just hits me really, really hard. I am a shipper all the way, but I LOVE how this episode handles the tension in Mulder & Scully’s relationship. I love how it explores Scully’s sexuality. I love it in all its angst, confusion, and malaise. It is a highly sophisticated episode, it’s feminist af, and it ends with one of the most powerful, heartbreaking conclusions I’ve ever seen on the series. 10/10 would die for Never Again.

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Where Dreams Come True

Sorry this took so long to do! I wanted to get it right! 
Also, I’ve never been to Vidcon, sorry if I get some things wrong.

Fic request: 
“I am so so sorry, I know you are getting a Ton of requests and won’t get around to much writing this weekend but would it be okay if I send my request in before I forget? Sorry.. Could you possibly write a little thing were the reader, though not having a YouTube, goes to Vidcon with Ethan and teamipler (Ethan being her long time Boyfriend) and on the Disney day after riding a few rides (sorry I am a Disney freak) He kinda proposes? Sorry I know it’s cheesy… Thank you so so much”

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Vidcon was huge! 
You had expected it to be, but there were so many people you were actually a little overwhelmed. 
You gripped Ethan’s hand as you made your way through the crowd, worried you’d get separated from your boyfriend. 
He gave your hand a squeeze, flashing you a smile over his shoulder. He had been so excited to bring you with him to Vidcon. You were already a big part of his channel, his life, but now he wanted to introduce you, personally, to the people who came to see him. 
You met Amy by the theater’s entrance, already the line was huge and disappeared from sight.
At the sight of the Youtuber, the crowd went wild. Screaming and yelling. 
Ethan’s smile was huge and he waved and shouted at them all. Thanking them for coming and turning to you, 
“This is my girlfriend, (Y/N)!” He hollered. You were slammed with the roar of screams and you waved shyly, rewarded with another wave of noise. 

Amy led the way into the theater, finding seats amongst the sea of people. 
You were greeted by alot of fans. Amy too was bombarded with questions and excited people. Cameras flashed and you posed for selfies with the people around you. 
It was a lot of fun. You didn’t mind, it was awesome to meet Ethan’s audience. 
As the room darkened, you turned your attention to the stage where the announcer appeared and started speaking.
The show went well. People laughed and alot of questions had been answered.
You watched, with glowing pride, as Ethan stood alongside those he looked-up too. He had come so far!
As time started to come to a close, the questions were hurried through; Mark wanting to get through as many as possible.
“My question is to Ethan,” Someone said, and Ethan perked up. “How long have you been with (Y/N) and how much does she mean to you?”
Your cheeks flushed red as a few people around you glanced at you with a smile. Amy nudged you with her elbow and you poked your tongue at her.
“Oh God, I hope I know the actual number of years,” Ethan said with a chuckle, followed by a ripple of laughter from the crowd. “We’ve been together for more than a few years. And she means the world to me.” Ethan blushed as Mark nudged him. “I don’t know how I would have gotten through these past years without her. She’s been so supportive of the channel, of me, even when  I moved to LA she didn’t complain. I hope she’ll stay with me for another few years.”
You lifted your hands to your mouth, “I LOVE YOU!” You shouted as loud as your lungs allowed.
A cheer echoed over the crowd as Ethan lifted his hands and formed a heart with his fingers. 

After Vidcon, you all decided to venture to DisneyLand. 
Never gone before, you were beyond excited. The group were beaming all the way through the day. They watched you and Ethan run about (more like you dragging Ethan behind you as you ran from ride to ride).
You clung to him in the Haunted Mansion, bombarded him with pictures on almost every ride that allowed cameras.
Ethan vlogged a lot during the day too. He seemed nervous. A little off.
Even Mark was acting strangely. But when you asked, he just shrugged and went. 
“Just making sure you’ll have wonderful day.” 
You pushed your doubts aside and went to find Ethan, who was standing by a few mascots. 
“Hey, come on lets go on another ride!” You said, grabbing his hand and yanking softly. 
“Ahh, hang on a minute,” Ethan stuttered. “I wanted to ask you something.” 
You waited a little impatiently, bouncing on the balls of your feet as Ethan took your hand. He was sweaty, shaking. 
“Are you ok, Ethan?” You asked and the blue-boy nodded, hastily. 
“I-I’m fine, just nervous.” He was flushed red. 
“Nervous about what?” You asked. 
A few feet away, Mark, Amy, Tyler and Kathryn were all beaming. A camera was in Mark’s hands, recording the two of you. 
“Ahh, Ethan, what’s going on?” You asked. Butterflies were fluttering in your stomach. 
What was going on? 
“(Y/N), you’re the most important person in my life,” Ethan said, his eyes holding onto yours. “And I love you, so, so much. And I don’t even want to think what my life would be like without you.” 
The mascots beside you two were ushering the crowd around you, making a space in the walking crowds. 
People were stopping, soon a ring was formed around Ethan and you. 
You couldn’t speak, you barely even squealed as Ethan dropped to one knee and produced a ring from his coat pocket. 
“So, (Y/n), will you marry me?” Ethan asked, a wide smile on his face. 
Your hand flew to your mouth, tears blurring your vision as you nodded. Your mind whirling as you blurted, 
“Yes! Yes!” In quick succession. 
Ethan beamed, gathering you up in his arms and spinning you around as the people around you cheered. 
Ethan set you down, taking your hand and sliding the ring onto your finger. 
Tears rolled down your cheeks and you looked up at Ethan, chuckling as his own tears spilled from his eyes. 
You leaned forward, kissing him through the tears. 
Mark and the others were clapping and cheering. Running over to you and congratulating you with hugs. 


💕 C H A S C A L E X 💕

“Come on, let’s sleep in my bed
Can I just be in my head with you?
Come on, let’s sleep in my bed
Can I just be in my head with you?
And it breaks my heart, yeah it breaks my heart
I do this every single time, every time”

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could you please do a three sentence fic where Shiro helps Ulaz during a nightmare? Thank you x

Ulaz comes awake, sudden and forceful, and at first the dark room is unfamiliar and dangerous.  But he hears soft words spoken, soft and gentle, that break through the dark and the heavy sounds of his own breathing.

Shiro continues to speak softly, the words of his mother tongue translated in a rhythm that Ulaz has become slowly familiar with, as he says, “It’s alright, you’re with me now, you never have to go back so now you’re safe.”

(”Teach me your language,” Ulaz asks him, when they’re both more awake, and Shiro smiles warmly and agrees)

(Send me a prompt and a pairing and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic)

A comment on this article. This is what stories are for, this is what representation is for. We need storylines like this so that 13 year old girls can know that it’s okay and beautiful to like girls and not boys. We need storylines like this so that these girls have an opportunity and a situation in which to bring this up with their family, to start the conversation. We need storylines like this so that every family reacts just as positively as this one to news like this about their child.

I was honestly not expecting the amazing coming out scene we got in tonight’s Supergirl ep. It surprised me with its candor, its sincerity, its REALNESS. I know it resonated with a lot of people, and it certainly resonated with me. It certainly resonated with this 13 year old girl. So thank you Supergirl, thank you to the writers, to Chyler and Floriana. You did good tonight.