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If she says yes, the people here will be cared for. Her father will be cared for, and not left alone. If she says no, there is no telling how the Commander will retaliate.

If she says yes —

bang, bang (my baby shot me down), a jyn/krennic fic by @wendy-daahling


Mingyu x Helium and lol-ing at the boys they were so amazed #seventeen #mingyu #세븐틴 #민규

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A compilation of the stuff I’ve drawn at Work on my lunchbreaks in the past 3 months, all dat Metroid stuff yo. 
Completely drawn in MSPaint with only a mouse also, though some of them I haven’t finished, I wanted to post them anyway cause ya know c:

LittleMix: Well…where do we even begin with this?! Four albums down the line and you’ve only gone and got us our first ever number 1 album 😱😭😝 Your reaction to ‘Glory Days’ has been bloody incredible and we’re so grateful to every one of you that’s supported our journey over the past 5 years 💗 We say it all the time but we really believe we have the best fans in the world and we love you to the 🌙 and back! LET THE GLORY DAYS ROLL 💖the girls x
@Jesymix14: Omg fu**ing God!!!!!!!!!! I cannot actually believe it 🙈 guys we cannot thank you enough for making this album no1 this is insane! You literally are the best fans in the whole entire world! We love you guys more than you will ever know and we cannot thank you enough for all the support you have continuously given us for the past five years!!!! Wow oh bloody wow is all I can say here’s to GLORYDAYS

Okay yes but please take the time to imagine a modern AU where Ludwig is a really hard math teacher and Feliciano is the art teacher that everyone loves but Feli is always hanging out in Ludwig’s room when he has a free period and swiveling on Ludwig’s swivel chair and watching Netflix on Ludwig’s computer (and accidentally x-ing out of a lot of important papers) and playing around with the computer drawing app and all the students love having him in there because it takes off a little bit of the stress of the hard math they’re learning and plus Feliciano’s just a sunshine and Ludwig is always annoyed but when Feli isn’t in his room making sculptures and little animals out of pencils and tape and paper clips it feels empty somehow alright continue scrolling