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“I hope you realize, how special that makes you.”

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If you look at “the glove thing” (you know which thing) a few times, you may have noticed the same thing as I did. Remember, they had no practice for this (!!!) because it was a last-minute decision by Yuri P. in the first place to have Otabek on ice with him. But like, watch the Glove Thing and look how it starts, it looks like Yuri P. is trying to do the face-caress thing that Yuuri K. and Viktor did in their skate… and then Fuckign Otabek Altin turns his head a little and rips the glove off with his teeth instead.


If that isn’t your best friend protecting your edgelord-ness IDK WHAT IS OK.

(And by best friend I mean Very Gay Boyfriend but also best friend ok)


One thing that gives me joy is the heavy parka Cassian wears all the time, when everyone else is wearing relatively mild weather clothes. Like the trip to Jedha? Jyn wears a light jacket, a scarf just in case. Poncho for the rain on Eadu. Bodhi? Coveralls are fine. Baze and Chirrut? We will wear the same outfit everywhere. But Cassian? Let me wear this Very Large Coat. With a Fur Hood. Everywhere.

Shall we dance?

Maybe Zevran is not so confident (only because of his lack of expirience) when it come to skating, but he definitely is the best dance partner Reine has had for the last few years.

But could you imagine if the glove thing wasn’t planned?

If Yuri was just like ‘I’m gonna pretend to slap you’ or ‘Fuck Victor and Yuuri, I’m gonna touch your face, too’?

And Yuri goes for it with nothing particular in mind, maybe even thinking about jerking his hand away at the last second and Otabek just fucking tears his glove off with his teeth?

Yuri must having fucking died inside.

Detective vs Theif AU!
Let’s say that it didn’t take much for me to fall in love with the new set of chibis…

(i accidentally deleted it and had to post it again GOOD JOB REA)

i got desert sand clogging my throat, i got stardust in my fingernails
scratching at the sky, it don’t even make the lights blink
can’t see, see too much, got the dust sucking at my kickers and this ain’t all there is to being
i can almost touch it i can almost taste it i wish i knew what it was i wish i knew
all i know is this ain’t it