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heres my ndrv3 ship opinions so you can shame me

ultimate ship: saimota
pretty nice ships that i like: Kiibouma, most kiibo ships, oumami, gontaguuji, yumaga
my crack ships: iruma x kirumi, tenko x tsumugi
meh ships: saiaka, nursery rhymes (pls dont shoot me im just not a big fan of either character when compared to the rest of the cast), ouma x kaede
dont: akamami (i blame v-dawg)

AAAHHH!!! This is so late! Sorry, Skel! I figured I’d have time to draw around when I asked you to pick a number, but life happened, and here we are. You picked 2, which was Icon GIF Animation. I was kinda disappointed because I thought it would be too small or effortless of a gift, but I didn’t want to switch up what you had unknowingly chosen. I don’t know, it felt disrespectful. XD Hope you like it despite its lateness. X_X Happy belated birthday, Gane!

Also, it’s very difficult to draw emotions on his face, what with the metal jaw and such. XD

Gane © @skelitzel

Art © Meee

Sun Signs as Game of Thrones Characters

Aries: Arya Stark

Taurus: Robb Stark

Gemini: Theon Greyjoy

Cancer: Brienne of Tarth

Leo: Tyrion Lannister

Virgo: Daenarys Targaryen

Libra: Sansa Stark

Scorpio: Jon Snow

Sagittarius Rickon Stark

Capricorn: Joffrey Barathean

Aquarius: Varys

Pisces: Bran Stark