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b99 week // day 3
favorite episode: 2x17 - Boyle-Linetti Wedding



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Nintendo released the original Pokémon games, Red, Blue, and Yellow Versions, on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console earlier this year, and its success is starting a path of re-releases we’ve been waiting for! 

The series’ developer Game Freak recently stated they didn’t have any similar plans for the games’ follow-ups, Gold, Silver, and Crystal. But for the Nintendo 3DS which is being outshine by the success of Nintendo Switch, it’s the only way to go.

“This will surely keep the 3DS alive.”

Virtual Console Pokémon GOLD, SILVER, and CRYSTAL are the only way to transfer old Pokémon from those games to SUN and MOON.

“I think the remakes, like Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, is still an approach we’re interested in,” Masuda told IGN. “With the Virtual Console releases of the original games, specifically there had never been a way to bring those Pokemon over to the latest generation. It had always been that you couldn’t get those Pokemon out.

Masuda explained that services like Pokemon Bank and the Poke Transporter finally gave the developers an option to release the original versions on Virtual Console, essentially letting people upload first generation into the new game.

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Dearest of All

Jon x Sansa fic for @goodqueenalys​. Thank you for your donation to fight Nazis!

Request: a continuation of Dearer than Gold

Sansa’s unannounced appearance in his chambers hours after a supper she neglected to preside over is surprising. Indeed, a visit from his wife is unusual no matter the circumstances. It is their practice for Jon to come to her chambers at night and her solar during the day, and they are nothing if not creatures of habit. Ritual gives reliable shape to their relationship, making Sansa feel safe and Jon sure of his place.

When it comes to his wife, anything outside of the norm gives him pause, for fear that they will slide back into polite distrust and unspoken dissatisfaction. That old rush of unease creeps along his flesh, as she stands hands clasped before her with her back to his chamber door, the candlelight casting a light that makes her hair dance like flames. She is lovely—the loveliest woman in all of the North, surely—and while she is the one closest to him in this world, here and now she seems out of place in her tempting, foreign beauty.

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A different version of their love making scene with hands of gold theme!  ❤ Gosh, they are so beautiful! Please watch in HD!

Hands of Gold

Can we talk about how Jaime pulling the glove over his golden hand and riding off to the north (and Brienne) is “Hands of Gold” acted out? Symbolic of him rejecting the Lannister “gold” and “becoming the man he was meant to be.” 

He rode through the streets of the city
Down from his hill on high
O'er the wynds and the steps and the cobble
He rode to a woman’s sigh
For she was his secret treasure
She was his shame and his bliss
And a chain and a keep are nothing
Compared to a woman’s kiss

For hands of gold are always cold
But a woman’s hands are warm
For hands of gold are always cold
But a woman’s hands are warm


Wicked Games // @jugheadszombie (ariquitecontrary)

She’s the world’s most famous supermodel.
This comes with a stalker who proves to be more dangerous than she ever imagined and a 24-hour bodyguard who’s as serious as he is handsome.

In a world where she no longer feels safe, Betty Cooper fights to get her life back and discovers all the things she had been missing along the way.

I was inspired to do this after I saw Bodyguard, the Musical on Friday night.

itishebihime-samaforyou  asked:

asdfghjkl welcome to the fandom! I wish you good luck! It's always nice to see new blogs. :D I hope I didn't break any rules for characters, but could you write a scenario with Nash and his gf going to the pool and she's been hit on when he wasn't around. Jelaous Nash is my weakness. If you can't write for him then I'd ask for Oikawa. Hope you have a good day! (~^_^)~

thank you cutie! you’re so sweet aw and don’t worry you didn’t break any! i really hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed writing it ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ

i may have decided to write for the both of them because why not


You looked really good in a bikini, and it wasn’t just Nash who noticed, but everyone else too.

Your boyfriend needed to use the bathroom, so you were all alone. You decided to go and sit by the pool. You sat on the edge of the pool with only your feet dipped in the water.

You were sitting peacefully until two guys who were swimming near by came closer. The two of them were now beside you, one on your right, and the other on your left.

They were still in the pool, but also too close for your own comfort. 

“You’re really hot. Shame you have no one to show you just how hot you are.” the one on your right bit his lip.

“I can show you, if you’ll let me.” the one on the left spoke with an obvious smirk on his face.

You rolled your eyes. You couldn’t deny the fact that those were actually pretty good pick up lines, but you didn’t appreciate how close they were.

You chuckled, “Sorry boys, but my boyfriend will be right back, and trust me, you do not wanna be seen this close to me.” 

You knew how much your boyfriend adores you, and you knew how just much he adored embarrassing every guy that ever laid his eyes on you.

Though you wouldn’t admit it, you loved how jealous and protective he gets of you, so you may or may not have been a little excited to see him come back and watch his reaction.

And, of course, your excitement did not go to waste.

You saw him swimming from behind the boys, and making his way towards you.

“Hello! What do we have here?” he put his arms around the two boys, with him being in the middle, and his eyes never leaving yours.

He laughed, “Isn’t she just beautiful? Like honestly, I’d do her right here, and right now.”

“Even though I already have like ten minutes ago.” he continued.

You saw how pissed the two boys looked, and you saw how miserably they failed at getting out of his grasp.

The both of you never left each other’s eyes.

Finally, he let them go, and did not waste a second to grab you by the waist and pull you down in the pool with him. 

You were now leaning on the pools edge, with your legs wrapped around him, your arms around his neck, and his hands supporting you.

He smiled. 

Slowly, he pulled you into a kiss. More like a 10 minute heated makeout session.


The weather was really hot, and even with you wearing only a one piece, it was still hot. You felt really thirsty so you told your boyfriend you were off to get a drink.

“Bring me one too please!” Oikawa shouted.

“Okay!” you shouted back.

You headed to the drink bar and ordered two iced teas. You were resting your arm on the table, with your chin on the palm of your hand, waiting.

A guy approached you, and stood right in front of you. Taking his arm, he rested it on the table, and imitated the same position you were in.

He grinned at you, and winked. 

“Uh?” was all you managed to say.

“I’m lonely. Will you come with me and keep me company?” he asked.

“Sorry, I’m with someone.” you chuckled, and awkwardly scratched your head.

Your drinks were ready, and you were just about to grab them when he put his hand on top of yours. 

“What the-” was your first thought.

He grabbed your hand and started pulling you away from the bar, you were trying to resist and even kept telling him you really were with someone, and that you couldn’t leave them, but he wasn’t listening.

Before you knew it, the guy who was grabbing your hand and tugging you, was now the guy who was drowning in the pool.

You were even more surprised when an arm had slipped behind your back, and held you tight.

“Are you okay?” Oikawa asked.

Oikawa had got up the minute he noticed you weren’t alone anymore, but was being dragged involuntarily by a random guy. He didn’t know why but his first instinct was to grab the guy and throw him in the pool.

If there was anything that pissed him off more than losing, then it was seeing his girlfriend get hit on by a random dude who doesn’t take a no for an answer.

Luckily, it was a kids pool, and though it didn’t take long for the guy to notice it wasn’t that deep, it was still a nice view to watch and laugh about.

You turned around, now looking at your boyfriend, with both eyebrows raised.

Oikawa chuckled, and held you by the waist with one of his arms, while the other embarrassingly scratched his head. 

“Sorry, I think I was a little over jealous.” he said.

You raised another eyebrow when you could have sworn you heard him whisper something under his breath.

“I’m not even sorry.”

Before you could even say anything, he planted a kiss on your lips, and grabbed you back to the bar, with his hands in yours.


Karilene makes BEAUTIFUL renditions of the songs in the ASOIAF books and she just released her own version of Hands of Gold, based on Ed Sheerans melody. It is beautiful! and in the description she wonders who its about if not Shae and Tyrion… Jonsa shippers be like

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Cammy White’s Birthday is Today (1/6). Have Some Pointless Trivia You Probably Already Know.

Also this is a thing I do now. I guess?

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  • Although its been never officially confirmed by Capcom, many fans have speculated that the inspiration for Cammy comes from Gally/Alita, the main protagonist from manga and anime Battle Angel Altia. Much of Cammy’s mannerisms, moves, and design are similar to Gally. Again, nothing has been confirmed by Capcom, so take this with a grain of salt.
  • Cammy’s Street Fighter V appearance is inspired by original concept sketches of her from Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers.
  • In 1996, Capcom premiered X-Men Vs. Street Fighter in arcades, the first in the Capcom Vs. series. In the game it premiered Alpha Cammy AKA “Killer Bee” Cammy in the game before her first Street Fighter appearance in the update in Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold.
    • She retains her XVSF in her Alpha 2 Gold appearance however her arcade story and ending is considered non-canon. Her first canon appearance is in Street Fighter Alpha 3 in 1998
    • Cammy’s Killer Bee sprite has seen the most appearances too.
  • In the SF manga, Sakura Ganbaru!, Cammy gets her name from Sakura who finds a then amnesiac Cammy and names her after a cat by the same name she found.
    • These events are considered canon and in Street Fighter IV, both characters share dialogue acknowledging this in arcade mode.
  • In Street Fighter X Tekken, Cammy’s Cross Art is a reference to the opening scene of the Street Fighter II:The Movie where she assassinates someone by snapping their neck.

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  • Capcom also references this opening bit as well with the intro toAlpha Cammy’s, where Cammy comes out hooded similar to how she was introduced in the movie.
  • Cammy is one the few Street Fighter characters have a star in her own non-Fighting Game, Cannon Spike, named after her attack with the same name. This 2001 run and gun shooter was made by Psikyo and stars various other Capcom characters with character designs by Kinu Nishimura.
    • Cammy’s default design in the game is also inspired by her concept sketches from Super Street Fighter II. Her second outfit, Alpha/Killer Bee, is also an unlock able outfit in the game.
  • Cammy also made a cameo as a boss character in Final Fight Streetwise.
  • Probably one of the weirdest appearances by Cammy in the Street Fighter universe was in the American Street Fighter II cartoon where she was Guile’s love interest (?) before revealing she was a spy for M.Bison as well as his love interest (?!) resulting in one of the more infamous scenes of series.

  • Cammy’s final appearance in the American SF II cartoon came in the series finale where after being told she had been brain washed by Bison she made another very infamous scene from the series…

Happy Birthday Cammy. Maybe someday you’ll get to wear pants (at least wear them in a game that is good).


Hands of Gold - Game of Thrones Jaime/Brienne vid

“Hearts and Steel” - Digital Oil Painting

Inspired by “A Game of Hearts and Steel” by @suchadearie and also by all the eye sex Rumbelle had been having while not ‘together.’ I really like how this turned out, Rumple is leaning in, even with her foil against his cheek and her hand guard digging into his chest, he’s not intimidated at all. And I made this picture pale on purpose, so you could see the slight flush on Belle’s face! ALLLLLL the eye sex. ALL OF IT.

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Belle in Westeros and Essos :) 

On pictures one and two, she was in Oldtown. She was so happy in this big library ! And Samwell became her friend :) 

On pictures three and four, she is in the Eryes. Sweetrobin didn’t like when she told him that she had a friend named Robin too and that he was dead; So he put her in the prison ! 

On the fiveth, she is in Riverrun. 

On the picture six, she is Bravoos. She is in her badass outfit because she should had to fight against a faceless man !  

On the last, she is in Winterfell :) 

I’ll post other photo of this trip tomorrow