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  • Azura: You are the ocean's gray waves...
  • Corrin: That's such a beautiful song Azura. Do you know any more?
  • Azura: *sweats nervously*
  • Corrin: Azura?
  • Azura: *sweating intensifies*
  • Corrin: Azu-

I wasn’t allowed to play with Pokemon as a kid, and my parents weren’t big on video games (our first console was a PS2), so my exposure to Pokemon and other games was very limited. Because of that, the few chances I had to play on my friends’ Super Nintendos and N64′s were magical. 

This game in particular brings back memories of binge-playing Mario Kart 64 and Pokemon Stadium at my cousins’ house during the summer. I never got the hang of actually battling Pokemon, but I played the shit out of these mini games. :]

6 x 14″, ink and watercolor

Available as a 4 x 9″ print here!

Dear D&D and GOT cast,

A Stark sibling rivalry makes about as much sense as Jon Snow dead for good in S6.

In other words…



Here for the Starks fangirl

P.S. Sophie, hope you get your raise. 😎😎

chysahls  asked:

Oooh how about Luua in Yuna's songstress outfit?

cosplay meme request
will finish this most likely ~ throw some color on this tomorrow x)
(I let her hair long..because Lenne..haha and I couldn’t make it short sorru)

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