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Now or Never (Bias x Reader) Pt.13

G/N: group name

You’re wrapped up in your blankets, curled up in a ball as you try to keep yourself warm. Kara jumping on you and screaming unintelligible words wakes you up. Annoyed, you shove her off the bed but she pulls the covers off of you.


“Look,” she shoves the phone in your face but all you see is a bright screen and a non-English article. You shove her hand away, too tired to translate. 

“Okay, an article. So what?” 

“Who’s the girl in the blue coat?” the title read, “B/N from G/N seen with an unknown woman. The agency has given no report if these rumors are true,” 

You take the phone, seeing an image of you from the back. But it’s your blue coat that lets you know it’s actually you. 

Kara takes the phone back, “You can’t even tell it’s you, there’s no skin showing. It’s also a good thing you straightened your hair too, your afro would’ve been a huge giveaway.”

You fall on your back, covering your face, “That guy from yesterday…”

“What guy?” 

“When I came out of the car, some dude wanted to talk to me. I guess he took this picture,” 

She eyes you, “How well did you two make up yesterday?” 

You groan, kicking your legs. What if they have more photos? His windows were tinted, but you left the door open for a moment before he closed it. 

You pick up your phone, calling him. But no answer. 

So you text him, “Did you hear? Are you okay?” Because you have no idea what else to say.

B/N is with his members driving to the next location. He’s sleeping in the car when they arrive to their destination. But there’s way more reporters than usual. He’s used to the girls snapping photos, but some of these people look out of place. He feels his phone vibrate, but he doesn’t have time to check the message now. He plugs his headphones into his ears, puts on his best poker face and gets out of the van.

But they immediately shove their microphones towards him, startling him with their questions. His body guards keep him close, but too many reporters are speaking at once. He gets the gist of their questions. 

“Who is she? Are the rumors true?” he tries to ignore them, feeling panicked. Are they talking to him? He wasn’t the only one in the group dating, maybe someone got caught, “Who’s the girl in the blue coat!” someone yells and B/N feels lightheaded. It was him.

They get through security and soon they’re in the venue getting ready. Once they’re settled, B/N knows what’s coming. His manager tells everyone else to move away as he sits next to him. 

“Are the rumors true?” B/N doesn’t say anything which only fuels his annoyance, “Who is she?” 

“She’s just a friend,” 

“Did any of you know about this?” he asks the rest of the boys. When they don’t answer, his manager laughs, but his face is red. He’s about to explode, “Are you all trying to get me fired?” 

B/N sighs, not liking the threat of him being terminated, “It’s not like that,”

“You’re lucky they only have that one photo,” he looks at everyone, “Do I have to worry about the rest of you? Anyone else I need to know about?” 

B/N looks at the one seeing Kara, his eyes downcast, “No. It’s just me,” 

“Good,” his manager nods, “Stop seeing her,” 

They all look at him and B/N shrugs, “Fine.” She’s leaving soon anyway, it’s in their favor. But being told what to do in this case still irritates him. His manager gets up, mumbling to himself. He puts his headphones in before his members can talk to him. That’s when he decides to check his phone, seeing her one message and missed call. 

Did you hear? Are you okay?” she asked.

I’m okay. Are you?” 

He won’t stop seeing her when she’s so close to leaving. He’ll have to be extra cautious. But he won’t neglect her like he did the last time. 

When they get on stage, B/N is more nervous than usual. He’s heard of the lengths fans will go when they find out someone is dating. Once the concert is over and they begin to converse with the fans, he notices a change when he speaks. It’s almost close to booing him as they talk over him. 

At the fansign, many of them skip him. Some tell him that they know the rumors aren’t true, that they’ll stay faithful as always. Some even show up in blue coats, saying that they were the girl, which got a lot of fans riled up. 

One fan catches his attention, as she stands out more than the others. Perhaps it’s because of her hairstyle or her skin color, but she’s wearing a face mask. There’s foreign fans here, but not many. When she sets the picture down for him to sign, he recognizes her eyes immediately. Kara is next to her, shaking the hands of the other members as if she’s never seen them before. 

B/N’s staring too much, which will get more attention than he wants. So he signs the picture and hands it to her, watching her and Kara walk away cheerfully, like every other fan.