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Hopefully this doesn't sound like too much. It seems like you got your hands full with these new asks.⏸ Hello, gem resources! I was wondering about two fusion I'm making. The first is Creedite and Fireball Pearl, and the second is Ice and a Fossil. I can't think of anything; What's your thoughts on the gems for the fusions?

Don’t worry, I can handle it~


Creedite X Fireball Pearl:
Orange: Copper Pearl
Purple: Peacock Pearl

Ice X Fossil:
Turritella Agate

Yes, we have heard this so many times before ;P

But wait, Vegeta discovers that Bulma is dead in the future ;-;

“The very first time I traveled to the past and met you…after I came back, she would often ask me about how you were and how you looked.”

Despite his pride, the news of Bulma’s death gives Vegeta a change of heart to do fusion with Goku ;-;

I’m all for designing fusions, but sometimes you see one and it’s the most perfect look you could imagine

And after seeing the @sadynaxart Padparadscha x Sapphire fusion I HAD to draw her too. If you somehow haven’t seen this lady’s awesome art yet, go check that stuff out!