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This was actually taken over the course of two days which I would NOT recommend doing lol. Tbh it’s very dangerous to hit up the same store two days in a row but hey

🌸Boscia black mask: $34

🌸Origins peel mask: $26

🌸YSL lipsticks (x3): $37 (each)

🌸Anastasia Brow definer: $23

🌸Urban Decay setting spray: $30

🌸NARS creamy concealer: $29

🌸YSL bronzer: $55

🌸Better than sex mascara: $23

🌸Givenchy lipstick: $36

🌸Tatcha setting spray: $48

🌸Make up forever ultra HD foundation: $43

🌸Make up forever step 1 primer: $37

🌸Becca highlighter: $38

🌸Becca backlight primer: $37

🌸Becca shimmering skin perfector: $41

🌸Marc jacobs eyeliners (x2): $25 (each)

🌸Kat von D tattoo liner: $20

🌸Anastasia clear brow gel: $22

🌸Buxom empty eyeshadow palette: $40

🌸Buxom eye shadows (x6): $12 (each)

🌸Sephora foundation brush: $36

🌸Sephora highlighting fan brush: $27

🌸NARS single eyeshadow: $29

🌸Surrat bronzer: $32

🌸Formula X nail polish: $11

💖💖GRAND TOTAL: $951 💖💖


How to get your sparkle on.

Pre-high school, it was perfectly acceptable for me to wear glitter on my nails, face, body, and clothes—sometimes all at once! One of the first items in my beauty stash was a set of three stackable glitters that I purchased with chore money from a mall kiosk. I chose a flattering combination of lime green, yellow, and pale purple. I thought I had found “my look”! Once I graduated from the tween scene, however, I gave into peer pressure and my tastes changes. At my school, glitter was associated with a younger look, and when you’re in high school, you just want to look older. That said, there’s no denying the universal loveliness of glitter, as every year around the holidays, beauty brands roll out all kinds of opulent fairy dust. Here are some tips on how to apply it like a grown woman. KATE HELFRICH, SENIOR PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR OF SEPHORA COLLECTION

Choose a targeted area like the corners of eyes, outer lids, nails, or the tips of the lashes. If you live by this “keep it simple” approach and choose only one feature to dress up, you’re less likely to look like you’re headed for a rave (which, if you are, more power to you—and you might as well as go big or go home). For example, if you go with a glamorous, glittery smoky eye, make sure the rest of your face is sparkle free! By sticking to this rule, you’ll never overdo it, and you draw more focus to the feature you want to emphasize…in a good way.
FORMULA X Celestials
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner

Resist covering your eyelids in chunky glitter. You might end up looking like a unicorn having a rough night. Go for eyeshadows that have shimmers or soft pearl to get a glimmering effect that is more toned down. Or, try glitter eyeliners that give your look just a hint of sparkle. If you do want to be more daring with loose glitters, make sure to first apply a glitter-specific primer to avoid messy, unplanned fallout that will take your look from “fun party girl” to “broken disco ball.”
SEPHORA COLLECTION Glitterguard 24HR Eyeshadow Primer
Lit Cosmetics Lit Kit

For a sophisticated approach, avoid neons and pastels. Choose neutral shades that complement your skintone. Browns, neutrals, mauves, and golds are soft and look glamorous on everyone.
SEPHORA COLLECTION Midnight Magic Face and Body Glitter Pots
Marc Jacobs Beauty Tonite Lights Glitter Dust

So go forth this holiday season with these techniques and glitter tastefully—like a grown-up.


Galaxy Nails! This was partially inspired by The 100, which I recently started watching! 😎 

Polishes used were: 
• Starry Starry Night and Mint Candy Apple by Essie
• Mr. Positivity by Sephora Formula X
• Peacock by Joe Fresh
• Lacey Lilac and White On by Sally Hansen
• Wuthering Heights by A England
• Fairy Dust by China Glaze

Unfortunately the holographic glitter in Fairy Dust wouldn’t show up in the photo when my camera focused, but it’s there in real life!

From instagram, I was tagged to show my polishes from my favourite colour family: Red!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom (click for swatches): 

I didn’t include any that I felt leaned too pink or purple. 

I’m curious to see what your favourite colour vs collection is. If you do it, please tag me so I can see :)

xoxo mrstu-beauty


I picked up one of the interesting new Sephora Formula X glitters—this is Turbulent, which has matte black and bright blue glitter of different sizes in a clear base. Because I did the design in a very similar blue (Orly Frisky) and black, you can only see the blue clearly over the black and the black over the blue. Which effect I am super into. This is your captain speaking, we are currently experiencing some particularly awesome turbulence.


Five ways to nourish the nails on your weather-chapped hands.

Autumn is historically the time of year we let our health fall a teeny weeny bit to the wayside. And that’s ok! But while we are 100% support of people taking that extra piece of Halloween candy, we don’t condone neglecting your nail health. With fall weather drying out everyone’s appendages, we’re forgoing polish for a few weeks and making sure our nail beds look topnotch when they’re not covered in color. BECKY PEDERSON 

CONCERN: Oily nails
Even if you don’t cook the rest of the year, fall brings out the homey baker in all of us. When kneading butter and flour leaves your nails gummy, this cleanser’s witch hazel extract removes oils that regular soap and water can’t quite get. The vitamin E and cucumber extract also condition and invigorate. Important note: Just as your face should be clean before applying products, CLEANSE should be the first step in any nail treatment application.

CONCERN: Brittle nails
Maybe you have brittle nails from washing too many holiday pie plates, applying polish too often, or baby, you were just born that way. Whatever the cause, STRENGTHEN can help stop them from painfully splitting thanks to its fortifying formula of calcium and Nonycosine-E.

CONCERN: Peeling nails
Once you’ve addressed brittle nails, you’ll want to lock in moisture so they keep their strength. HYDRATE uses aloe vera, with bamboo and cactus extract, to nourish nails and improve their flexibility. 

CONCERN: Overgrown cuticles
If your cuticles are so sharp they’re snagging in your mittens, an exfoliating cream with fruit acids is in order. ERASE uses potassium hydroxide to soften cuticle skin and then exfoliates the dead skin cells with AHA. The formula also contains aloe vera so your skin won’t dry out.

CONCERN: Dry cuticles
For a long-term cuticle solution, use QUENCH. This condition treatment uses a blend of cottonseed, soybean, apricot kernel, grapeseed, and almond oils—plus vitamin E—to restore vitality to nails over time. It seals in moisture to prevent brittleness and give your nails a revitalize look that will last through next spring.



Learn how to create this dimensional look in 9 simple steps.

Refresh your ombré for fall with this Formula X nail tutorial featuring the Brushed Metallics collection of matte metallic lacquers and The System. In today’s post, we break down how to recreate this futuristic look by Parris Hodges of TopCoat Nail Studio in San Francisco. RENEE TRILIVAS

STEP ONE: Prep nails with CLEANSE Nail Cleanser.
STEP TWO: Apply PRIME Base Coat and let it dry for two minutes.
STEP THREE: Paint two coats of Singularity, a matte-metallic lavender gray, to each nail and let dry for two minutes.
STEP FOUR: Dip a makeup sponge into a drop of Prophecy, a matte-metallic cobalt blue, and randomly dab onto nails.
STEP FIVE: Repeat step four with Spectacle, a matte-metallic raspberry, and Destiny, a shade-shifting sky blue, to create a blended effect.
STEP SIX: Paint White Matter, a paper white, from the side of the nail to the tip with a thin eyeliner brush.
STEP SEVEN: Repeat step six with a second white line, parallel to the first.
STEP EIGHT: Starting from the opposite side of the nail, repeat step seven, intersecting the two lines.
STEP NINE: With an eyeliner brush, apply topcoat over only the three white lines for a subtle sheen.


So many nail colors, so little patience. For those of us who wish we could swap out new shades as fast as we can paint, behold: Formula X Press Pods. This limited-edition set features 24 of the cult-favorite nail lacquers in single-use capsule form. The Sephora Glossy caught up with Kristin Walcott, Vice President and Global General Manager for Kendo, to get a handle on their latest innovation. BECKY PEDERSON

How did the idea of single-use polish pods come about?
KRISTIN WALCOTT: Formula X has been doing extremely well at Sephora since we launched last October. The Press Pod gives fans the opportunity to try out a wide range of colors and effects from the line with minimal investment. Nail junkies want to change up their color every week. The Pods offer a perfect way to experiment and play.

How do they work exactly?
KW: Each capsule contains a unique built-in brush and enough lacquer to coat all 10 nails in two coats. We like to say, “For a flawless manicure, simply pop, press, and paint!”

Can they be used with the complete Formula X System?
KW: Yes! The System extends the wear of your manicure, so it’s a great choice to pair with Press Pods.

It seems like they’d be great when you’re on the go, too.
KW: Yes, they are perfect for traveling. When I hit the road, I throw a Press Pod in my makeup bag along with our individually wrapped, single-use, nail polish-remover pads, Delete-to-Go, and our hydrating cuticle balm stick, Quench-To-Go, and I’ve got everything I need for a quickie mani.


External image

Formula X / Press Pods

External image

Formula X / The System

External image

Formula X / Delete To-Go Nail Polish Remover Pads


Kat Von D talks about the lip and nail collection of our grunge girl dreams.

Kat Von D is lending an artistic hand to the world of nail polish by partnering with Formula X. Each of the five new polish shades in the limited-edition collection matches a color from her Studded Kiss line (think Piaf, L.U.V., Tijuana, Vampira, and NaYeon). The Sephora Glossy linked up with Kat to get insights on the collection, her design process, and why she’s Formula X’s #1 fan. JESSICA VELEZ


“The collaboration happened during one of our beauty development meetings. This may sound silly, but I was gazing at one of my favorite Studded Kiss Lipsticks in the shade Vampira and said, ‘Damn! This lipstick would make the best nail polish shade!’ And the rest is history!”


“The reason I so badly wanted to collaborate with Formula X more than any other nail polish company is because I’ve been a fan of the line since it first launched a few years back. Some of my top fave polishes are Obsessed, Gray Matter, and Alchemy. It has the most durable formula ever, and this is coming from someone who bangs the hell out of her nails all day long! The treatments actually work—this is the only reason I’ve ever gotten my nails to look as healthy as they’ve ever been, no joke. I’m addicted to Formula X’s The System. If it weren’t for that, I would have the worst, most haggard nails that ever existed.”


“After meeting with Formula X and going over concepts, they agreed to let me have a black cap, which makes this uber-goth very happy. And after sketching out ideas, I came up with a few hand-drawn options for the team to choose from. Since Formula X already has its amazing formula down, I felt it was important to contribute the best way I know how, by putting my spin on their ‘X’ logo.”


“Well, as many of my followers on Instagram already know, I truly struggle when it comes to the nail game. I am always so envious of those who are able to have these long, cat-like nails. But unfortunately, I am cursed with weather-beaten artist hands, and my nails are usually the first to get beaten up—whether it’s from drawing, painting, playing my guitar, or gardening. I have never managed to have a set of beautifully manicured, long natural nails because of this! So, to me, a perfect manicure would be a slightly pointed almond shape that’s double the length of my natural stubby nails—ha! For now, I guess I’ll stick to my short nails and live vicariously through all the lovely nail posts on Instagram.”


“Although I tend to wear black almost every day, I do enjoy the hell out of some glitter. So one thing I love doing when it comes to my nails is choosing color combinations based off of an opaque shade, and then finding its glittery sister. For example, if I’m going to wear black nails, I’ll usually go with “Dark Matter” for a majority of my nails, and then leave my ring fingers open, and then go with “NaYeon,” a rich black with heavy gunmetal sparkle, for an extra pop.”

“I’ve always been a fan of anything monochromatic. So, matching your nails to your lips is just as fun as being able to match your lips to your hair—especially when you have neon orange hair like I do now.”

“I love it when girls have long, sharp stiletto nails with a black shiny lacquer on top and a candy apple red underside! I had the luck of owning that look one day for a photo shoot last year and was heartbroken when I had to remove my acrylics afterwards!”