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Barely six months ago I sat down and wrote a post about Jay’s life and passing. As with so many things, I never imagined we would find ourselves here again so soon. Grief on the tips of our tongues, as those we support and love live through one of the hardest of times there can be; the loss of a parent. Then as now, I feel there is little we can say with any true knowledge, save our experiences from the fandom side. A few words are all I can offer, framed by my own experience of loss.

Robin Twist. A charming man with a delightful name, always ready with a large smile and a quick joke, not least at Harry’s expense. I remember him from the earliest days of The X Factor, at Harry’s side with the rest of his family cheering him on, and speaking of the new family Harry had found in the boys. Always supportive, always ready with a warm hug, always so proud of the boy who had left home to audition at sixteen, and who never came back home.

It’s a measure of the man he was that he had Harry be best man at his wedding to Anne, and that Harry was so supportive of their relationship. As a child of two families where both parents remarried, I know how hard it can be to make all those new relationships work, and it’s credit to all involved that they made it seem so seamless and effortless, and that love seemed to be the centre of it all. I’m also lucky enough to have step parents that just became parents; a safe place and a warm hug whenever they are needed. I know that’s not always the case with everyone when melding families, and I’m so glad for them all (from all we were privileged to see), that Harry and Gemma seemed to have that kind of relationship with Robin. A Dad, in all the ways that mattered.

Robin always struck me as someone it would be fun to meet for a quiet pint which would then turn into a raucous session, underlined with his quick wit and warm heart. A presence like a heartbeat, life circulating around him. These are things I’ll never know to be true, but I like to hope that they were.

I can truly say that Robin is woven like a bright thread into the history of the 1D fandom family, there from the get go, always so supportive and proud, even as recently as a few weeks ago, clad in Harry’s bright silver boots and his hat at his London gig, there with a joke and a laugh with fans. There are so many memories he’ll be part of, a hug and a smile, and a bit of banter. He had a sparkle in his eyes and it always caught the light.

Robin, I’m so, so glad you got to see Harry perform his new songs live (duck noise and all). I will never, ever hear Woman without thinking of you. You made me and so many others laugh so very much, with your ability to keep Harry’s feet on the ground in the funniest of ways. And that is a glorious thing.

To Anne, Amy, Mike, Gemma and Harry, and all his family and friends now living with the loss of such a warm and vibrant presence, I can only say hold close to those memories and to that laughter, to help you through the days when you can no longer find a smile. The days will seem endless, and they will not be easy. But there will, I hope for you, come a time when there are more smiles than tears. When those very stories will make you laugh instead of cry. I hope you reach those days when you are ready, and can hold steady to one another until they come to pass. I hope they you all get the quiet and space you need in these coming days and weeks, and that some day far from now you find one another again, in those places you’ve never been.


#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 20)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 960

‘#DateMeBuckyBarnes’ Masterlist

A/N: While this story is drawing to an end, we’re still riding the angst train in this series. It feels like a neverending drop, doesn’t it? However, I hope the remaining chapters will bring clarity to everything. 

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You remained silent as you slipped away from Bucky’s touch, leaving his pleas unanswered. Succumbing to his wrath once more, you let yourself drift away from the world as you tried to process everything he confessed to you. So much was revealed and you didn’t know how to react, what to think of his situation. If anything, you were confused and shocked and exhausted by all of this, not having the capability to sort out your emotions anymore. Though he thought his confession gave you clarity, Bucky caused more chaos in your muddled thoughts that ever before, causing more questions to arise than answers. 

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Just a quick reminder that today is thursday which means Isak and Even had dinner with Even’s parents. And when they arrived Isak was wrapped in the tightest and warmest hugs from Even’s mom and dad.

Both gushing about him and Liv cupping Isak’s face saying “Oh, my god! Eighteen!” as if she had known him all his life and couldn’t believe how much he had grown. Even’s dad slapped Isak’s back repeatedly and muttered his agreement as Liv proceeded to compliment him.

When Even finally manages to transition them all into the living room Isak’s eyes fall on a delicious looking cake right next to four flutes of sparkling wine.

(Liv had called Even about what cake Isak would want which resulted in “I think he would love chocolate cake with strawberries and cherries on top.”  Liv was quiet for a second and then asked, “strawberries and cherries?” with a disbelieving voice and after Even’s inquisitive “Hm?” she continued with “That’s a weird combination.” Even just shrugged, convinced that his mother would hear it in his voice when he replied, “He’s a weird boy.”)

And they stuck 18 candles into the cake and made him blow them out and wish for something (Isak wasn’t allowed to tell anyone what he wished for - which he was told by three loud speaking-over-oneanother Bech Næsheims).

Afterwards they sang happy birthday for him - of course Isak blushed a bit and said “oooh you don’t have to” but had the biggest grin on his face as they did - and Even’s heart swelled when he saw how absolutely happy Isak looked.