x files s9

was watching “William” last night and noticed there were some beautiful (i mean more than usual) shots of scully. just like, breathtaking profiles. and it only stood out to me because we usually see her shot head-on. 

looked that shit up and guess who directed? david. david directed that heartbreaker of an episode. y’all say what you want about gillovny but he shoots her like he loves her. all i’m sayin.

ok but imagine during the cancer arc mulder’s on his way to visit scully in the hospital but first he stops by her apartment to pick up her copy of moby dick and when he gets to the hospital she’s so happy to see him and to see the faded cover of her favorite book that when she breathes in the smell of the well-worn pages she smiles for the first time in what seems like forever and she opens the book to a random page and starts to read but she’s so tired from the chemo that all the letters blur together and her mind’s too foggy to make sense of the words and mulder can tell that she’s struggling not to cry so he gently takes the book from her and he flips to her favorite chapter and starts to read out loud and the smile returns to scully’s face and after awhile she drifts asleep to the sound of mulder’s voice