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“¿Sabías que fue en este lugar que el príncipe Wang Soo se enamoró de Hae Soo en el siglo X?” con una sonrisa convincente, lo contó como un hecho. ¿Por qué mierda le metían historia a su lista de trabajos? 

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43 logicality? (bonus points if Patton says it to Logic? I'm interested to see where you would take that)

“Are you drunk?”




“Oh my god are you drunk?” Patton shrieked.

“no ‘m not,” he slurred.

“Oh my god you are,” he shrieked.

“no,” Logan said pouting.

“You should sleep it off,” Patton said laughing.

“‘m fine,” Logan said.

“whatever you say,” Patton said leading him to bed.

“Not drunk,” Logan mumbled as he fell asleep.

“Uhuh,” Patton said laughing and kissing his forehead, “Sleep well dear.”

“m’sorry,” Logan mumbles causing Patton to jump because he thought he was already asleep.

“For what?”

“everything,” Logan says.


“You deserve better,” Logan said.

“What?” Patton asked but Logan was already asleep and Patton was even more confused

authors note:okay listen i just have a lot of feelings and most of them are about insecure!Logan