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Request: Could you do an imagine where the reader is part of team flash and is friends with Leonard Snart. And whenever Leonard goes to see the reader he’s always fighting with Harry from E-2 for her attention because they both like her

For: @troylerisbae7

Word Count: 794

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First it was three each.

If he got you three boxes of chocolate, the other got you three bigger boxes of chocolate.

If one got you three charms for your bracelet, the other got you three bracelets.

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Imagine staring at Harry’s arms and him catching you.

Oh his arms. You could write sonnet’s about those arms. Everything about them was mesmerizing. The way they flexed when he had them tight across his chest. The graceful way they knew what they were doing at all times. Just having them in your sights drove you crazy.

“Can i help you?” Harry snapped, turning away from his board to look at you.

You jumped in your seat, you didn’t expect him to talk let alone notice you were staring at him. “Hmm?” Your eyes shifted from his arms to his face. “No I’m,” you cleared you throat awkwardly. “I’m good.”

Harry smirked, he knew what you were looking at. His arms had been a magnet for your eyes since the day he got to Earth 1, as Cisco called it. He turned back to his board resting one arm over the other and absentmindedly tapping his marker on his lip, flexing his arms a bit more to see if he could get a reaction about you.

Your eyes went back to his arms and a wild blush spread across your cheeks like wildfire, you cleared your throat awkwardly, you needed to get out of there “I think I’m going to make a food run.” you mumbled as you slunk out of your chair and did your best not to print out the door.

Harry chuckled to himself as he half turned his head towards you only getting out a, “Big Belly Burger,”  before you were gone.

AN: Hey i wrote something for this imagine, i don’t know if it’s ok or not I’m still super new to this whole thing. But, i thought i’d give it a shot. If anyone wants to give any feedback i’m all ears.


holy shit Reina

look at the sheer resolve in her face

she abandoned her class to catch this once in a lifetime opportunity

like this is the most serious thing going on in her life right now and nothing is going to stop her from experiencing this

let’s take a closer look

and kumiko be like


Everything We Can

Request: Can you do a Harrison Wells (any) where you were kidnapped by a meta and when they get you back you just kinda run to him and lots of fluff

For: Anony

Word Count: 1041

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Everyone wanted to get you back, for a matter of reasons.

One, you were like family to team flash. Two, you were extremely knowledgeable in the field of meta-humans. And three, you knew how to shut Harrison up.

Which made sense, because you were his wife. 

And without you, they’d rather not deal with a frantic Harrison Wells.

So they were trying everything in their power to get you back.

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Cisco’s hand went immediately to the back of his head, digging his hand into his soft black curls tugging them in slight aggravation. “No.”

You had been taken by some new big bad, someone who could nullify your powers. He had figured out your connection to the Flash and he did not hesitate to kidnap you.

“This is my fault.” Barry spoke a woeful expression on his face. He was leaning over one of the tables in the cortex, his hands flat, pressed down on it hard. He raked his hands across the table flinging everything onto the floor, making everyone jump except for Harry. “If I had just been there!” he exclaimed putting his hands on his head mimicking Cisco.

“There’s nothing you could have done,” Joe put a reassuring hand on Barry’s shoulder. “You would have given him what he wanted.”

“Joe’s right Barry,” Harry cut in walking towards the speedster. “If you were there he wouldn’t need (Y/n). She would be dead and so would you.”

Everyone nodded agreeing with Harry, “But she’s not dead.” Iris spoke up. “Which means we can still save her

Caitlin crossed her arms over her chest. “But how? If Barry can’t use his powers around him then he’s done for.”

Barry scoffed glaring at Caitlin. “Thanks.”

Cisco shrugged. “Well, she’s not wrong.”

Barry raised his eyebrows. “Really?”

“I mean you do run slower than a normal person-” Cisco pointed out

“I can’t believe this i happening-” Barry groaned his head falling into his hands.

“The amount of successful run ins you’ve had when your powers were either gone or drained is rather low.” Caitlin added on.

Harry stepped between all of them waving his arms around while they spoke. “Alright stop, that’s enough.” When everyone kept bickering he picked up the nearest thing and threw it to the floor. “Hey!”

Everyone’s head whipped in his direction.

“Finally.” he muttered. He began walking to his gun that was hanging on one of the chairs by the main desk. “The longer you 3 argue the longer it’ll take to get (Y/n) back.”

“But what about what Caitlin said,” Iris said pointing at Caitlin. “How are we going to do that when everyone who has powers looses them when he’s around.”

“The old fashioned way,” Harry picked up his gun, slung it over his shoulder and cocked it. “With force.”


“Wait! You’re telling me that there’s no Blink-182 on your Earth?!” You exclaim. Harry gives you an annoyed look.

“No, there isn’t.”

“Oh my god, how do you survive.” Cisco asks from beside you. “Blink-182 is the best band ever.” Barry nods in agreement from the passengers seat o the van. Caitlin scoffs.

“I wouldn’t say the best.” She mumbles. You put tour hand over your heart in fake offence.


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“The Flash” Masterlist

A.K.A. the “Flashterlist”, courtesy of a dear anon <3

Just a collection of short stories, drabbles, imagines, etc. based on characters from “The Flash.” I hope you enjoy…!

Updated as of Tuesday, January 24, 2017

E2-Harrison Wells x Reader

1.   Behind Closed Doors (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines
2.   Roses Will Die (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) - Hurt
3.   Study Sessions (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) - Bittersweet
4.   No Touching (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines
5.   Seymour (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines
6.   Goodbye Never (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines
7.   Double Standard (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines
8.   I Said, No Touching (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines
9.   Surprise (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines - PART I
10. Don’t Stress (E2-Harrison Wells x Reader) Imagines - PART II
11. Angry Love (E2-Harrison x Reader) Imagines - Anonymous Request

E19-Harrison Wells/HR x Reader

1.   Magic Trick (HR x Reader) Imagines - Anonymous Request
2.   Wireless (HR x Reader) Imagines - Anonymous Request

Vibe/Cisco Ramon x Reader

1.   Rumor Has It… (Cisco Ramon x Reader) Imagines
2.   Talk Nerdy to Me (Cisco x Reader) Imagines
3.   Surprise, Motherfncker…! (Cisco x Reader) - Imagines AU/Flashpoint

Reverb/E2-Francisco Ramon x Reader

1. Steal Your Girl (Reverb x Reader) PART I - Anonymous Request [Smut/NSFW]

Unwinding // E2!Harry Wells x Reader

Request: Harry smut where you come back from a mission all tired and worn out, he offers to give you a massage and you think nothing of it until his hands creep lower and lower and sooner or later he’s fingering you and leads to rough sex?

Warnings: ooph this gets really hot tbh

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You were just about done getting ready. You had come over to Earth-2 to spend some quality time with your boyfriend but he had other ideas. More like his job had other ideas. There were a lot of things that needed his attention (you being one of them) and one of them was a charity gala.

The gala was meant to fund science programs around Central City that were lacking funding and Harrison Wells was a key note speaker, he had to be there. And to your frustration he still wasn’t ready.

You were just finishing putting up your hair when you had enough. You padded down the hallway in your bare feet and made your way down the stairs.

His office was just a few feet from the stairs and you headed for it immediately. The double doors were open so you took that as invitation to look inside.

His office was in shambles, as it always was. Harry was generally a messy person in his work (he calls it organized chaos) but he would often get frustrated and would knock things over, making his already messy office even worse.

You leaned on his door watching him, waiting for him to notice you. You were right he wasn’t dressed, he was still in what he had put on that morning. Black long sleeve shirt and black pants. He had a pencil clenched between his teeth and in his hand some kind of contraption. He was fiddling with something. Probably trying to get it to work, you thought to yourself. With the way he was twisting the screwdriver angrily you assumed you were correct.

You wanted to stay, to watch him work. And you would have if you didn’t have this important party to go to. You took a deep breath and cleared your throat.

His head shot up as soon as you made a sound. He immediately stopped working, setting down his screwdriver and the contraption, all without taking his eyes off you.

“Are you even ready yet?” You asked crossing your arms in annoyance. You hoped he was half ready, that the half that was hidden by the desk was ready and all he needed to do was put a dress shirt and suit jacket on.

He didn’t respond except to lift his hand to take the pencil out of his mouth in an extremely slow manner.

“Are you even listening to me?” You looked at the clock in his office. “You have 10 minutes before we have to be there, and I don’t think showing up as fashionably late is an acceptable excuse.” You looked from the clock to him to see that he hadn’t moved.


“You look beautiful.”

There was a second of silence and then you blushed hard realizing that the reason he didn’t answer you was because he was staring at you. Caught up in your elegance. You smiled to yourself, “Don’t try and sweet talk me, get ready.”

He got up from his chair finally, pushing it all the way back so he could exit from behind his desk with ease. “I’m being serious.” He added as he walked in the direction of the door.

“So am I,” You nudged his arm when he stopped in front of you. “Get ready.”

He ignored you his hands finding your waist and running his hand up and down them. He pulled you closer so he could rest his forehead on yours. “I meant what I said (Y/n).” He spoke looking into you eyes. “You look positively breathtaking.”

Your hands found the back of his neck absentmindedly running you hands through his soft dark locks. You relished in the closeness. “I also meant what I said when I said we have 10 minutes,” you glanced at the clock quickly from the corner of your eye. “Now 7 minutes.”

Harry chuckled, giving you a quick kiss before speaking. “Fine, I’ll get ready, but you should know,” His hands drifted downward resting on the curve of your ass. “when we get home, I’ll be taking that off you, with my teeth.” He gave your ass a quick squeeze before separating yourself from him and heading towards the stairs.

You bit your lip trying to stifle the toothy grin that wanted to appear. “I’ll hold you to that. Now hurry.”

a/n Whoop look who’s back! it me! I”d been in a hella funk and i didnt write anything for like 2 weeks. im hoping that since i wrote a lot today i’l be able to keep writing without going back into the funk. 


Heidi and Cartman got back together. Not for long, I bet.

Craig and Tweek… Honestly didn’t think they were taking the relationship seriously, but after tonights episode of South Park? Holy shiz balls. Craig is such a caring boyfriend and they seem like such a great couple. The couple before this episode was great, but it’s even better now, knowing how sweet and shit they are with each other, and how involved in their relationship they are.

No Kyle and Stan moments, but whatever, I guess.

Kenny… I want him to freaking talk more.

And Cartman… Cartman is still being a dick. Loved his song, though.