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In this fairy tale there’s a Prince, but he is not good and charitable,
There’s a Princess, but she is not a woman waiting to be rescued.
In this fairy tale there is love, but it doesn’t happen immediately, comes before the passion, comes before the need to be understood, until we realize that we can’t be one without the other.
This fable seems anything but not a fairy tale.
The Prince and Princess have saved each other, and they have gotten better each other, they’ll accept them as they are.
The love of Fables is not in words, but in fleeting glances full of words.
If in this fairy tale there’s an happy ending is because we tell it, when every night we sleep next to each other.


People you love, they made you who you are. They’re still part of you. If you stop being you, that last bit of them that’s still around inside, who you are — It’s gone.

7x03 & 4x12

TWD - Negan Imagine ~ "The Cell"

An Imagine about the third episode of Season 7

I’m following the storyline of the TV show, so I wrote parts to the other episodes as well that are connected.
BUT they are all written the way that you can read them separate without having read any other part!

part 1 is about the final scene of season 6
part 2 is about the first episode of season 7
part 3 is about the readers arrival in the sanctuary (as for episode 7x02)

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You sat on the bed in the room that was assigned to you in the sanctuary.
You stared out of the window as you heard the shower turn on.
Negan had smirking offered you to join him but you had refused to.
And to your surprise he had accepted it.
You had spent the last night with Negan and you needed anything else than a direct repetition of it.
You knew from the moment he took you with him after the line up, that it would happen.
He had made clear that you wouldn’t work for him like the other members of your group, you weren’t prepared for it anyway.
He hadn’t raped nor hurted you, you had agreed hoping that this could lower the anger he had against your friends back in Alexandria and your brother Daryl he held somewhere in the sanctuary.

You heard the shower turn off and short after that the bathroom door hit open.
“Waited for me?”, he asked grinning, his lower body half just wrapped in a towel.
You felt how you blushed and tried to escape his stare.
This whole thing was weird enough for you.
”Oh Sweetheart, you’ve already seen more than you do right now”, said Negan smirking at you.
He went chuckling over to his clothes and began to put them on,
Fully clothed he stood before you, surveyed you and smirked to himself.
“You fucking okay? Looks like you could need someone to comfort you”, you heard him ask chuckling.
“I’m fine”, you growled. 
He looked grinning at you and picked up his bat.
“Well, then…shower or whatever. I’m gonna pick you up in an hour, so be ready Sweetheart”, said Negan smirking, before he swung Lucille over his shoulder and left.

You decided to do so. Maybe a shower could help you to wash this weird feeling off your skin and to clear your mind.
The day before, it had felt like a torture hearing the loud water pelt down on your head while the screams in your head made you hear nothing else.
But the screams in your head were almost gone, at least for now, and all you felt was emptiness.
For a whole while you stood just under the shower letting the warm water flow down your body.
As you came out of the shower you saw yourself in the small mirror.
For the first time you saw the hickeys Negan had left on your throat and collar bones and you felt the need to get rid of them immediately.
They made you feel guilty.
Guilty for sleeping with the men who had killed two of your family members.
But you hadn’t done this for yourself, you had done it to somehow protect them from more of his anger, even when you didn’t know how successful that would be.
You feared the most, that you had to see another one of our friends being beaten to death like Glenn and Abraham.
The screams of your friends might have been quieter in your head but the pictures still appeared again and again before your eyes.
The blood, the faces of your sobbing friends and the faces of your friends Negan had bashed.
They just wouldnt disappear.
And everytime you saw them and you tried to let them vanish your head pounded harder and harder.

Shortly after you were ready, the door hit open.
“Ready for a little trip through your fucking new home?”, Negan asked chuckling before waving you over to him.
You hated hearing him referring to this place as your home.
It wasn’t and it would never be.

You walked through the corridors, Negans arm around your waist, while you had no idea where you were going.
The hallways seemed all the same cold to you and you’d give a lot if you could just go outside and see the sun and breath fresh air.
You felt like caged in here.
You heard footsteps and shortly after that you saw a young woman walking in the direction of you and Negan.
She was wearing a dress, high heels and looked cleaner than the other people in the sancuntary you’ve seen, so you assumed that she could be one of Negans so called “wives”.
When she walked past you she looked pitying at you and sighed quietly and to your surprise, he didn’t deign to look at her.

Just moments later you walked around a corner and two people knelt directly before you, pressing themselves against the wall.
As you realized who one if this two men was you gasped for air.
The person kneeling forcefully pushed against the wall by Dwight was your brother.
You were shocked how bad he looked.
Dressed in some weird kind of sack looking clothes, his hair hanging in strands in his face and his eyes swollen.
You had feared that they had treaten him badly but the way you saw him now, so battered, frightened you.
As you stopped walking and looked shocked down at your brother you heard Negan chuckling.
”What did you do to him?”, you asked shocked, still looking at your brother.
”That what was necessary”, said Negan grinning.
You turned around, looking bewildered at him making him chuckle even more.
He pushed you further with him, shaking slightly his head, still chuckling.
He opened a door pulling you with him outside.

The bright sunlight dazzled you, your eyes were used to the dimmed cold light of the hallways, but as your eyes began to get used to the brightness you saw Negan smirking at you and pointing to your right.
Turning around you saw some kind of cage, walkers tied to sticks and other stuff and two men that were dressed similar to your brother that tried to tie another walker to a stick.
“You should fucking hope for your brother that he makes the right choices”, chuckled Negan leaning against the railing.
You swallowed looking at the men that struggled to escape the hands of the walkers as they made their way out of the cage.
It wasn’t enough that they had to do this, they also looked terrible.
Tired, sickly pale and seemed to be done with everything.
“And they made the wrong choices?”, you asked, your glance still laying on the two men.
“Exactly Sweetheart! They all did, the walker and the two pricks over there”, said Negan pulling you grinning closer. 
You swallowed hard.
”Tell me what I need to do, to prevent my brother from ending up like them”, you said after a while looking at the walkers that were streching their arms through the fence. 
You didn’t plan to become one of Negans muppets, but you also knew for sure that you couldnt let Negan torture Daryl and not trying to do something against it.
You wanted to prevent that he had to suffer more than he already did.
”That sounds fucking tempting Sweetheart,..but I can’t let you do that. He is the one who has to fucking understand”, Negan said chuckling.

Back inside you went along with Negan away from the corridors to a little hall were Dwight leaned against a railing. 
Negan swung himself next to him while you created space between yourself and the both of them by leaning against the railing towards them.
Dwight first looked at you, than to Negan with an asking glance after Negan had greeted and began to talk to him.
“Whats your problem Dwight? She can fucking stay and listen or do you have something to fucking hide?”, asked Negan laughing.
Dwight just shook his head.
“Good…You know…it’s working. Slow but it’s fucking working. Some people are harder to break than others”, said Negan after a short while leaning against the railing.
You knew that he was talking about Daryl.
But Negan couldn’t break Daryl.
You were sure that Daryl wouldn’t let it come that far.
And thats also what you hoped.
You didn’t want to imagine what it would be like seeing Daryl the way you saw Rick before he should chop Carls arm off.
With this look in his eyes that still haunted you.
That helpless, desperate and broken glance in Ricks eyes that you had never thought and hoped to see.

You heard Negans voice as he began to talk to Dwight again.
“Since your doing such an awesome job..what about a blast from the past with you-know-who?”, Negan asked Dwight chuckling.
You knew because of Daryl that Dwight had a wife, seemed like she wasn’t his wife anymore but one of Negans…
And now Negan offered him to sleep with her as a reward?!
Negan looked amused at Dwight and patted his arm chuckling.
“Just kiddin’ kid, lighten up. Take whoever you want, as long as she says yes”, said Negan amused. 
God, what the heck was wrong with this man?
You saw Negan pointing at you and turning to Dwight.
“But Dwight. Even if she’s none of them, don’t get the fucking idea to ask her. She’s only mine”, said Negan threatening, still pointing at you and with a dangerously calm voice.
“And?”, asked Negan urging Dwight to answer.
But Dwight said nothing and just stared at Negan.
”Oh…everything alright down there? Or..”, asked Negan pointing at Dwights crotch. 
You shook your head bewildered as you heard what Negan said to Dwight.
”What Sweetheart? Just because your man aka. me is fit and stuff doesn’t mean everybody is”, said Negan chuckling.
You glared at him making him chuckle even more.
”Nah, I’m fine”, said Dwight before he explained to Negan that he liked to do the hard work for him and didn’t need a reward.

A call came in over the walkie.
Someone had escaped and needed to be caught.
Dwight assured that he would look after the man and as he began to walk he lost something looking like a photo, that directly fell before your feet on the ground.
You just saw its white backside and picked it up, turning it around to see if it was really a photo.
“Dwight. You lost…”, your voice stocked before you could tell anything more.
You felt how your heart cramped and a lump developed in your throat.

Yeah, it was a photo.
But it was not just any photo.
It showed Glenns lifeless body, above his neck just blood and pieces of his bashed head.

“Oh my God…”, you mumbled trembling as you looked shocked on the terrifying picture of one of your closest friends.
Dwight ripped the photo out of your hand and stuffed it back into his pants pocket.
“Not for you”, he growled.
It wasn’t the first time that you saw a photo like this one and it had also shocked you the first time that people make polaroid photos of their victims and pin them to the wall.
But now that you saw Glenn being one of these victims you felt even more disgust.
You just glarled at him. 
Dwight sighed, turned around and walked away.

“Now that Dwight left….we have some alone time again. Just you and me. Isn’t that fucking great?!”, said Negan euphoric.
You looked at him as he came closer, took your hands, placed them on his shoulders and slung his arms around your waist.
He raised his eyebrows smirking and waiting for an answer.
“Yeah”, you growled glaring into his eyes.
“Did this little fucking photo ruin your damn mood?”,asked Negan chuckling.
“You disgust me”, blustered out of you.
“Didn’t seem like that last night, Sweetheart…remember? When we had some fun together?”, said Negan earning another hateful glare of you.
His face came so close to yours that you could almost feel his warm breath on your skin.
Every time he came this close you felt some weird feeling coming up in you. You moved your head slightly away from his but kept looking into his eyes. 
“Still playin’ fucking hard to get”, muttered Negan grinning coming so close that your lips almost touched and your heart began to race.

“Boss! We have an emergency!”, you heard a male voice shout and Negan moved angrily away from you and turned around.
“I fucking hope for you that this emergency is fucking worth it!”, Negan growled into the direction of the man.
“The guy from the alexandria group is trying to escape”,shouted the man.
You swallowed hard.
Daryl had just followed his instinct.
And that instinct meant escaping this hell hole.

Negan began to chuckle.
“Your brother is too fucking stubborn for his own good!”, said Negan turning around to you.
He pulled you with him, placing Lucille on his shoulder.

You walked outside again.
Hoping that neither the saviors nor Negan would hurt Daryl.
Negan had said that fighting back only makes it harder.
And you had already seen what just taste of that meant and that had already been enough.
The lump in your throat came back even when you tried to hide your fear from Negan.
You needed to control yourself.
You heard this whistle again.
Negan smirked and began to join the whistle.
You walked around the corner, seeing your brother surrounded by saviors.
Negan chuckled amused while he kept whistling.

Then you stood before Daryl, who eyed you and Negan.
He was trembling but was still in the position that he could fight any second.
His breath was fast and his hands formed into fists.
His glance got stuck on your throat.
You had almost suppressed them.
As Negan saw what your brother was looking at, he began to smirk wider.
“Just a little gift from me to your sister”, said Negan smirking and pushing you closer against his body.
You tried to show Daryl that he shouldn’t worry about you, he had already enough to worry about.
You knew that he must felt incredible guilt for Glenns death and you didn’t want him to have an even bigger burden on his shoulders.
“Who are you?”, asked Negan pointing at some of his men.
“Negan”, said the man.
“Who are…you?”, asked Negan another one.
This one also answered with “Negan”.
“Who are you?!”, said Negan louder and the men responded with a loud “Negan!”.
It seemed like he had made roboters out of them, that were programmed to only serve him.
“You see, I am fucking everywhere”, said Negan to your brother.
Negan chuckled while he told Daryl that he had failed to get the chance to get a better life yet.
He began to explain to Daryl that he could either serve for him as a dead man, someone that has to collect points and wished they were dead or someone that followed him and lived like a king.
Daryl just kept huffing and looking from you to Negan and the other way around.
You felt helpless, you wanted to do something, save Daryl somehow out of this situation. But you knew that if you would do something, Negan would possibly kill him and you didn’t want to risk that.
You couldn’t risk that.
“You know what”, you heard Negan say, “Fuck it”, he said swinging his bat in the air.
You gasped for air.
Before you could do anything you were grabbed by one of the man pressed his hand on your mouth. “Don’t you dare to say anything”, the savior growled aggressive.
You saw Negan stopping shortly before Daryl, his bat up and threateningly close to Daryls face.
“You don’t scare easy! I love that!”, said Negan to your brother that only tried to search for your glance with his eyes.
Negan turned around to you and the savior that still held you with a strong grip.
His glance got darker as he looked at the guy.
“Dont fucking touch her”, growled Negan, ripped you out of the mans grab and pulled you closer.
“Lucky for you that Lucille is not too thirsty today…but I am…so…I’m gonna get a drink for me…”, said Negan smirking, turning around and pulling you with him as he walked away.
You heard a punch and turned around seeing the men beginning to beat your brother.
Before you had any chance do anything against it you heard Negans voice.
“Don’t Sweetheart. Don’t. Unless you want him to get fucked up even more”, said Negan smirking at you.

You hated him for that.
You knew what he wanted to achieve with it and that disgusted you even more.
He wanted to break Daryl, no matter what it would take.
You breathed heavily and stared angry at the ground.
“You understand how it works, Sweetheart?”, asked Negan smirking.
“I do, but that doesn’t mean that I’m okay with it”, you said, still staring at the ground while you went inside.
You just heard him chuckle about your answer.

“What’s this point system?”, you asked muttering after a while going through the corridors. “You work. You get points. And with these points you can buy shit. So if you’re not working enough you’ll gonna fucking starve”, he said looking amused at the people kneeling before him.
You nodded.
“Don’t worry Sweetheart, that’s not gonna be one of your problems”, said Negan smirking at you.

Negan brought you to your room and eyed you grinning.
“You know what? I’m gonna fucking stay he-”, he got interrupted by his walkie and angrily picked it up and answered the call.
“Its fucking exhausting to keep everything in its fucking line”, he sighed still angry before he licked his bottom lip and eyed you again. “But the next nights…are fucking yours Sweetheart”, he said grinning before leaving you alone.

You felt release that you didn’t have to spend the night with him. You had enough of him for today and if you could, for even longer.
But what was bothering you even more were your thoughts that circled around Daryl
You felt horrible and guilty that you couldn’t have helped him.
You didn’t want to imagine what they did to him after you left.
You curled up on your bed and watched out of the window, using the smoothly swinging trees to calm yourself down.
The Polaroid picture came back to your mind.
You were sure that after Daryls try to escape they would try to torture him mentally more than you assumed they already did.
And since Dwight had this damn picture it wasn’t far that he would hand it to Daryl now.
It was hard enough for you to look at it, but having to imagine that Daryl had to drove you almost crazy.
You loved your brother with all your heart.
He was the one who had always been there for you and you had always been there for him.
And it hurt you deep inside knowing that you could do nothing against his suffering.
You wanted back to Alexandria.
Back to your friends together with Daryl.
But you knew that you were here now and you had to live with it, at least for now, and keep on fighting somehow. 
But you hoped that you could return to your friends someday.
You closed your eyes and tried to sleep.
You were sure that you needed an eternity to fall asleep, with your brother, Abraham and Glenn still on your mind.

As you woke up, you were still curled up in a ball laying in the bed.
On this morning you ate the first time something again. You couldn’t eat a bite before this moment and even now you couldn’t eat more than half of an apple even if you should’ve feel like you starved after eating nothing for days.

“Knock, Knock”, you heard Negan call out before he came smirking into your room.
“Good Morning Sweetheart. Are you ready?”, he asked grinning at you.
You nodded.
You went over to him and followed him outside on the hallway.
“And now?”, you asked looking at him.
“I’m gonna make your brother a fucking great offer”, he said smirking, leading you to another room, that looked similar to yours, but otherwise than in this room your window was bigger and you could see through it.
Which you were pretty grateful for.
You stood behind Negan as Dwight came in, holding Daryl forcefully.
You swallowed the lump in your throat
He looked even worse than yesterday and you felt tears coming up in your eyes.
You tried to fight them back, you didn’t want Daryl to feel even worse.
You didn’t really listen to Negan, you only heard how he talked about how awful Daryl looked, all you did was surveying your brother.
And you did that until you heard how Negan told Dwights story.
After his wifes sister had fallen behind her points, Negan offered her to become one of his wives.
Which you thought was a not that much of a great deal for her.
They fled, but as you knew from Daryl the wifes sister died and after they returned, Dwight and his wife tried to find a way to survive both and so became Dwights wife one of Negans wives and Dwight could live, even if he got burned with an iron as punishment.
One other of Negans great ideas to keep the saviors in line. 

You got ripped out of your thoughts as you heard Negans voice becoming more harsh.
“Listen, you should fucking look at me not at her”, hissed Negan.
Daryl let slowly go of your glance and looked to Negan.
“But hey, why don’t we just talk about her a little bit!”, said Negan chuckling amused.
You could see how Daryls anger rised, and so did Negan.
“Angry, huh? Well than that may not be the best moment to tell you that I fucked her last night!”, called Negan out chuckling. 
Daryl began to growl and you could see that he was shortly before exploding. You saw how he searched for your glance trying to find out how you felt. “You…”, began your brother hissing.
“Daryl!”, you whispered urging trying to calm him down and to stop him.
If he would freak out now Negan would kill him for sure.
And you couldn’t let this happen.

“Jesus!…She’s still trying to protect you! Hell… isn’t she fucking great? And you know what? Your sweet sister is even hotter than the others! So you may now ask yourself if she’ll become one of my wives, huh?”, asked Negan swinging his bat before Daryls face.
Your brother just growled at Negan that chuckled amused seeing him this way. “She’s gonna be something more unique Daryl. And you know why?… No? ‘Cause she’s got something! She’s got character! And that’s fucking hard to find! I would waste her if I’d just take her as a wife like the others! She’s worth more…”,said Negan turning in your direction and winking at you.
You couldn’t do else than keeping the disgusted glance in your eyes.
“Yeah, you see that? In her eyes? She is withdrawn… but I bet there’s fucking more behind this fucking facade! Jesus,…she’s gonna be some hard nut to crack! But I’m gonna do that”, he laughed.
“Shit, yeah I’m gonna fucking do that”, he said a little more quiet looking at you smirking.
A cold shiver ran down your back as he kept staring into your eyes and then turned back to your brother.
”Well, this…could all be yours, all you gotta do is answer one simple question”, said Negan looking at Daryl.
“So who are you?”, asked Negan.
Daryl said nothing trying to look at you.
“I’m gonna ask you one more time…Who are you?”, asked Negan more urging with a dangerously calm voice while he held this goddamn bat in Daryls face.

You didn’t need to listen to know the answer.
Daryl wasn’t somebody you could break or you could play with the way you wanted to.
He seemed to know that Negan wouldn’t hurt you if he said his own name.
And that’s what he did.
He said his own Name.
And you weren’t quite sure if you should be proud, that he wouldn’t let Negan break him or afraid about that what Negan would do to him now.

“He made his choice…aint my problem if he made a dumbass choice”, Negan growled, still standing extremely close before your brother.
“Get him back in the cell”, Negan hissed, before Dwight pushed your brother out and you could just get one last glance of your brothers eyes.
Negan turned around to you and laughed.
“Well Sweetheart, were gonna see pretty soon if your friends back in Alexandria make as dumb choices as your brother!”

part five (all other parts)

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chirrut and baze roasting each other as though the other isn’t standing right there 👌👌👌🔥🔥 meanwhile the person they’re talking to is getting v strong 3rd wheel vibes and isn’t sure why

He moved quickly and in one second you were on your back, eyes wide. Chat was hovering over you, his torso between your bent legs.

“That’s… enough.” His breathing was ragged and his cheeks were as red as a tomato. “My turn now, ma chérie.”

The Muse, Chapter 7

Uh. I doodled this really fast. I guess I have this headcanon that future 18 starts developing a crush and she sucks at it, and of course Trunks is having none of it and probably doesn’t believe her, and makes it really difficult for her. Lol. Or maybe she just likes to torture him. Probably both. She followed him home. What a creeper. I don’t even know.

Dragon Ball Z Musings

So I’ve been rewatching Dragon Ball Z to catch myself up before starting to watch Dragon Ball Super, and I’m remembering a lot of things that I used to think about the show - and some new things that are striking me as interesting… so I thought I’d take notes and share things.

Warning!! This post will likely contain spoilers for the series. Mostly for the Buu Saga, but it will probably have spoilers for most of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, possibly even a movie or two!

Ready? If not, turn back!

Good now? Okay! Click below!

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