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Vegeta/Bulma Story

Dragon Ball- Dragon Ball Z - Dragon Ball Super aesthetics

In this fairy tale there’s a Prince, but he is not good and charitable,
There’s a Princess, but she is not a woman waiting to be rescued.
In this fairy tale there is love, but it doesn’t happen immediately, comes before the passion, comes before the need to be understood, until we realize that we can’t be one without the other.
This fable seems anything but not a fairy tale.
The Prince and Princess have saved each other, and they have gotten better each other, they’ll accept them as they are.
The love of Fables is not in words, but in fleeting glances full of words.
If in this fairy tale there’s an happy ending is because we tell it, when every night we sleep next to each other.



I have the courage to be your wings!

(Please Stay with Me!)


Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon fan art that I started drawing while I was in the early episodes of the show.

Finished it today after much deliberation. 

Tohru’s too short, and her maid dress is wrong in the back, but ah well…it’s the feeling that counts right? 

Drawn in a sketchbook, scanned, inked and colored in photoshop.


Don’t remove this caption.



People you love, they made you who you are. They’re still part of you. If you stop being you, that last bit of them that’s still around inside, who you are — It’s gone.

7x03 & 4x12


Just since coming to Virginia, he’d seen what he called home ransacked and burned and blasted wide apart no less than thrice. He’d fired an RPG at a gas-filled lake, only half-certain that the flames would not engulf him as well as the walkers that circled the pond. He’d sprinted into a clutch of enemy soldiers, fully expecting to be outflanked the second his fist connected with Dwight’s scheming chin, only to find Jesus Rovia bounding into the space at his side, fighting off dead and living alike in his aid.

This should be a piece of cake in comparison. So why did his mouth feel so dry, and his stomach like it was tied in a thousand knots?

Illustrations that go with my fic, “Everybody’s Gotta Start Somewhere”, on ao3❤