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Slowly falling in love with Peter

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okay, sometimes I like to think what it would be like and I write in my fanfictions (but they are in portuguese) and I wanted to share with you guys, so here we are

i’m sorry that i don’t know how to write fluff. I’m used to be a drama queen but hey! its always time to try new things, right?

hope you like it

(crappy english ahead)

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  • i think it would be like you two study in Midtown but never crossed paths
  • you have heard of Peter but you never thought deeply about him
  • you might have one or two classes together
  • detail: he always lived in the building across the street
  • the train you ride to go to school would be the same as his
  • but again you’ve never noticed him
  • mostly ‘cause the train was always full
  • until one day
  • it was a raining day and you woke up late for school
  • you just threw on a hoodie and forgot to wear proper pants, keeping the captain america pajama pants
  • and you got very wet on the way into and out the train, running like never before
  • when you got to the class soaked and feeling dizzy you looked for your seat
  • you spent the whole Chemistry class sneezing and feeling cold
  • hey, are you alright?”
  • you looked beside you where the voice came from and surprised yourself
  • there was that boy that you’ve never talked before
  • what you heard about Peter Parker was that he was the sweetest and smartest boy in Midtown
  • you tried to sound fine but your mouth kept shaking while you answered
  • y-yeah, j-just feeling a l-little cold”
    “you’re soaking wet, are you sure?”
    uh-hu. It’s fine”
  • but Peter being Peter didn’t let it go that easily
  • when the period was over he ran into you and touched you lightly in the shoulder
  • you turned around to find him wearing the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen
  • um… I have some gym clothes in my locker that you could wear. I-If you want to, of course!”
  • you never paid attention to him before and he was now helping you
  • it’s okay, Peter. I-I’m fine”
    it would be just a minute!”
  • before you could say anything, he ran through the corridor and back with clothes in his hand
  • you smiled at him and thought to yourself: nobody has ever done anything like this for me
  • “i’ll go and change” 
  • you ran into the bathroom and changed your wet clothes to Peter’s gym clothes and dried yourself with some papertowels
  • when you left the bathroom you found Peter waiting for you and he just smiled again melting your heart
  • “as much as I liked your Cap’s pants, I prefer my gym shorts”
  • he just stared for a moment and then took off his hoodie, giving it to you
  • here, take it”
    “no, Peter, it’s okay”
    “I insist”
  • and you took it
  • and you never forgot his scent again
  • after that you started noticing Peter everywhere you went
  • and you realized that you never saw him in Delmar’s or some classes or by the window sitting in his desk studying or in the train 
  • it was crazy how you never really saw Peter Parker before that
  • you started to get closer one day when the train ride was almost empty and you sat by his side, watching him taking one of his earbuds off to hear what you had to say
  • hey, I never thanked you for that day so… thank you for helping me. And I’m bringing your clothes tomorrow!”
  • he just molded his lips in that shape that you thought for hours and hours never leaving your mind
  • it’s f-fine, Y/N. If you need anything, y-you can call me… or…”
    maybe we should hang out some time”
  • at first, he was surprised by your offer
  • but he smiled again and offered you one of his earbuds
  • do you like music?”
    “of course! I’m human, right?”
  • he mentally slaped himself and blushed hard
  • so you two started to talk more and more
  • your boring train ride turned into a laugh session with him that you wished that would never end
  • History and Chem would be way more fun with him sitting by your side and passing notes about how Iron Man was better than Cap
  • and you would laugh for hours
  • lunches would be shorter when you passed by his side
  • he even introduced you to his friends!
  • you and Ned clicked right away and Michelle… well, Michelle is Michelle
  • friday nights would be busy with movie marathons in Neds
  • and it was all good until one day
  • you were having a Star Wars marathon in Neds and Peter sat by your side in the couch
  • Ned was sitting on the floor and slowly falling asleep
  • and you and Peter were the only ones awake
  • but it was a stressful day for the boy ‘cause he had a Spanish quiz and had to do lots of Chem homework
  • it all led him to be the epitome of tiredness
  • and in a blink, he was laying on the free space on the couch and looked so comfortable that you couldn’t just not stare
  • when Episode III was almost in the end you found yourself yawning and your eyes closing more and more
  • you didn’t remember how you fell asleep
  • but you remembered very well to wake up laying on his chest
  • it was awkward when you woke up from the flash of Neds cellphone sound
  • Peter immediatly got up and you just sat there blushing h a r d 
  • after that day you and Peter didn’t really talk for a couple of days
  • not because you didn’t want to, but because you couldn’t
  • not after you realized
  • you liked Peter. A lot.
  • so you started to watch him from your window
  • often he would be in his desk studying or trying to fix pieces that he would collect from the streets
  • it was all normal until
  • what’s that climbing onto Peters window?”
  • Spider-man
  • and then you saw spider-man taking off his mask
  • and surprise again, it was peter fucking parker.
  • you tried your best to ignore him in school, Delmars, the train, everywhere basically 
  • but
  • it was inevitable to not talk to him one morning when the train was empty and you and him were the only ones there
  • why are you ignoring me? Is that because you slept in my chest? ‘Cause it’s alright, i kinda liked and…”
    “when were you gonna tell me you’re spider-man? And… wait, you liked?
  • he tried his best to deny that he was spider-man, but after a lot of invalid arguments he just gave up
  • and he literally begged on his knees to you keep it as a secret
  • your friendship was back again and now built in trust and love
  • he even invited you to study sessions in his apartament
  • and you met May and she loved you
  • Peter has a pretty girl friend and never told me?”
  • hard blushing 
  • one night you were reading a book and heard something in your window
  • you looked for something to use as a weapon and found your shoe
  • when you came closer to the window you found Peter leaning on and looking terrible
  • oh fuck, what happened to you?”
    I was fighting bad guys and didn’t end very well. Wait… were you going to hit me with your shoe?”
    Forget about that. Sit on the bed now
  • he did as told to and you looked for something to fix his wounds and bruises
  • when you got back with a first-aid kit you started to clean his fresh wounds and clean the blood while he tried to maintain his composure
  • ok Peter, I found really cool that you were spider-man at first but now I’m scared as shit”
    how come?”
    you never showed up with open-up wounds. I used to ignore the bruises but now I’m worried about you”
    you… you worry about me?”
  • his face was so precious. it looked like he had stars in his eyes
  • of course I do, silly. I care a lot about you”
    I never thought so”
    now you know so.”
  • that night, when he left, you couldn’t stop smiling at the warmth of his body and how much you would like to have that moment again and again
  • after that he would always show up in your apartament looking for help with his wounds and bruises and of course, you would always help him
  • night after night he would spend more time in your room just looking for a talk to distract him and you would laugh for hours
  • one day at lunch you sat at the usual table and found Ned already sitting there
  • when you asked where was Peter he didn’t know how to answer
  • but you found the answer when you looked at the cafeteria entrance and found Peter not alone, but in the company of Liz Allan
  • he was wearing the same sweet smile that he used to give to you and made you feel special and now you felt awful
  • maybe he didn’t like you that way
  • oh, that’s okay. I didn’t expect to
  • but you did
  • that night you were laying on your bed with your tears burning your cheeks while you tried to sleep
  • you totally forgot about Peter until he jumped inside your room, bringing snacks on his other arm
  • when you saw him you immediatly tried to wipe the tears away
  • Y/N? What’s wrong?”
  • you couldn’t bring yourself to ask him, so you just smiled and breathed slowly
  • nothing. Just allergies.”
    oh, okay. I brought some snacks for us…”
    if you don’t mind, I’m a little tired tonight and tomorrow will be a long day, so…”
    uh, alright. If you need me…”
    yeah, I know”
  • the next day you asked Ned if Peter and Liz were a thing
  • Ned tried to keep it to himself but he couldn’t not tell you. 
  • Peter kinda likes her”
  • it broke you entirely
  • you feld your legs go numb and your body trying to float away but you just stood there smiling again, reassuring him that you were okay
  • then you started to avoid Peter again
  • you would just give him excuses about not feeling well or being late for something or even busy
  • you just couldn’t look at his face when his star-eyes weren’t meant for you
  • he even stopped coming in your room at night
  • it was like that until one day you were trying to sleep and heard a sound and sat up right away
  • you saw Peter climbing into your room and looking at you with worry
  • Y/N? Sorry to wake you up.”
    what are you doing here, Peter?”
    shit, I’m… Why are you avoiding me? Did I do something wrong?”
    do you like Liz?”
  • your question caught him off guard and you felt stupid
  • what?”
    do you care about me at all?”
    why would you say that? Of course I do!”
    then why don’t you show that? I know Liz is way more pretty and smart than I am but I’m still your friend!”
    shit, Y/N. What’s going on?”
    admit it!”
    admit what?”
    admit that you like her. Please finish this so I can live in peace and not in the dark again.”
    I used to like Liz. But now I don’t”
  • you felt your chest getting smaller at every sentence
  • Peter sat right next to you and watched your face
  • even in the dark you could see his beautiful features and your heart was racing the time with anxiety
  • then why would you come here every night? If you were looking for a friend, why wouldn’t you come to Ned’s or Michelle’s?”
    because I wasn’t.”
  • he got even closer and looked you in your eyes. 
  • again, you could see the stars in it and felt a warmth spreading over your chest and your cold hand got warm
  • he was holding it
  • I care about you. I like you or… or even m-more.”
  • with that he pecked your lips in a fast and sweet kiss that left the taste of his soft ones lingering there
  • that’s when you realized 
  • you were slowly falling in love with Peter Parker