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Holy shit, only I would typo with fucking handwriting.  Such a dork.  Okay, re-uploading without the extra B.  Sheesh.

Oh, so anyway, I think they totally hugged on the steps after the camera turned off.


He immediately moves her against the wall, out of harms way. He nervously squeezes her shoulder and smooths her coat, leaning in close to look her in the eyes and holding onto her maybe a little longer than necessary while he makes sure she’s not hurt, but not long enough for him because his hand shakes and he’s desperate to hug her. He and Glenn must have been panicked out there, following the trail she left.

When he hugs her, it’s definitely to comfort her but it’s also to reassure himself that she’s really there, alive and okay. It’s pretty obvious that he absolutely loves her.

What I kinda want in Season 7 (Mild Spoilers)
  • (Brienne and Pod on the boat)
  • Pod: "Milady?"
  • Brienne: "What is it, Pod?"
  • Pod: "I...I think I see another boat nearby...and there might be a person on it!!"
  • Brienne: (Takes a closer look, rows slightly closer) "Who goes there???"
  • Gendry: (turns around, drops his oar) "OH THANK THE GODS!! OTHER IMPORTANT CHARACTERS!!!!"
  • Brienne: "What in the actual fu-"