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Alicia did her best to smile, and she swiped her hand over her forehead.  Part of her wished she had a few mintues to throw on some make-up, but part of her just didn’t give a shit.  She just spent sixteen hours in unmedicated labour.  She has twenty-eight stitches in places she doesn’t want to think about because her seven pound bundle of joy has the biggest head she’s ever seen on a newborn.

Frankly after all that, she’s allowed to look a little bit like a bed-goblin.

Her hair’s in a plait, with strands all over the place, and she hasn’t showered since the day before she pushed this boy out of her body, and she thinks she smells like a mixture of milk and whatever spray they used to sanitise the rooms.

With a sigh, Alicia glanced over at her husband’s teammates, who are like family.  The boys and their wives–a couple girlfriends here and there.  They were cooing over Jack, “Not Jacques, eh?” and fiddling with the light green baby toque pulled over his thatch of black hair.

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X Men Apocalypse as Babies Headcanons:

Peter: A quick baby. You can’t even catch him, even if he’s a toddler. Dammit Peter, slow down! He knocks things over as he runs past you and he runs between your legs as he starts running all over the place again trying to catch him.

Kurt: Super adorable little blueberry. He laughs when you tickle his stomach or his little feet. He makes a funny, cute little giggle when you do that. He ‘bamfs’ somewhere random like high on the shelf or high on the stairs or the roof. You tell him to get down gently so you won’t hurt his feelings.

Warren: Has small little wings. Really stubborn cause he won’t eat his veggies. Eats things between the couch. Likes to be carried almost constantly. He likes to grip your hair really hard when he’s carried or grips onto your shirt when you carry him around the house.

Jubilee: Adorable baby. Loves to climb into your bag and steal your makeup. She loves to cling onto the curtains and she’s one inch away from getting hurt. Likes to wear your heels around the house and she sticks to your Crocs you have stored in your closet. How did she get into your closet??

Jean: A calm baby. Never cries as she gets into your mind unknowingly. Likes to cling onto your pant leg when she meets new babies like Peter or Scott. She likes Scott a lot.

Scott: Usually cries because he wants to be carried almost all the time. He grabs a hold of your hair and doesn’t let go. He’s a cute baby and you like to play blocks with him. You help him with the alphabet but he can only spell ‘Alex’ or ‘Jean.’

Alex: Likes to hold onto your pant leg and doesn’t let go. Likes to be carried like his younger brother Scott. Likes to play with your hair and knows how to say your name. He’s like 18 months old. He rarely cries and you get worried when he doesn’t cry.

Betsy: Likes to hide between the couch and eats things between the couch like Warren does. She’s a rebellious baby, even though she’s 16 months old. Likes to steal others toys and has a balloon sword. Favorite color is purple. 

Ororo: Likes the children cartoons on the tv. She never cries and likes to play with Kurt and Jean. Likes to sit on your shoulders and play with your hair. Likes to color in your coloring books you bought.

En Sabah Nur: Thinks he’s big and scary. He’s really…you know…sweet at this age. He doesn’t like to eat vegetables. Actually likes to sit in front of the tv all day and ‘learn’ whatever they do. You have to turn it to something non violent so he won’t do that stuff cos he’s Apocalypse. 

  • but what if in Animan Ladybug and Chat go into the bakery and Sabine and Tom realize who chat is?
  • Sabine: oh aren't you that boy who's face is plastered all over my baby's room?
  • Chat: wait what-
  • Ladybug: mom!!
  • Sabine: Marinette?
  • Chat: Huh? So Mari's actually Future Misses Agreste?!
  • Tom: Future Misses Agreste?!!
  • Ladybug: wait Adrien?!
  • Chat: oh
  • Chat: but seriously ladybug was sitting behind me the whole time in class?
  • Chat: what's next? Hawkmoth is actually my dad or smt?
  • Chat: anyway about me being plastered all over your room-
Dance Dad

prompts-”Let daddy braid your hair sweetie.”, “There’s another me inside of mommy?” and “Fuck im late for their recitle.”

Jason Todd

I love kids and Iove Jason Todd so lets go also these prompts are all over the place








“Fuck, I’m late for her recitle.” Jason jumped up from the couch in the manors living room, practically scraing Tim half to death. 

“Do you want us to come?” Jason’s eyes widdened at the thought of his brothers coming to his baby girl’s dance recitle. 

“No, you don’t-,” Dick cut him with a shake of his head and stood up, picking a sleep deprived Timmy with him. 

“We’re coming,” Jason didn’t have time to protest before Dick had them all loaded into the car and on the way to the theatre. 

When the car was stopped Jason flung the door open and sprinted towards the building, barley dedging the many little kids around him. When he was inside the building he spotted you standing by the doors that led to the sitting area, nervously chewing on your nails. He ran up to you and gave youa very quick peck on the lips, leaving you stunned at who had just kissed you, and then he was on his way to back stage. 

Jason was really good at braiding hair, no one knew how but he could do it. He turned a sharp corner that led to the chaos that was backstage of a dance recitle. He pushed past many five year olds before he found his daughter. She had a brush. bobby pins and a pony tail holder is her very small hands. Once she saw Jason she jumped up with a huge smile on her face and ran over to him. Jason picked her up and gave her a kiss on the cheek, making her giggle. 

“Let daddy braid your hair sweetie,” Your five year old scrunched up her face as Jason sat her infront of one of the many mirrors. 

“Remeber, it has to be in a bun daddy.” Your daughter looked at jason through the mirror and he nodded, smiling. 

Jason braided, and put her hair in a tight bun, securing it with many bobby pins and lots of hair spray. 

“Okay, you’re all good kiddo,” Jason crouched down next to his daughter and placed a sweet kiss to her forehead, “Break a leg baby.” 

Your daughter laughed at the figure of speech and Jason rushed to get to his seat before the music started. Jason slid into othe old, uncomfortable seats just as the classical music started. The big class of five to six year olds stepped onto stage and then organized chaos happened. 

Some girls were spinnging in circles and others stood still, there was a small group of girls who actually knew the dance, your daughter was one of them. Jason had the biggest smile on his face, he loved that little girl more than life. You looked at Jason and smiled too, the amount of love he produced for both of you was a sure sign that he would absoluetly adore the baby in your stomach. 

When the dance was over Jason, and all of his deranged brother stood up and screamed for the little girl who’s bun was falling out. Even well after the kids were off stage the men hollered and clapped like their life depened on it. 

“You all can sit down now,” You smiled at the four boys and they slowly sat down, smiles still covering their faces. 

“That was amazing!” Tim practiaclly screamed, making you throw a hand over his mouth. 

“Absoluetly magnificent,” Damian agreed, as much as the boy didn’t want to admit it he loved his neice. 

“Come on you big goofs, we have to go pick her up.” Jason led the way out of the auditorium. 

Once the little girl with dark hair and green eyes saw you six she let out a happy scream and ran as fast as her little legs could carry her. 

“Daddy, Mommy! Did you see that?” She ran into your arms and looked around at the two men and two teenagers. 

“Yes we did honey, and you did so good!” She dug her head into your neck and giggle before wiggling her body, telling you she wanted down. 

She went around to all of her uncles and gave them each a hug and a kiss on the cheek before she got to her dad and she was hoisted into his arms. Jason gave her a huge hug and peppered little kisses all over her face.

“Baby, we have a surprise for you.” Jason said, putting he back on the ground. 

“What is it?” The little girl asked, confused. 

“You’re going to be a big sister.” She gasped along with all the other boys, making you let out a laugh. 

“There’s another me inside of mommy?” She asked, looking up at Jason and then around at her uncles. 

“Yeah, kind of sweetie.” Jason said and your daughter smiled. She ran up nto your stomach, placing her nose right where your belly button was. 

“I can’t wait to teach you how to dance, like Miss. Rachel does.” You and the boys laughed before you grabbed her hand. 

“Let’s go get some ice cream.” She and all of the boys cheered, making you laugh and roll your eyes.

Stay With Me. Part 3

Warnings - Smut, fluff.

Word count - 2007

Harley Quinn x Reader 

Harley Quinn x Girl

GIF NOT mine, credits to whoever made it.

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“Baby!” Harley said, pulling you in a hug. You look at her and she looks breath taking, white dress and white heels, looks like she went ‘shopping’. She starts to plant kisses on your face, leaving red lipstick all over you. You smile and hug her. She carries you towards the room, placing you gently on the bed, looking at you. “Aren’t we gonna go out Harley?” You ask curious, she just lays on top of you and starts to leave kisses on your lips, you grab her neck, pulling her even more close, her hair tickling you slightly. “Mm no Y/N I have a surprise for you, and thinking about it, I prepared dinner and well something.” She chuckled, giving you a last kiss, but you didn’t let her go, which turned in to a huge makeout session. Your tongue fighting for dominance with hers, her hand travelled up your blue blouse, taking off your bra and her lips never leaving yours, your hand went up her dress to find out that she didn’t wear underwear, your hands looking for her clit, rubbing her. She moaned and separated the kiss. “Y/N if we don’t stop now, dinner is going to get-” She interrupted herself, moaning because you shoved one of your fingers inside, her face, blissfully and her moans are music to your ears. “Fuck Y/N faster, I need you.” She moaned and you took your finger out, yanking her out of her dress, only to reveal that it was the only thing that she was wearing, she took off your blouse and started to pull down your skirt, along with your underwear, she started to kiss you and causing a few moans to slip by tour mouth. “Kiss me Harley” You said and she got on top of you, smashing your lips together, she started to grind herself on you, making you moan in pleasure, she detaches her lips and starts to look at your eyes. You start to kiss her where ever you can as your hand travels back towards her clit and push three fingers inside of her, she moans loudly and grabs your breast, squeezing it. You change spots, she is now under you and you kiss her, before grabbing her big, round breast, grinding on her she screams your name and comes, she then, shoved three fingers inside of you, you scream, feeling that you wouldn’t last any longer. “Fuck Harley, I’m gonna cum” You moaned and she started to kiss you, starting to go faster until you scream her name, coming down from your high.

She hugged you, giggling, you were both sweating and panting, you hugged her back. “Fuck Y/N I was gonna give you something for being such a good girlfriend. Well actually two things.” Harley said, walking towards her drawer and pulled a blue velvet box, it was big so you opened it and It had a necklace it was heart shaped and it read on the back 'H.Q Property’ and then she reached again to the drawer and found another one that read 'Y/N Y/L/N Property’ she was smiling and motioned for you to move your hair, you moved it to a side, she put it on you and kissed your neck, until you turned around and she kissed your lips. “Why?” You asked, grabbing the necklace. She blushed and you smiled. “Because I love you silly and I’ve been having a lot of nightmare with Mr. J and well, I see how you get hurt when I call you a monster, but believe me, the real surprise is after dinner” She nodded to herself and giggled, wrapping her arms around you. “Well, we have got to get some clothes.” You chuckle and Harley starts to pout “But, I like you naked, you’re beautiful and I hate clothes.” She said and pulled you in to another big hug. “Stay with me like this, I like you better like this.” Harley said, not letting you go. “Look, we’ll cuddle for ten minutes and then we can put on clothes.” You say, and she nods, lying down. “But I want to hug you.” She says quickly wrapping her arms around you, you turn around and kiss her nose. “What'cha do today puddin’?” Harley asked you, playing with your hair. You stiffened and kissed her. “Just go to some meetings and remember the first time you and I went to a meeting.” She started to laugh. “Yeah, that was pretty good, except when Mr. J got home.” She said kissing you again. “And what did you do today?” You asked curious and she smiled “I went to buy some stuff” She said and started to laugh. She got up and left you, while she went to change, you were going to the drawer when you heard her whisper “No! She doesn’t know!” She whispered to no one in particular. “Ugh, just shut up.” She said and came out in grey pajama shorts and a pink t-shirt. You changed quickly in black sweatpants and a white shirt.

“Hey puddin’, lets go eat, I’m starvin’.” She said, skipping towards the kitchen table. She grabbed a fork and started to eat. “Hey! This is cold 'cause of you.” She said and threw her fork. You chuckled and looked at her “Hey, didn’t you enjoy it?” You asked and she grinned. “Well of course puddin’, but then again, I’ll have to punish you.” She smirked and winked. You grinned and began eating again.

“What are you doing tomorrow?” She asked, putting the dishes in the dishwasher. “Um. Well go see something from work.” You lied and avoided eye contact. “Well, I’ve been thinking that it is pretty unfair that only you are working and that I’m like some freeloader so, I may look for a job.” She said and walked towards the bathroom. “But where would you find one?” You asked her, getting up. “Well I don’t know or maybe I can help you!” She said, her head poking out of the bathroom door. “Yeah! And that way I won’t miss you that much!” She said, running towards you, pulling you in a tight hug. “Yeah, maybe but I don’t want you to get all of the hard work.” You said, trying to convince her that it was a bad idea. Harley went towards the living room going down on the couch. “Oh nonsense I know everything remember? Plus we’ll be able to take care of each other.” Harley said and patted you a seat but since Harley was lying down so would you.

“Come! Cuddle with me puddin’.” Harley sai and you went towards her. You lied down and she put her arms around you, making the space between both of you reduce. “Your hair smells nice.” She said and nuzzled her head in between your neck. “Why?” You asked Harley, turning around to see her, a strand of hair was on her face, you caressed her cheek and put the strand behind her ear, making you get more visibility of her blue eyes, Harley grabbed your hand and pushed it against her lips, closing her eyes and giving your hand a kiss. “Why what puddin’?” She asked and put her hand behind you, pushing you closer, the space between both of you getting smaller. “You are so beautiful, so talented, such a perfect person, why did you choose me? You could’ve chosen anybody to fall in love with you but you chose me. Why?” You said, she giggled and leaned closer to you. “Because you keep me sane, you understand me, support me, I have found lots of people, yeah, but with you there was a connection when we first saw each other, when I saw you I felt safe, when you first grabbed my hand I felt protected. Does that answer your question puddin’?” Harley said, you looked at her blue eyes. Full of love. “I love you Harleen Quinzel.” You said and she smiled, intertwining your hands, you said that very rarely, only you and the people in her past life including the Joker knew her real name. Harley looked at your hands together and smiled. “I love you too Y/N Y/L/N.” She said and kissed you, passionately, slow, enjoying the moment. Your lips moving in sync with hers, Harley grabbing you, closer, not letting you go. Harley broke the kiss and hugged you, kissing your forehead, closing her eyes. After some minutes she smiled and opened her eyes, looking at you, you could feel her staring at you, feeling her sweet gaze. “Don’t let me go. Never, okay puddin’?” Harley said, looking at you, you hugged her, inhaling her scent. “I must be crazy to let an amazing person like you get away from me.” You said, Harley giggled and kissed you once more. You turned around and feel her grip on you tighten. “I won’t leave you.” You said with a reassuring voice. “I know it’s just that I love to have you close.” She said snuggling with you. Harley started to kiss you, to hold you closer, she started to caress you, to enjoy the moment.

“You’re so beautiful, so sweet.” Harley said, starting to kiss your ear, you chuckled and turned around to look at her, she smile and kissed your lips. “Thank you.” She said and carried you towards the bed, yo grabbed her neck, pulling her close, Harley closed her eyes, awaiting for the kiss. “Why?” You say, she opens her eyes, her blue eyes glanced really quickly to your lips, causing for her to smile. “For everything.” She said and kissed you, sitting on top of your hips. You grabbed hers and caressed her figure, your hand went to her breast but she stopped you. “Don’t, I want to enjoy this.” She said and put your hand on her hips, you smiled and nodded, letting her lead you. “Thank you for being there for me.” She said, bending down and kissing your collar bone. She stood up again. “Thank you for understanding.” Harley said and kissed your neck, starting to suck on your tender skin, leaving it red and Harley smiling at her actions. Your head rolled back, you closed your eyes and let out a slight moan. “Thank you for helping me forget my past.” Harley said and kissed your cheek, afterwards licking it and causing you to get slightly uncontrolled. “Thank you for loving me more than anyone has.” Harley said before crashing her lips with yours, making you buck slightly your hips against hers, Harley smiled in the kiss, sliding her hand in your shirt, making her way to your breast. The kiss was filled in so much passion, love, comfort. Her hand played with you, causing you to moan slightly. “Stop.” You say, getting away from the kiss. “What happened? Did I do something?” Harley asked, filled with worry. “No, nothing it’s just that I’m enjoying this, you and me, kissing, cuddling, I don’t want that to end. You well know that if we keep on going we’ll make love and well, then we are going to sleep, but I don’t want to go to sleep, I prefer to spend that time being with you, talking.” You say and she nodded sadly but in full understatement. “Well then tell me something good.” She said, standing up and kissed you. “I love you.” You said and she giggled. “Oh, I know that puddin’.” Harley giggled. “Then tell me what you love about me.” She said, smiling and sat down on her side of the bed. You went towards her and lied down on her lap. “I love your crazy red and blue hair.” You said chuckling and her pouting towards you in a cute way. “Hey! It’s pink!” She said, crossing her arms. “Oh, right. Sorry.” You said, getting towards her, ready to kiss her. Once both of your lips touched, you pulled away. The night went on like that until you both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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“I just got out the shower and you’re already all over me baby? Someone’s needy huh? That fire place making you hot?" 

 "Shut up. I can’t help it. You look good all wet and half naked. Besides, you’re not complaining are you, Winchester." 

 "Not in a million years, sweetheart. Love ya lips on me baby." 

 "Mmmm, yeah? Then how about you get rid of this towel, and I put my lips somewhere more… Sensitive. Hmm?" 

 "Sonuvabitch, woman, you’re gonna kill me one of these days" 

 "Never baby. Well, maybe only of pleasure”

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“So, you sure you got it?” Dean asked looking at you hesitantly with those big green eyes. It was his baby after all. You were surprised he was actually teaching you how to drive and on the impala nonetheless. You placed your hand on the steering wheel, with your keys in the ignition. “Yeah, it seems simple enough” you shrugged with confidence radiating off of you and a small devious smirk.

“Dean, relax!” you chuckled as you saw just how tense his shoulders were. He sighed, “yeah well..” He ran a hand over his face and sat in a more relaxed position. “Here goes nothing” you let out a puff of air as you turned the gear from neutral to first and slowly began to move forward. “Easy now” Dean said in his muscular voice, like a true mentor. Being confident, you began to drive at a medium pace. “That’s it.” Dean gave a small smile.

After a few fun rounds you two decided that this was enough for today’s test drive and decided to get back to the Bunker.

You had a little too much speed during the turn to park the car. It all happened too fast to know exactly how it happened but you heard a loud bam! Knowing all too well what the sound was, you snapped your eyes shut too afraid to look at what you did.

“Crap” you mumbled opening your eyes after a few seconds to see smoke coming out of the hood of the car with its headlights broken. It wasn’t much damage but damn.

Hesitantly turning your head towards your boyfriend definitely not wanting to see his expression, you saw his mouth open with furrowed eye brows. “Uh..” you chuckled nervously rubbing the back of your neck when Dean, finally came back to his senses “Damn it (Y/N), not the baby” he looked like he was about to cry.

“Dean I am so sorry.” you said with crease in your eyebrows. Grunting, he got out of the car with a heavy heart to see what collateral damage you had done to his precious impala. But you both knew, Dean couldn’t stay angry at you for long. Especially after a few special homemade pies.

i cant act like im above it all and i dont have headcanons, specifically glowface headcanons brah im well aware of how cringy™ this is especially when you consider the x’s has been dead for years but it’s my city now

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Making doujin manually is killing meh QAQ Anyway i need a distraction and… Doodling something about the scary-story-with-no-ending i’ve heard somewhere,, it creeps me out X.X And my camera wants to have a fight with me