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A conversation with Livia Blackthorn
  • Livvy: I'm 99 percent sure Kitty will become canon.
  • Me, a paranoid reader: What's the other one percent?
  • Livvy: If I somehow manage to get myself killed and they become parabatai.
  • Livvy : (sees my horrified expression) Pshh, don't worry, I'll be there to make sure that doesn't happen.
  • Me: *starts bawling* you don't know the half of it...
  • Steve: You mean whenever Tony and Bucky where, like, you know, working in workshop or going shopping or... Oh! All that time Bucky spent on the phone with this guy from his therapy group?
  • Natasha: Doing it; doing it; phone-doing it.
  • Steve: Oh! Oh, I can't believe it! I mean, I think it's great!
Who is in Control - Part 7

10 years ago, you and Tony Stark met and he adopted you.
Today, you are his heir and the newest member of the Avengers.
Your first mission? Help Bucky Barnes.
Oh boy, you wished things were this simple.

(Reposting because I messed up with the order of the chapters. Sorry)

Word counting:  1200+
Chapter Summary: You decide to share an important part of your life with Bucky. His reaction isn’t exactly what you expect. 
Notes: Keep in mind: Age of Ultron Never happened here. Gifs are from google or tumblr.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reade
Present characters: Female Reader, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Patrick O’Malley , J.A.R.V.I.S., unnamed children
Chapter: 6/??
Chapter name: You don’t know me 
Warnings: A bit of angst; Bucky is a bit of a dick, but he is sorry; Scottish Accent; Steve always understands the references; Game of Thrones reference; Crying; 

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Y/N drove to one of New York’s smaller streets while Bucky alternated between watching her and the scenery by her side.

“I don’t really sleep at night. Four or five hours, no more.” She told him. “Do you know what helps me sleep?”

He shook his head as she parked the car.

“Follow me.”

The woman grabbed the boxes without waiting for his help and went to a house she had built years ago. They offered food, medical care, beds and other services to homeless kids. She used to visit the kids whenever she could, always making time to them.

“They help me sleep at night. They give me peace.”

When she opened the door, all the attention came to the two.

“Y/N!” The kids exclaimed.

The Stark put the box on the table with a huge smile on her face and all the little (and not so little) arms were automatically around her in hugs. Some kids lived in the shelter, and with the help of the city, they looked for families that could adopt them.

“I brought dessert.” She told them with a big smile on her face.

Y/N loved those kids. She would do anything for them, give anything to keep them safe and happy, well feed, and out of the streets.

Soon enough, she was giving them the desserts Patrick prepared, and listening as they talked about their weeks. She almost didn’t notice Bucky leave and didn’t stop him, but decided to find him after 20 minutes.

Who knows what could happen if she left him alone for too long.

“Are you okay?” Y/N asked with a smile on her face and her hands on the back pockets of the jeans she wore.

Bucky didn’t look happy. He had a look on is face, and his jaw was clenched.

“What do you do here? Why are you here?”

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Some songs you’ve probably never listened to but need to give a try

1. Galaxy by Bolppalgan Puberty (x) (Korean) 

2. 44 Bars by Logic (x) (English)     

3. Shadow Dancer by Lokua Kanza (x) (French/Lingala/English)

4. Come by Jain (x) (English)

5. Girl Digger by Faky (x) (Japanese)

6. Sapés comme jamais by Maître Gims (x) (French/Lingala)

7. Yalla by Inna (x) (English/Arabic)

8. Angola by Cesaria Evora (x) (Portuguese)

9. 얼음들(MELTED) by Akdong Musician (x) (Korean)

10. Ave Cesaria by Stromae (x) (French)

11. Nunca Es Suficiente by Natalia Lafourcade (x) (Spanish)

12. Vineyard (빈야드) by OOHYO (x) (Korean/English)

13. Bon Bon by Era Istrefi (x) (Albanian)

14. TakeOver by Kwamz & Flava (x) (English/?)



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