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  • MC: *at the alter, checking their watch* I can't believe he's not here yet..
  • Seven: *dramatically throwing open the doors* THE GROOM IS HERE! I'M HERE AND I'M QUEER
  • MC:
  • MC: You were late on purpose just so you could say that, weren't you?
  • Seven:

Just wanted to point out that (like @hufflepuffpanda said in her post,  his heart eyes are on) BUT ALSO LOOK AT HIM, HE NODDED!!!!!!! If Adam wasn’t there, he would have totally said something like ‘‘yeah, she really is’‘ and Kristen would have figured it all out (you know that he is incredibly in love with Amy)

But love doesn’t make sense. You can’t logic your way into or out of it, love is totally nonsensical. But we have to keep doing it or else we’re lost and love is dead and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do.
—  ted mosby doing the thing he does best, talking about love

Game of Thrones meme: [ 8 relationships ] - Eddard Stark x Lyanna Stark

“Is that you? Is that really you? You’re not a dream?”
“No, I’m not a dream. I’m here.”
“I’ve missed you, big brother.”
“I’ve missed you too.”


soo I read aisle 10 recently,,, and I just had to draw something for it because oh my gosh is it amazin g (srsly if youre a creek shipper you should read this if you havent already-)

there were a lot of scenes that stuck with me and this was one of them so i just did it and it was really fun (at one point the last one just kinda disappeared but its better not to think about it haH)


theres the thing and i hope you kinda like it ;w;

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When Their S/O Teases them   {X

When Their S/O Walks in on Them Changing   {X}

When Their S/O is Clumsy AF   {X

When Their S/O has a Panic Attack   {X}

When Their S/O Gives Them a Sexy Dance   {X}

When Their S/O Walks Down the Aisle    {X}

When They Take Care of Their S/O Younger Sibling   {X}

When They Get Left Alone W/ Their Baby   {X}

When the Relationship Goes Public   {X

When They get Caught in the Act   {X}

Their S/O Bringing Home a Puppy   {X}

When Their S/O is Sick   {X}

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A Chance Arrangement

(Part 1 Chapter 1)

Disclamer: The only thing I own in this fic is Aisling and this story, I do not own any other character. I am also not much of a writer. 

Characters: Aisling, Brynjolf
Pairing: Aisling (Dragonborn)  x Brynjolf 

    “ Farewell, I’ll be certain to give Brynjolf your regards. Was the last words Aisling heard from Mercer before he stabbed into her side with his blade. What just happened before her eyes a few moments ago was something she could hardly believe herself. The words that were tossed back between Mercer and Karliah. It almost seemed like Mercer was the one who killed… that is who killed Gallus! The current situation she found herself in, it all made sense now! But there was not a damn thing she could do! All she felt now was pain before everything just began to go black for her. Not here, not yet, she can’t die! The guild needs to know! Brynjolf needs to know! Damn it… was the last words she could utter out.

     It has been a year and a half since she joined the guild. She still remembered the day she walked through those gate doors into Riften. The air that day had a slight bite to it. Nothing too bad, but she felt she should find a place to stay for the night before it got too dark. Strolling about the town, talking with some of the locals about rumors and such she decided it was time to get some quick payment. Thanks to being taken captive by Imperial soldiers, she ended up loosing all of her previous earnings before entering Skyrim. Despite that she seemed to always wear a smile, too care free to worry about the troubles of the world around her. But it didn’t stop her from paying attention to her surroundings. She would look over some other’s, watching, study their actions and how they talk, even what they wear. That is how she makes her mark. She moved over to her first victim, A smile she wore and acting lost so she had a reason to get closer. Acting like she was oblivious so the conversation would drag and she could work. 

     Surely her actions wouldn’t go unnoticed. In the Market square a red haired man stood and watched her, watched as she spoke with a innocent smile as her fingers wrapped around the coin purse, out of their pocket into her own. Two marks she hit so far, and the fools still had yet to notice they just got robbed. She was clever with each movement, anyone else would not notice such actions. Now if you were someone from the thieves guild looking for such things. One gets a well trained eye to pick up on these sort of actions. Brynjolf was one of those who had that trained eye. The smirk upon his features just grew as he watched. This girl, she was someone the guild could highly benefit from.

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