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 by Hakase!


Theo Raeken X Reader

Word Count: 370

Requested: Anon

Request: Can I have a Theo imagine; the den reader and him are in a fight and he admits his feelings, but she doesn’t want to admit her feelings yet. Lots of fluff please

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You and Theo seemed to clash all the time but that didn’t mean that you didn’t like each other actually it was quite the opposite, you were both falling hard but only one of you was ready to admit it and believe it or not it was Theo.

The problem?

You were fighting at the moment, he was overprotective and wouldn’t let you do anything that may involve confrontation, so you were literally inside all the time, you were getting sick of it at first you appreciated that he cared for you but now you were bored and needed something to do, you knew what was going on outside the 4 walls of the house that Theo had you stay in and you wanted to be a part of it. Theo, on the other hand, could not bear the thought of losing you, so he decided that the best thing to do was to eliminate all possible situation where that might happen that meant moving you into a house of your own, never having you meet the McCall pack and not telling anyone who doesn’t need to know about you. “Theo!” You yelled as you heard the door open.
“What’s up sweetheart.” He asked and as you walked out to see him you glared seeing the smug smile on his face.
“Where have you been?” You asked crossing your arms over your chest.
“Dealing with a problem,” Theo answered and you glared.
“One you left me out of again!?” You asked before rolling your eyes and turning to walk away.
“We’ve already had this argument.” Theo decided as he walked away.
“Yes but we never finish it because you kept walking away!” You yelled.
“Because you already know my answer,” Theo answered he wasn’t shouting he didn’t even seem angry.
“It’s not the right answer.” You decided.
“It’s for us!” Theo yelled.
“No it is for you, there’s no us.” You answered.
“Oh, there is sweetheart you just don’t want to admit it,” Theo smirked as he pulled you against him. “That’s okay I’ll just show you how much I love you.” You looked at him shocked and he smirked before placing a kiss on your forehead. “Just you wait.”

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Over half the roll I shot at this cemetery was screwed up, due to a shutter curtain issue at certain speeds. But this one I like anyway. Despite the frustration of losing so many of my 36 frames shooting a cemetery 200 miles from home, I still LOVE shooting film for that very unpredictability. I’ll shoot 36 or 15 or however many frames and take what the photography gods give me.

Oakland Cemetery
Dallas, TX

Minolta X-370 + Kodak Tri-X