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 by Hakase!

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324 and 370 Jensen x reader! (Or Rob if that inspires) *Crosses fingers*

“Whoa kiddo, where’s the fire?” Jensen asked, watching as your 4 year old son stormed through the house with his head firmly down, looking at the floor. He had no intention of stopping, stomping right by both of you and heading for the stairs. “Preston!” You followed behind, carrying Preston’s twin sister, Harper, in your arms, her face firmly pressed into your neck. “Rough day at school?” Jensen questioned.

“You could say that.” You chuckled. “Preston, tell your dad what you did.” Preston stopped and finally turned around, slowly raising his head up, only for Jensen to see the huge shiner he was sporting around his left eye. It was so bad his entire eye was almost swollen shut. You placed Harper on the couch next to Jensen and moved to the refrigerator to grab some ice, letting Jensen talk to Preston.

“Who gave you that black eye buddy?” Jensen questioned, motioning for Preston to come over. Preston approached and Jensen pulled him in between his legs, placing his hands on his shoulders. “Come on, dude, talk to me. What happened?”

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for the song prompts 'how would you feel if I told you I love you' with ryan please?

Pairing: Ryan x Reader

Words:  370

“how would you feel, if I told you I love you?” Ryan said, breathless and panting.

“What are you.. Ryan, where is this coming from?” you said in disbelief, looking around you at all the other passengers in the airport as they watched.

“I couldn’t let you get on that plane without telling you” he admitted, nervous about your lack of response.

“I’m coming back, this couldn’t have waited?”

Ryan’s face fell, his hope leaving his body as he realised you didn’t feel the same. “I just.. look I realise now that you don’t feel the same but, the flirting? the looks? were they just me over thinking?” he asked defeated, his eyes looking hurt as you looked into them.

You shook your head, trying to figure out the words to say, “Of course I feel the same you idiot!” you stated, Ryan’s head bolting up straight to look at you, grin creeping up on his cheeks, “I’m so god damn I love with you but I have to get on this plane”

“Oh” Ryan sighed, understanding, “Yeah I didn’t think about the space between now and when you get back”

“Well, give me your number” you said, handing you his phone, “and we can talk while i’m gone” 

Ryan tried to hide his grin as he typed, his heart beat a mile a minute. He passed it back, a dumb and teenage boy like smile plastered on his face as he looked at you. You put your phone away and looked back at the line before looking back a Ryan,

“I should go before they stop checking people in” you stated with a smile, eyes flickering between his soft orbs and his lips.

“Yeah.. have a good flight” Ryan said, waving you off as you walked away.

You got back into the line, blush on your cheeks and mind racing with the replay of what just happened when your name was called again.

“Ryan, I serious-” Lips pressed against yours, moving slightly as yours moved with them. He stepped back, grin still not left his lips.

“I’ll let you go now” he chuckled as he walked off, looking over his shoulder to see you stood there breathless but smiling.



Official Viz English translation of the author comments featured in Weekly Shonen Jump 2017 issue #40 and Jump SQ 2017 issue #10.

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Request for: @short-ethnic-and-angry

Pairing: Reader x Sam, slight Reader x Dean

Word count: 370


You sat in your room, completely and utterly drained. With everything going on in the world, you felt isolated. What bothered you the most about it was the fact that people were treating you this way because you were a Muslim. You played with the ends of your hijab as a soft knock echoed throughout your room in the bunker.

“Y/N?” Sam asked.

“Come in.” You mumbled, shooting your boyfriend a small smile.

Sam walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you. “How are you? You know, with everything going on.”

You sighed, leaning further into Sam’s embrace. “I’m just tired of it all.”

Dean popped his head into the room. “Is it safe to come in? I have hot coco.’

“Hot coco is always welcome here.” You grinned.

Dean handed you a mug of steamy hot chocolate with extra marshmallows and took a seat at the edge of your bed. He nodded towards Sam.

“Y/N, Dean and I wanted to remind you how much we love you.” Sam told you, before adding, “Me especially.”

“I just feel like the whole world is against me right now.” You admitted.

Dean gave you a soft half-smile. “When is the whole world not against us.”

“What Dean means,” Sam began, “Is that you always have us. Dean considers you his sister and I, well, I love you more than anything.”

“We’re always here for you, kiddo.” Dean told you.

“Kiddo?” You raised an eyebrow.

Dean shrugged. “It seemed like the right thing to say.”

“Dean, leave.” Sam pointed at the door, pressing a kiss on your forehead.

“You don’t have to tell me twice.” Dean bolted out of the room.

Laughing, you curled up underneath the blankets with Sam by your side. He grabbed your laptop off of your nightstand and smiled. “Now, what do you want to watch?”

“Anything, really.” You mumbled.

Sam grinned. “Lord of the Rings it is.”

“Dork.” You laughed lightly.

“Your dork.” Sam pressed a quick kiss to your lips before setting up the movie.

You and Sam spent the rest of the day watching movies curled up beneath the blankets. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t feel a little better.