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 by Hakase!

35mm Film Photography Questions

Pre-info: I have a canon t6i already so I’m not incompetent about cameras but I don’t know much about 35mm film photography…

- Does film brand matter? (ex: ultra max 400 vs Superia x-tra 400)

- Do only certain mounts fit into certain cameras?

- Sometimes I find lenses with different lens coating colors but they are made by the same company and have the same name/label, aperture, and fixed length (usually 50mm) how can I differentiate? or are they the same? (ex. Pentax SMC lenses)

- How do I get my film photos onto my computer?

- What’s the difference between rangefinders and slrs

- Camera recommendations? 


Currently looking at (in order)… 

1) Pentax K1000 or Super ME but the lens thing confuses me 

2) Canon AE-1/AE-1 Program but they don’t seem to have very many lens options

3) Minolta X-370 or X-700 idk much about it my friend just has one 

4) Olympic OM-1 but the lenses are pretty expensive


If anyone has any additional info that could help me in my purchase or in shooting in general when I do pick a camera, it would be much appreciated! thank you. 


Heinrich Suso: Little Book of Eternal Wisdom (with detail)
Manuscript (Ms. IV. 111), 370 x 255 mm (folio size)
Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, Brussels