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BSD DEAD APPLE Spoon.2Di vol.37


Bones and Spoon are really killing us with these shipping service…


Smilling together

So close together

Shoulders touching (barely Chuuya too smol—kicked*)

Those red mark on the corner of Dazai’s lips and Chuuya’s cheek

Smiling wide Chuuya is too precious

Smiling Dazai with Chuuya by his side is too precious


Bones AHEM we are so glad you exists and for gving us another gift!!

First the Bungo Mayoi Demon Trio smirking and now Soukoku smiling.k

Okay I will stop I am so sorry for the repeated pictures but this is just too much 😭❤️ I SERIOUSLY LOVE SOUKOKU!!!



OK, now that I’ve had a while to process… Below lie a few of my favorite things about Solo. I’m no meta-writer (and have never claimed to be one), but I just loved this film and want to share a bit about why.


1. How Han got his last name: OH MY GOD. Alone, with no real kin to call his own… Talk about SERIOUS parallels with our darling Rey (and Kylo Ren, for that matter). It’s remarkable, honestly. And so soon into the movie. I shed a tear, tbh.
2. Han and Chewie in the ‘fresher: Friends that bathe together, stay together.
3. Droid rights (and L3): Smart, impassioned, and overwhelmingly sentient, I think L3 was the perfect choice as a droid rights activist (and I’m so glad that this bit of Star Wars lore finally got some attention on the big screen).  I also really dig how she’s now part of the Falcon – a bittersweet moment, indeed.
4. The double bed aboard the Falcon: So, if Rey and Benlo don’t fuck on that Force-forsaken bed in or post EPIX, then I don’t know what the purpose was of letting all us Reylos know that it definitely exists. 💁🏾
5. Han’s (successful) 90-degree maneuver during the Kessel Run: Frankly, this scene gave me SUCH a callback to Rey’s first time piloting the Falcon on Jakku… Their likenesses never cease to amaze me.
6. Qi’ra’s complexity (and Han x Qi’ra): As a femme fatale, Qi’ra is far more layered than I imagined her to be – which in turn adds depth to Han’s character development (see #9). @raven-maiden​​ posted an excellent meta focusing on Qi’ra x Han earlier today, in which she explains the importance of this pairing (within the Reylo context) far better than I ever could. READ IT NOW.
7. Enfys Nest and the beginnings of the Rebellion: This was an unexpected and wonderful twist. By choosing Enfys Nest (a bonafide badass) over Dryden Vos (a total tool) [and losing out on a ton of credits as a result], we now know that Han played a pivotal role in prompting the Rebellion. How cool is that?
8. Qi’ra x Darth Maul: Seeing this relationship evolve is part of why I’m so excited that Solo is just the first movie in a series of three. (We only saw them interact in ONE scene, and I’m already ‘shipping them. IMHO, their dynamic was seriously sexy! I can’t quite figure out why… But I’m into it.)
9. Han’s character arc: I think Solo begins to broach the first two stages of Han’s character arc in a genuinely meaningful way.  Han’s hardship – especially his lost love (in the form of Qi’ra) – is what turns him into the cynic that we first encounter in the Original Trilogy… However, underneath it all, he’s still that scrappy boy from Corellia – a romantic idealist who’ll do anything for his girl.
10. Overall aesthetic: OMG, just… Wow. The 70s vibe (with a touch of WW2 and Western) really did it for me. Especially the jazz soiree scene aboard Dryden’s yacht? Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

OFF-KILTER (?) BONUS #1 Did anyone else really dig the exchange between Chewie, Han, and Tobias during the campfire scene? In which the audience is forced to consider the difference between one’s family and one’s tribe? It really resonated with me. Such a brief moment, but palpable and important.

OFF-KILTER (?) BONUS #2 – I LOL’d every single time Lando mispronounced Han’s name. It reminded me so much of the opening bit between Hux and Poe in the Last Jedi!

OFF-KILTER (?) BONUS #3 – Alden SO PERFECTLY captured the Solo boy heart-eyes… Honestly, he did an fantastic job as a young Han. LURVE.

Anyway… I have so many more feelings than the ones I’ve captured here, but I’ll leave it at this for now. Comment or reblog and let me know YOUR thoughts whenever you get a chance! I’d love to read ‘em.

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal

Batman #37

This gave me life. This gave me everything. It’s all so adorable I can’t contain my happiness and the laughter at some of these panels.

First if Selina does do the wedding thing I want Lois to be a bridesmaid not just someone there.

Second I was a bit bothered how they didn’t use different drawings of them eating ice cream but looking at the panels with Bruce I can’t help but laugh that he looks like he just looks like he doesn’t know how to eat it or just questions the substance.

Third I read this about four times now and I love how if you read Bruce’s and Clark’s conversation then read Selina’s and Lois’conversation it makes more sense as your not switching between the two and you catch more. Poor Bruce. Also love how Selina talks about Bruce’s wedding purposal like “don’t get me started on how did this.” It makes sense that Bruce went on that long rant becuase he don’t exactly know how to do it right, like to talk about it then purpose or purpose get an answer then talk about it.

Fourth… favorite panels😻

This is so in character and I laughed so hard at this cause they are acting like teenagers. Also I’m taking that “and they lived happily ever after” as an omen cause as much as it’s a love tunnel and all, never would there be a chance that you would see Selina and Bruce at a fair expect when Clark brings them.

Drunk Selina and Lois are the best. This scene to me is just so cute. I love Selina opening up and I love these two laughing together.

Bruce questions ice cream. Bruce holding purple cat for fiancé. ❤️also Bruce making sense of why he doesnt know how to do the whole marriage thing and is just winging it.

Other than the fact that I can’t get over the purple cat look at how happy Selina is! And Clark finally sees and approves.

I didn’t expect such beauty from this issue and I can’t wait for more batcat love and hopefully to see more Lois and Selina together .