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I don’t play Marvel Heroes but I’m a huge X-Men fan so when I saw that The game was going to make Jean Grey (Death), Psylocke (War), Storm (Pestilence), and Magik (Famine) Apocalype’s horsemen I lost my shit.

What an awesome lineup of characters and beautiful designs, which hopefully show up in the comics at some point.

Unfortunately I could never see this happening in the comics (unless it appeared in an alternate universe) because these horsemen are overkill. Jean Grey/Phoenix is god like and deadly enough with out 3 other powerful mutants backing her up. Then Storm and Magik our also on another level! Psylocke is the least powerful of the four but I wouldn’t underestimate her. Betsy can definitely hold her own in a fight. Plus all four of them would get an additional power boost from apocalypse. Like they’d wipe out everyone in the Marvel Universe if this ever happened in the comics.

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You looked out the window at the rain clashing with the glass, looking over at Peter he met your eyes “Wanna play some video games?” he asked in a bored tone, knowing the storm would last a while.

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AU: Marvel gets it together and realizes “white woman in Asian body” is a dumb/offensive idea.

± Psylocke redesign: Her old 80s’ colors (pink, magenta, lavender, fuchsia) + elements from Alan Davis’ pink uniform + elements from Kris Anka’s Marvel Now suit (sash, leg patterns, etc.). Purple hair + blue eyes.

± Revanche redesign: All the blackness from her original ninja outfit + the metallic elements for arms/legs from her Revanche costume + deep blue patterns. Black hair + brown eyes.