x men

I have to share this.

Was walking with my brother and he saw a Logan poster and said, “I wish they’d stop making Wolverine movies. They’re just beating a dead horse.”

We agreed, and were about to cross the street when I swear to god, Logan was right there.

You don’t understand. For a second I thought it was Hugh Jackman dressed as Wolverine, but it wasn’t Hugh. He looked more like Wolverine than Hugh. He had the hair, the face, the jacket. I cannot stress how much this man embodied Wolverine

He said, “but Wolverines the best though, right?”

My brother says “of course,” and Logan responds “Good answer.”

Then he strides off, and me and my brother were silent for about five minutes.

Then we spent the next half an hour trying to figure out if Fox was paying people to dress as Logan as some kind of guerrilla promotion, or if the Xmen are just there, out there

We need a movie of this…

Not mine Who did it please text me to give credit❤