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For @pegasusdragontiger…reader is Logan’s daughter as requested. Enjoy!

“What’s this?” Logan asked Y/N as he approached her and another man.

Y/N smiled sheepishly before glancing up at the blond. She smiled at Logan, her father.

“Dad, this is Steve, my boyfriend. Steve, this is my dad…Logan Howlett.”
Steve smiled and stuck out his hand. “It’s nice to finally meet you, sir. Y/N’s told me a lot about you.”
Her dad arched a brow. “Right.” He turned to his daughter. “I thought this was a closed party.”

Y/N rolled her eyes. Silently, she gave Steve’s hand a squeeze of reassurance.

“Steve is Captain America,” she explained, “He’s part of the Avengers.”
“You know we’re Canadian, right?”
“Partially Canadian,” she mended with a repressed smirk.

Logan stared at Steve for another few silent moments. He narrowed his eyes a bit before giving a nod. Just as quietly, the father moved past the couple before walking over to Jean and Ororo. Y/N smiled as Steve knit his brows.

“That didn’t go too well,” he commented.
“Believe me,” Y/N replied, “That was the best way it could go.”

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Night talks

Peter Maximoff x Reader

Summary: Just one more sleepless night for two teenagers in a school full of mutants

Word count: 1,186

Warnings: None

A/N: Surprise surprise, it’s not a ski jumping imagine! It’s also the first one about Peter I wrote so I hope it went good.

For those who don’t know my blog – I hope you’ll like this imagine, and if you do, please leave a note, it means a lot. Really, a lot. Also sorry for the mistakes, English is not my native language.

For those who know it already – I never planned to write only about ski jumpers, but it doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing about them. Feel free to request anything and I’ll try to do my best!

Originally posted by imaginecabin

Jean’s clock, almost unable to be heard during the day, now was resounding loudly in your shared room. It wasn’t, of course, disturbing her, she was sleeping for a few hours already. But it was annoying you more and more with every single tick and tock.

After a few more minutes, you slid your legs out of bed and put on your trainers. You got up quietly and reached for the hoodie hanging on the chair. Then you opened the door and walked out of the room, trying not to wake your friend up. You slowly started to walk through the corridor. During the day, X-mansion was always full of life. A building full of teenagers with amazing powers couldn’t be calm. There was always something happening, even the lessons weren’t boring. You liked this school. It was the first place you didn’t feel different in. In your previous schools you were always the weird one. People were afraid of you, you were actually afraid of yourself as well. You didn’t understand your powers or how to control them, so you tried to hide them. You thought you will never find a place to feel good in, until you’ve met Xavier. He told you that there was nothing wrong with you and brought you to his school. And from the first day, you felt that it really was your home. Mainly because of all the people you’ve met here. Jean, Scott, Jubilee, Kurt… Peter. Yeah, you could say that Peter was one of the main reasons. Since the moment you’ve met him, you knew that you’ll fall for him. Really, really hard. There were no butterflies, fireworks or anything that time. It was on your first day here, you were walking with Jean and she was showing you the school, when you saw a boy with silver hair at the end of the corridor. He was smiling and waving to you enthusiastically, and a second later you felt a blast of air next to you. It was really unexpected, and you would fell on your back if he hadn’t caught your hand, helping you to catch the balance again.

“Peter, you can’t just suddenly show up next to people like that, you’ll hurt someone one day” Jean rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, whatever” silver boy smiled and shook your hand, which he was still holding in his. “Peter Maximoff, also known as the Amazing, Wonderful and Unique Quicksilver. You are the new one, right?” he asked. And that was pretty much how it started.

You smiled to yourself when you thought about that moment. You and Peter got really close to each other since then, but you still didn’t know if he liked you back. And you were afraid to ask, so you didn’t.

You raised your head up. You were walking around the corridors without paying attention to where you were, so it took you a few seconds to recognize the place. You were next to a kind-of-living room, a room with a couch and some armchairs, where the students could rest after the lessons. You entered the room and walked to the armchair next to the window, the one you were always sitting in. From the window you could see a beautiful view of the park outside the school, and it was always helping you to focus and calm down.

“Y/N?” you heard suddenly and jumped, turning around scared.

“Oh my god, Peter” you sighed, placing your hand on your chest, feeling your heart beating fast. “You scared me”

“Yeah, sorry” he said, but without his usual smirk. He wasn’t generally looking as usual. More… calmly. Without his goggles on, sitting on the couch quietly. You sat next to him and two of you just looked out of the window, without saying anything for a while.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” he broke the silence after a few minutes.

“I can’t. Insomnia or something. Nights like this just happen sometimes” you answered and he nodded his head.

“It sucks”

“Yeah, it does. Same with you?” Peter ran through his hair with his hand and sighed.

“Not really. It’s not like I can’t sleep. I just… don’t want to” you frowned, not really understanding what he was saying.

“Why?” he shrugged his arms.

“Nightmares, I guess?”

“Oh. I am not really good at comforting people, but… do you want to talk about it or something?” you asked, turning your sight at him. You couldn’t tell why, but it was something so miserable in him. Maybe that was this unusual thing that you noticed at the beginning. His hair seemed more gray than silver, and eyes lost their happy sparkles. You felt a need to hug him really tight, but you didn’t know if that was what he needed, so you stopped yourself. “You know, I am not just talking about now. I mean in general, if you ever need to talk with someone, you can come to me. Even when there is nothing I can do, even if I am useless, I am here”.

“You’re not useless” he said. “You are actually very important, even when you don’t notice this” you felt a warm feeling inside. So he appreciated you. “Really, sometimes I feel like you are the only permanent thing in this whole mess that I call my life. And I am sorry that I don’t tell you that as many times as you deserve it” you were a little surprised by this honest words. This was so much different from the words you’ve usually heard Peter say. From the jokes, sarcastic comments or singing. But yeah, it was honest. You felt that.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for” you answered. Peter didn’t say anything and the two of you just sat there in silence. But it wasn’t awkward. There was just nothing more to add. It was the first time you saw Peter so quiet and calm, and you were glad that you did. He was always so happy, running everywhere, talking to everyone, laughing all the time. Seeing him like this made a huge difference, but you also felt kind of… relieved? You didn’t know how much that happy side of Peter was worrying you until now. He never seemed serious about anything, it was even strange. And the way he looked and behaved now… It was heartbreaking to see him this way, but it also made him look more like a real person to you.

A clock on the wall showed 3:43 in the morning, when Peter slowly placed his head on your arm. It made you turn your eyes from the point on the wall you were staring at for probably past half an hour. You looked at his face. He still seemed calm, but not in a worried way like before. No, now he looked just peaceful.

“You said that it is nothing, but you being here is pretty much all I need” he whispered with a sleepy voice. “So if you could just stay…”

“I will” you answered, gently running through his hair with your fingers. “I am here, Peter”.


Made a Quentin fanmix, because I don’t know how to just casually obsess over shitty fictional boys

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