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Gerade auf YouTube ein älteres Interview der Goldenen Kamera mit Joko und Klaas gesehen und die letzte Frage ist "Wer ist die beste Sexbombe der Welt" und die Kamera ist auf Joko, aber Klaas guckt ihn an und Joko zu Klaasi dann so "Was guckst du mich da so an?" Und dann meinte Klaas "Naja weil ich nicht solche Fragen beantworte" und Joko dann "ach so, ich dachte, da denkst du an mich" ;)

Haha jaaa danke für die Erinnerung <3!! Das kenn ich auch noch, kann man hier gucken btw!

Und das war sehr sweet, dass der Joko sich da gleich angesprochen fühlt! Passt auch gut zu dem Moment hier:



I promised there for I shall deliver.
▷ verifiable PROOF of #Blackgirlsarekawaii members like Bri who were fans that decided to slut shame me(NOT kicked from group). Admins like Marie kicking myself and MANY OTHERS only to make posts bullying us.
(many many things i haven’t leaked yet…)
▷ new LEAKED pictures of Chanteya aka Teya who called me a racist slur, bragging about bullying fellow group member. Why? Because her crush liked said girl. In these photos. Tea has a CHAT ROOM dedicated to harassing myself while her and Hanabi/Ritta laugh about ruining this girl’s life. She also bought Facebook likes solely to spite me(lol)
▷ DO NOT harass these people. This video is only to have a master post on CONSISTENT bullying of myself and others, exposing these people for what they’re doing.
I’m thinking about making an empowerment group, that is unbiased where free speech(not hate speech) is allowed.
#BGAK #Jvlog #Kawaii #BGAKBURNBOOK Black Girls are Kawaii BerriTeam Victory
Also Micky has apologised to me. Considering she made a hate post about me and talks about me in her streams regularly, I take this with a grain of salt however i respect her for that so leave her out of this(or until otherwise arises)