anonymous asked:

where did you learn korean? ><

I found a tutor on Wyzant.com and have been studying on there to prepare! If you would like a tutor, I highly recommend 지훈언니! She is such a wonderful, patient, and kind teacher and I feel like we have gotten pretty close! ^ ^ I think she’s listed on that website as Jeehun Kim. It does cost money though! I’ve been doing a lesson a week for maybe four months. I study the material in between the lessons.

Before that, I was using howtostudykorean.com. That’s a much cheaper alternative and you will learn a lot, but only if you work hard to tutor yourself. You have to commit to studying with your own motivation! The site is really nice because it offers recorded clips of how to pronounce certain things, but you still may have trouble conversationally if you’re not having the listening+responding combination that only interaction can provide. 

I also purchased the book, You Speak Korean volume 1! I was advised by 지훈언니 to complete volume 2 before I left. It’s really great because it gives you a bunch of exercises to practice with! It also gives very vital tidbits about the culture that go hand-in-hand with the language–I found howtostudykorean.com did not provide those. Again though, you will miss some of the conversational skills with this; however, it will give you a good grammar and vocab structure to become familiar with!

I’m still in the very beginning stages of learning and I will have to put it aside for a year to work on French, but I’m hoping to pick it up again in the future! I hope this helps!