We felt like we need to post something, that related to Asomatous comics.
This is a refsheet on Grahn. It was posted here a long time ago, but without  any composition and information, so we desided to reupload it. For those, who doesn’t read the info in the ref for some reason > Grahn is a shanglanian wyverns and Imperial Guard, dragoons, use them as personal mounts. Wyverns are really wild when you meet them in the woods, and not that easy to catch. It takes ages to tame them… It’s nearly impossible, to be correct. So dragoons have a very special, magical ritual to make this process more easy. But this will be shown in comics itself, so there is no need to post this information right now :)

You will see this grahn/dragoon characters in the comics, and more of them in the future.

Oh, by the way!
If you remember Lansu (or here), he is a grahn too now, but intelligent, unlike the rest of the wyverns. He has human-like mind and personality. And he is cute. And pretty.

Anf the next two pictures is Lansu and  Kinlek and her grahn, Ruruka. It’s a shot from her memory, just after the ritual that this characters was going thru.