Lockwood and Co Location Ask Meme

The Screaming Staircase
Kent: Tell us about your hometown.
Portland Row: Tell us something about your family history.
Cheviot Hills: How do/did you feel about leaving home for the first time?
Highgate: What’s your most unusual friendship?
Wythburn Mill: What’s a moment that changed the course of your life?
62 Sheen Road: How long do you hold grudges?
Combe Carey: Are you gullible?

The Whispering Skull
Wimbledon: Are you the betting sort?
Kensal Green Cemetery: If someone were going to tempt you with something you couldn’t resist, what would it be?
Carnaby Street: Do you have any superstitions?
Bloomsbury Antiques Emporium: Do you think it’s fun to wear costumes?
Green Gates Sanatorium: Do you find it easy to convince others to do what you want them to?
Fittes House: Do you clean up nice?

The Hollow Boy
The Lavender Lodge: Tell us about a moment where everything just clicked for you.
Jessica’s Room: If someone were to build a monument to you, what would you want it to be?
6 Nelson Street: What’s a strength you have that people might not know of?
21 Bermuda Court: How generous are you?
54 Hanover Square: Are you more likely to rebel or to do as you’re told?
National Archives: Fiction or nonfiction?
Chelsea: Do you prefer to work in groups or on your own?
Aickmere’s: What’s the stupidest argument you’ve ever gotten into?
Cotton Street: Are you more or less tough than you look?

The Creeping Shadow
Clerkenwell: How do you deal with problems?
Flat 4, 15 Tooting Mews: How independent are you?
Horse Guards Parade: What would you like to be remembered for?
Number 7, the Leas: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Aldbury Castle: Are you an open person? Or do you tend to keep secrets?
The Other Side: If you could know, for sure, whether or not there was an afterlife, would you want to?

The Empty Grave
Fittes Mausoleum: How nosy are you?
Marlyebone Cemetery: Do you think everything happens for a reason?
Tufnell’s Theatre: What are some physical features you find attractive?
17 Alma Terrace: Are you more likely to give advice or have others try to give you advice?:
The Orpheus Society: What’s a book that changed your life?
Dark London: When were you the most tired you’ve ever been?
The Guest Room: How easy is it for you to move on?

As it Always Was

Warning for TEG spoilers, some slight murdery death, and vague panicky sensations.

If you were to tell Lucy that she would be cuddled around Lockwood in the middle of the night, her heart beating dangerously fast as she felt him breathe against her, she would have rolled her eyes and told you that you had gone insane.
Admittedly, she had a point. It was certainly an insane circumstance she had gotten herself into. No, there were no dangerously alluring ghosts, or centuries old Monks, or Mrs. Barrett’s tomb lurking in the darkness. But there was something much more terrifying at play; feelings.
Something Lucy had never particularly done well with, if she were being honest. She had a horrible time connecting to other women, if her relationship with Holly was any indication. Her mother definitely never taught her how to deal with these things. George would occasionally comment that she had the emotional quotient of a half-baked potato, and Lucy was inclined to agree.
But now here she was, cuddling into Lockwood’s side and silently cursing at herself. What a mess she had gotten herself into.

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