Scotty & Lauren Duet - When You Say Nothing At All (HD) (by bachelorfan22)


"When you say nothing at all" {Hailmen}

Carmen had recieved a call during the afternoon saying she had been booked a spot in the open mic night being held later that night. The latina had had a song planned song for a while now and was disappointed that Hayley wouldn’t be able to hear her sing it since the song was chosen especially for the blonde. As she placed her phone down and sighed she walked to her wardrobe to pick out an outfit, she was nervous to say the least. She decided on a pair of skinny jeans, a white tank top and a casual blazer. It wasn’t to casual and wasn’t to dressed up, it was perfect. She headed to get ready in the bathroom and still coulndn’t help but feel sad that Hayley wasn’t coming to support her. Shaking the thought she practiced her vocals and made sure she had the song spot on, who knows who could be in the crowd.

She looked down at her watch and picked up her car keys, more nervous than before. She’d feel alot better if someone was going to support her but she was counting on Hayley before the girl broke up with Marcus. Carmen headed down the stairs and out to her car before making her way down to the bar. Parking her car around the back she headed inside and checked in. For some reason she would keep checking her phone to see if Hayley had changed her mind and had text the girl to let her know she was coming. As the night began Carmen waited on the side of the stage until it was her turn to peform. She just wished that someone she knew could have been there to support her or one person inparticular.


I just want to make it clear from the beginning that I am not the biggest fan of WYSNAA, but I just adore how the audience starts singing along right from the beginning and even Dan starts “singing” along for a little bit! Its just so adorable! And all the Alison and Dan moments! I just miss her so much. ;(   and the fact that Alison is covering her left hand the WHOLE TIME… and I will pretend that my eyes did not detect the foreign object on her finger…  but okay, now that thats done, I think I will search tumblr for a vast array of adorable Caskett Gifs that will make me all warm and mushy on the inside! :P


Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina - When You Say Nothing At All

Whomever JUST uploaded this, thanks for making me cry.