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Would you rather lose your sword hand or lose your eloquent speech and mannerisms?

“I have discovered what a conundrum is…”

“No, wait! If I lost my sword hand, I would be unable to save those whom I love! If I had to turn myself into a silent avenger of justice… I’d do it, perhaps it would even add mystery to my persona!”

The results are in from last weeks; Would You Rather Wednesdays.

You can read about the epic battle of the sexes with Baby Girl vs Baby Boy here

Thank you all for voting, even though I am told we are having a boy, that does not mean I am bias to having a boy as our first child. I am just grateful we were able to have a baby. 

Tune in later today their will be a new Would You Rather… 


The results are in from last weeks; Would You Rather Wednesdays… Yes I know it’s Saturday and it has taken me this long to post the results. See, I have been on holidays where the internet is patchy and unreliable. That being said, You can read about this battle of Public Mayday vs Private Insanity here.

Thank you all for voting, now I know how to really annoy people in a mall. Just walk around with my screaming kid. Or not…

Later DaddyNoob

Welcome to WOULD YOU RATHER WEDNESDAY! Go here to see last weeks results or go here to see the WOULD YOU RATHER series.

This is the showdown of parenting transportation! The long battle between wanna be adventurous ride and the soccer mom gateway mobile. Today the fight is between the Older SUV vs Gently Used Minivan

This is your time to inform me - the DaddyNoob - which you the wise and seasoned parents would rather choose. This decision does not come lightly, I understand the magnitude of the task I am placing on you. This is a legendary deathmatch of the sexy city SUV vs the stow and go minivan. 

To make this brawl fair, I am completely neutral in this showdown, as I own none of the above. I roll to dubstep in my Honda Civic, with the growing awareness that one day, this sleek import will not meet all our needs. This is why, I need your help to inform me, what is better. Now, I made the fight fair, with clearly stating a older SUV. By older, I am thinking at least eight plus years old. As for the minivan, I have choose a gently used one to help even out the playing field. 

You can vote below for which one you choose. The polls are open until next Tuesday night (August 21) and I will reveal the answer on Wednesday next week. 

For further context on these contenders. I have provided a video of each opponent.

Opponent #1 - Older but “Look I’m Young and Hip” SUV

Opponent #2 - Newer but “Don’t Look at Me” - Minivan

Get on it. Go vote below! Share this with all your friends… Which ride is the best bet!