Free Medical Clinic in Stormwind Opens its Doors to the Public

By Risri Elthron

Dr. Selise Graves opened her offices on Thursday for eight hours to provide free medical services to any and all in need. Sponsored by the Ironpelt Company, Dr. Graves and her volunteers are able to treat everything from routine check ups to diagnosis of serious illnesses. Dr. Graves also indicated the clinic was prepared for any emergency care, if required. The clinic’s mission is to provide those not normally able to afford medical services the care and attention they deserve for free. 

The doctor, who studied for over ten years, has been practicing medicine for the last five years. Her passion for her work came through as she stated, “If people know anyone who could benefit from the free services provided, to be sure to let them know. Also, anyone can contact me at the address here, should they ever need to.“  Assisting Dr. Graves at the clinic, was a nurse Ingirun Prendergast and a young medic named Jo.

The clinic, held every third Thursday, is available in Dr. Graves’ normal offices, located in the Dwarven District of Stormwind City (building to the right of the Deeprun Tram entrance). The normal waiting room is setup for the day to accommodate more patients. While, this reporter was interviewing Dr. Graves she witnessed the care and concern first hand for a patient who had a persistent wound from a poison-tipped bullet. The qualified staff was able to assist the man and provide a high level of care in a professional manner.

          Jo, the medic; Nurse Ingirun Prendergast; Dr. Selise Graves

Dr. Graves is looking for volunteers with different medical specialties. If you would like to help, reach out to her by post or stop by the office to inquire about volunteering on clinic days.

( @selisegraves​  @ingirunprendergast  )

Carnival of the Phoenix: The Last Night!

Tonight is the final installment of the Carnival of the Phoenix! 

Day Five – June 25th

6:30 PM — Opening Ceremonies

6:45 PM — The Great Race / Fires of Azeroth Competition

7:45 PM — Date Auction Continuation

9:00 PM — The Grand Ball / Prize Ceremony

10:00 PM — Prize Ceremony / Photograph Booth

11:00 PM — Parade of the Royalty / Champions / Closing Ceremony

11:30 PM — Fireworks Display

NOTE: We will be having a raffle for “extra” prize items that we have laying around! The Great Race is also open to all registered and non-registered folks for a chance to win gold, prizes, art and more! 

The interactive DJ Booth will be closed before 9PM, but requests for music can still be given. 


Drac'thias Bloodrose

Bouncer, Server, DJ, Jack of all Trades


Despite Drac’s normal serious expression this tall man enjoys having a bit of fun, be it hosting a soiree in his own home or hunting down a man as a mercenary.

Drac'thias is rather private about his past unless he knows the person asking such questions about him, even then he might be vague or try to avoid it. What he will say however is that he has just come back into the world and found the new things going on around him to be quite fascinating, especially when he had heard about the events and activities from Crescent Productions.

The raven haired man tends to stay to the side or in the back when it comes to groups, knowing well that if he were in front of someone they would not be able to see, usually seen wearing an open shirt of some kind and his top-hat for most occasions and trying his best to be polite even if someone is being rather rude. When he is not within the city walls he stays near his home, trying to rebuild it after being gone for some time, though he also has a habit of exploring and hunting.



I can be contacted by Drac’s tumblr or http://valkov.tumblr.com/

Feel free to send mail to Dracthias Horde side Wyrmrest Accord in game if ever needed or desired.

Service Announcement

Just a quick reminder to everyone. This is a game and there are real people that you are playing with. So as a service announcement, I wish to remind everyone that participating in rumors and rumor spreading is wrong and can be very hurtful. You should always hear both sides of the story before excluding others as well. We are a community, we have to be willing to hear people out and give others a chance. Furthermore, we are all old enough to be able to act civil and handle disputes in a reasonable manner, none of this he said, she said. So remember!

Don’t spread rumors.

Always hear both sides of the story.

Be civil and polite.

Don’t exclude others without valid reason.

We make mistakes, don’t be afraid to apologize.

Don’t drag OOC IC and vice versa.

Don’t godmod or mary sue.

And overall, just don’t be rude or spiteful.

Shout Out

Uh, man I should’ve chosen a better name for this. Anyways, here’s just a little of call out to some people and guilds that you and your guild might want to talk to!

Gwynona of Aethlvohl Tailoring Co. For all your tailoring needs! Her and her guild will be opening soon and there’s talk of an interesting fashion event she has in the works. So send her a letter or pm her if you want.

Crysen of The Conclave. They are hosting a soup kitchen, so you should talk to her about participating or donating to help!

Terrinth of Weekly Weeks. The Weekly Weeks is a newspaper and information center, so feel free to talk to him and invite him to everything so he has plenty of news to cover!

Dunnedin of The Conclave. He is also writing a newspaper called The Royal Courier! Yay newspapers! http://the-royal-courier.tumblr.com

Zae of The Tipsy Hourglass. They are starting a tavern where adventurers can find work and jobs, along with guilds are able to post jobs. So that’s cool as shiz, I can’t wait for opening day. Message her bout the possibility of being thrown on the invite list of the grand opening!

Jabbles of Company of Blades. CoB is a protection service guild, so if you need to hire them to protect the transport of goods or workers, well they’re your guys! Write up contracts and everything.

Amaranthaea of Stormwind University. I really probably don’t need to broadcast this one, but still. She’s the dean of a University guild, that’s cool. Now all the people rping they have children have a place to send them. Or maybe your character wants to learn, either way, here’s a nice guild that will help!

Shira of Yielding Veil Services. YVS is a handyman guild, pretty much meaning that they’ll do simple things like repairs, cooking, cleaning, etc. So give her a ring~

Katrignis of Terenas Foundation. TF is a charity guild that provide bags to low levels, and overall help in anything charity related (like the Date Auction!).

Amber of Coldwall Collective. A trusty vendor she is, and her adoration of selling baked goods is amazing. Her and CC’s creativity with GHI is even more admirable. So remember to shoot her or Lissmac a message this Saturday and every other Saturday about their Market Night down at the harbor!

That is all for now, I will post these occasionally praising others as I see them!

 Character name ingame: Kelpa
Faction: Horde

This is Kelpa Sanddollar, she’s an ‘intelligent’ Gilbin ‘surfer’ from Vashj’ir. 
Somehow she has a Southern California accent, (we don’t have an accent btw).
She just chills out in Orgrimmar, which makes no sense because this place is dry and hot as hell and no fun for a dominately aquatic species. Not to mention Gilgoblins are an ‘enemy race’ created by Hobart Grapplehammer.

From the lore page on wowpedia for Gilgoblins: “The adaptations that allow gilgoblins to survive the aquatic life has apparently drained some of their higher brain functions and their actions are guided almost entirely by greed. They are most often seen stealing things.  Gilgoblins have many similarities to goblins but also many differences. Their skin is blue with tiny dots. Like goblins they have a prominent pointy nose, however the gilgoblins nose seems to have no nostrils. Their necks have what look to be gills which explains the absence of nostrils. Gilgoblins have fins on ends of their arms, with webbed hands and feet almost certainly for swimming. Their hair resembles seaweed and their ears are practically fins.”

So you can see how this doesn’t work out in a serious RP setting, though from the looks of this profile I’d say this is most likely a joke character. If not, well.. I’m sorry Kelpa.


                “Look at what you’re all doing,” Leiadril spoke up abruptly, gesturing to the other adults in the room, “Who is to say what Kally really wants in life? I understand that she is our most valued treasure but to enforce this now? It’s ridiculous! She is still young as Aly has stated. Let her live her life and if she so chooses on her own choice to walk down the path of what we are pushing on her, then so be it. It’s her life, her wishes. She is young and you have no right to say what is to become of her.”

                Luccicare bristled subtly at the mage’s words, her eyes shifting from the brooding warrior a short distance from herself. “This is her choice in life. She shouldn’t need to worry about it for now,” she continued, a disappointed gaze cast over them, “When the time comes, she will make amends and move on.”

                It was incredulous to her that they had gotten to this point in the conversation. The fact that they were having it at all was something in itself as well. The paladin wondered if either of the two knew anything about the girl they were speaking on any more than she did. Even she did not know enough to be making the comments that she had but with the way she herself had been raised as a child, the paladin felt she had the most right to speak her peace on the matter. Turning her gaze to Kalastra, she made to clarify for not only them, but her as well.

                “Kally, when we first spoke, you told me that you wanted to be a Knight like myself,” she noted as she recalled their first encounter in the city, “Does that still hold true?”

                The girl looked up at her. She seemed to be coming out of her thoughts as her response drifted through the link. Yes, but more than a knight, she answered, her eyes drifting to Alyadria, I desire to be trained in combat and study.

                She could not help but smile at her response. A flash of pride shimmered in her eyes, though she would not show any sort of observable endearment for the girl. To Luccicare, Kalastra was not only talented, but brilliant for such a young age. With a soft nod, she continued. “And when we visited Winterspring, you were eager to learn how I used my talents,” she presses on, “Similarly, you seemed excited to know how to focus holy energy into a weapon.”

                Another smile, softer this time, graced her features as the girl nodded in response. She looked to the mage with hopes that this would reassure her that no one had nor would intentionally pressure Kalastra into doing anything she did not desire. She was training already, albeit it slowly, but the question was not if she should train at all, but how much would be too much for her. On this front, she disagreed with Revalor but then, it seemed that most did, so she was not concerned with convincing him otherwise.

                “I had assumed from your demeanor that this was something you enjoyed and were interested in learning more on. If I have misunderstood that or rushed you, I apologize,” she went on, “However, if you are as eager as you appear to be in your training, I am sure we will all be more than happy to provide it to you, along with the knowledge that we have of this world, at a pace that is comfortable for you but without restraint.”

                Luccicare chose her words carefully, wanting to ensure that Kalastra felt that she not only had an option, but that, regardless of her choice, she would not be a liability as she had suggested before. It was the last thing she wanted her to think she was. The girl lifted her hand and her voice rang through their thoughts once more.

                I’ll think about it.

                The paladin was surprised with her response but nodded slowly. Perhaps her reason for wanting her to reassure the others was a bit selfish. She had enjoyed her time sharing her skills with Kalastra. It always brought a smile to her face seeing the girl make leaps and bounds from the tower at her calls for training and a great delight to see her pick up spells with such ease. Maybe it simply made her feel like an effective teacher.

                Either way, she would respect her wishes. For now, at least, Luccicare would bow out and await her approach instead.

Body and Soul (Part 1)

“Is everyonea bastard in your eyes, Nori?” Satheair spat with a hint of disdain as the twoElves proceeded along the road towards the Ghostlands; his gaze hard, eyesnarrowing at the back of her head; a tinge of annoyance written across his face, “Well? Do you?” Satheair was rapidly growing tiresome of her attitude, though his had been no better since he had returned to his friends after nearly two decades, but the end of his patience was growing near as he continued to deal with this woman. It was hard to believe that the two were once the closest of friends, inseparable even at one point in time. A tic of annoyance slowly started in his lower jaw at her silence,

“No, Satheair, they do not become bastards until they intentionally disrespect me, as you have done.” His stride soon coming to a halt, stopping dead in his tracks, all Satheair could do was simply blink at her in disbelief. –He- had disrespected her? A look of utter confusion made itself apparent on his face as the mind of a woman was still a great mystery to him, “How have I disrespected you, Norilain? I mean fel, I came all the way out here to the Ghostlands just to apologize to you for how I acted—Fully realizing that I had come off as an ignorant ass—and all you could say was ‘fuck off, Satheair, I’m busy’ and then you had the nerve to proceed to call me a bastard, yet again.” The tone of his voice rose, not from anger, he simply did so make sure she heard his words. His fel green orbs focused themselves onto her own as she spoke, but something wasn’t right. Satheair watched as the other Paladin’s lips moved as she commented back, the only issue being was that he was unable to hear a single thing she was saying. Suddenly feeling lightheaded , Satheair was soon startled by the soft voice that invaded his mind, “Hello, Lightbearer…” the unknown voice calm and welcoming, “I’ve had my eyes on you for some time now, and while your kind, wielders of the Light, do not usually interest me, you have caught my attention and have become an exception to the rule…” A calming, cool sensation slowly began as the unseen tendrils began to weave their way into his mind. What was happening? Never before had he felt such an unnerving yet welcoming sensation as the foreign fingers worked their way around his head. Satheair was soon brought back into reality when something smacked against the left side of his face; the area soon throbbing lightly.

“Satheair!” He blinked, confused as he looked at Norilain as she called his name. Again, she began to speak but was soon interrupted, “Did you hear that?” pausing, she looked at him, “Hear what?” “The voice—A woman!” While he stood there, his head craned to either side, looking around for the source. Turning his attention back to Norilain for the time being, he noticed that she had now unsheathed her sword, turning her back to him; her stance lowered as she readied herself for a fight.

They cannot hear me, love.”

“There is was again!” Satheair half shouted, quickly scanning the area around him. “Are you sure you aren’t just daydreaming about you latest whore, Satheair?” He simply ignored her mocking tone when the voice again returned,

Only you are able to hear me, darling.” Those same chilling fingers returned and again they began to wrap themselves around the essence of his mind, pulling him away from reality; a wave of shivers being sent down his spin; that same numbing sensation soon making itself more known as it began to invade the rest of his body. Satheair’s vision soon became a blur of reality and the haze of the world that was being manipulated throughout his head.

“There you go, Lightbearer…” the voice chimed, “Give into it… Let your pain be eased…” A soft, eerier melody began to echo throughout his head. His vision slowly faded to back, captivated by the song as it brought ease to his tormented soul. Faintly, he could still hear Norilain yelling at him, trying as best she could to snap him into her world, but Satheair was too far gone, lost in the mesmerizing tone of this mystical woman. Satheair felt his body being lifted from the ground in which he stood. He was unsure if it was just a side effect—part of the illusions. In reality, it was indeed Norilain that who had managed to lift the man onto her back. It was a wonder how the smaller woman managed to lift a full grown man, let alone one in a full set of plate, soon breaking into a sprint. While the poor woman tried her damn near hardest to carry Satheair back down the road towards Silvermoon, the two barely making it a quarter of the way as she quickly became fatigued from the sheer weight of him. As Norilain began to fall, so did Satheair. His nearly limp figure collided rather roughly with the ground, rolling a few feet as his Obsidian plate gear rattled against the cobblestone walkway, before promptly lying on his back.

While trapped within his own head, Satheair still felt the jolt of his body being tossed around, though there was nothing he could do about it. Satheair was enraptured by the sound of that melody that continued to echo through this ears; intoxicating and addictive, he’d mindlessly began his attempt to hum along to it—Only to feel a slight throbbing against his chest… Then that sharp sting returned to the side of his face—and there it was again. The same pain erupted from the other cheek now. There was a certain kind of intensity being pulled to sway him in this fashion, but once Satheair had begun to wrestle his mind back into his own consciousness, those unseen tendrils did not try to intensify the union. Why do such a thing? Slowly, gently, Satheair felt the strange power recede as if leaving a lover only half spent, with no foundation of relief. His senses soon returned to him; his body’s natural heat returning once more. However, that tune… The melody never faded from his mind even as it’d fade to black, “We will meet soon enough, Lightbearer…”

His eyes flashed open just as Norilain’s hand roughly connected with his face again. Cursing, he’d growl quietly at the sting before his fel coloured eyes glared at her own, “What the fel, Nor–” He paused, blinking as he saw the expression upon her face. What had he done to cause that worried look that sat within her eyes..? Slowly, Satheair lowered his head into his hands, “…Nori, I’m sorry…”

He felt her hand slowly and gently stroke through his hair, “You have no reason to be sorry, Satheair.” Sighing lightly, her hand now slipped beneath his chin. Guiding his gaze up, she would try to make it so she could lock her gaze with his own, “If anything, I am sorry… I’ve been everything to you but a friend. I apologize… I’m so sick of arguing with, and… Aelirin too. I just want to smile for once, damn it.” Satheair watched as she bit down upon her bottom lip, turning her gaze from him, “I’m also sorry that you went through all that you did. You’re so brave, to go through all that for your home and friends… Very strong.”

As his eyes met hers, he was unable to hide that veil of sadness and confusion in his eyes. Even the expression that he held on his face told of the emotional pain that he was in, yet he never shed a single tear, “Don’t pity me, Nori… I don’t need praise—I don’t need to be told that I was ‘brave’ or ‘strong’, nothing is going to change what happened, so no need to be sorry for it.” He too would turn his gaze from her, “My attitude hasn’t made things easier, either… For making everyone get along. You know Aelirin has a good heart, but I think my recent influence is what has caused him to be so… Unthoughtful and defying lately.”

Although he hadn’t shed a tear, he felt her thumb wipe at them to show that she was aware of the pain he was in, “I do not pity you, Satheair. We all make our choices, leading to things that happen to us. You made yours and your outcome wasn’t so… Favored.” She leaned in a moment, her lips placing a tender kiss upon his forehead. “As for your attitude… Well, it’s an attitude. You are not alone in having one; I’ve not been so innocent myself. As for Aelirin, I’m unsure of what to do with him. He’s been very different these past couple of days, though I’m sure he’ll return to being my loving brother once he’s over whatever this is. Do not blame yourself, Satheair.”

Satheair lowered his head until his forehead grazed against her own; holding it there. He couldn’t help but smile as he felt her cold hands slip behind his ears to the back of his head; her fingers slipping into his long, red locks before massaging at his scalp lightly, “You’re our oldest friend that still draws breath. You mean more to the me than you may ever know, or that you will ever allow me to show you—And you a brother to Aelirin, one that he has always wanted but never had. Neither of us were the same after you left. My heart was broken and he was lost. In truth, it was something that neither of us had ever gotten over, not even after almost twenty years had passed. If I had it my way, I would never allow for you to leave my side again.”

Satheair smiled as her soft tone spoken gently into his ears. His eyes remained closed while a small sigh of relief came from him; his breathing slowing considerably in this new found calming state that her touch had brought on, “Norilain… You and Aelirin are and always will be my family. You two have always greeted me with open arms for as long as I can remember—even after pulling off antics such as my disappearance—and I may not express it, but my love for the two of you is strong, and I am grateful to call you both my friends.” His head gently nudged at her own as a sign of affection, “I’ll never again leave your sides, I promise you this.”

The two continued to sit in that same spot for the next few hours, laughing and enjoying the others company as they reminisced, simply catching up after all those years. After this night, both parties had found a new respect for the other… And perhaps even something more.


Who is Satheair Bloodshadow?

{Basic Information}

Name: Satheair Bloodshadow (Sah-th-air)

Race: Sin'dorei.

Gender: Male

SpokenLanguages:  Thalassian, Orcish, Darnassian, Common, Kalimdoran.

Occupation:  General/HeadMedic of the RGS, Chef, Scryer.
Criminal Record:  N/A
Drink | Smoke | Drugs:  Yes | Yes | Yes
Like[S]:   Attention, Tea (Specifically Honeymint Tea), Wine(Red), Soap.
Dislike[S]:  Farstriders, Orcs, Dirt.
Fear[S]: Needles

{Family Information}

Sibling[S]:  Brother (Deceased)
Parent[S]:  Deceased
Children:  None
Pets[S]: Sunfire Kaliri, Lil’ Naaru (?)

{Relationship Information}

Sexual Preference:  Female
Relationship Status: Single

Personality: At first, Satheair Bloodshadow would likely come off as being rather blunt, arrogant and defying to those just meeting him, though once acquainted with him, one would soon learn that overall, he is a friendly being—That was, until certain events occurred, changing the overall  manner of this man.For years, many looked up to him. He still has his moments of fondness and being friendly if he wanted to be, though most would just considered him your average neighborhood asshole, usually only thinking for himself. Still walking with that stride of confidence and good posture, there was something secretive about him; always being careful and cautious with how much information he told strangers. Satheair could easily win over the trust of those around him if the current situation called for it, but behind that sly smile and hidden within his eyes lurked something dubious and eerie.

{Physical Description)

Face: Strong, masculine features befitting a warrior could be seen all over this Elf. His face is longer than average, though still allows his bone structure to be a bit broad. His forehead was an average size, cut off into well shaped, deep brows. His brows were knitted tightly together, keeping his eyes closer to the bridge of his nose. Scanning down passed his brows one would come across his eyes. Sath’s eyes are narrow and daring, glowing with that same eerie, fel green shine that the rest of his kin shared. Between those eyes sat his averaged sized nose; a slight curve sat in its center from an old break. His nostrils were nothing special, as they were just a normal, narrow shape. The man’s jaw was chiseled from stone, strong and broad, making for a handsome structure. That strong jaw would lead to an equally strong chin, though it was not so big that it protruded itself out from the rest of his face. His complexion was smooth, not unlike his lips, which were a light shade of pink.

Hair: For the most part, Sath always made sure to keep himself well groomed. The hair that sat atop his head was deep shade of red, but upon closer inspection one would be able to tell that it had been dyed from its original colour; its length reaching down to his mid-back while his bangs were styled to the left. Along with its length, his hair was also fairly thick, holding a glossy texture to it.

A small goatee and a soul patch rested against his chin; both seemed to have been dyed that same deep red.

Body: The sharp features of Satheair’s face were merely a reflection of his entire body’s structure. Standing at roughly six foot, three inches and weighing around one hundred and ninety-two pounds, Satheair was your average sized Sin’dorei. With that being said however, there was something about this man that often put those foreign to him in an uneasy state. Perhaps it was the armor he wore, or the way he carried him, but whatever it was, it was unknown to Satheair. Hidden beneath the bulk of the Obsidian plated armor that shielded his form sat the Elf’s well-toned figure. As a direct result of having low body fat, visibly defined muscles lined his form. One would say that he is similar to being ‘ripped’, only not to such an extent.

Scars: With the amount of scars that covered this man’s body, it was quite obvious that he had seen a great many battles. Due to the severity of many of them, it might come as a shock that he stood in front of you, breathing. While only a few small, minor ones could be seen across his face—aside from the one along the front of his neck— the rest of his body was a different story. The remnants of once deep wounds covered the Elf’s chest. Slashing every which way across his figure, some a lot larger in size than the others, it was hard to tell what was used to cause these markings, though it was obvious they were made with a blade of sorts. On top of those, there were also traces of acid burns across the entirety of his body. Moving around to his backside, the scars that covered his back were longer than those that were on his front. Many of these looked to start just below his shoulders and reached down to his waist line, crossing every which way. For those that have seen or experienced such a thing, they would be able to tell that these were likely caused by a leather whip from multiple lashings while more of those same acidic burns could be found as well.


Armor: Overlapping layers of Obsidium plate graced this Elf’s figure; a design made from Truesilver lined its outer edges. A ruby gem sat in the center of each of his plated gloves, as well as one on each thigh and in the center of each spaulder; a larger blade like object stuck upward out of both shoulder pads and out of the helmet that he would occasionally be seen wearing, along with a tuft of black fur on its back, the mask of the helmet covering the entirety of his face.

A long black silken cloak is draped over his shoulders; a crimson design has been embroidered along its outer edge.

Weapon(s): To go along with his Obsidium armor, a matching sword and shield sat against his body. The sword, dark in colour, had a uniquely designed hilt; the Obsidian metal twisting and curving every which way. The blade itself was larger than the average blade–four small spikes jutted out from its sharp edges—and made from a different metal than the rest of the sword. The blade was made from the metal known as Saronite; its edges sharp to the point due to the folding of the Saronite. The blade itself constantly pulsed with a light mist, purple in colour.

The shield that sat against his back was made of, like everything else, Obsidium. Finely crafted, it held a unique shape to it. While it was circular for the most part, half of the shields outer edge had been shaped into a curled set of blade like spikes. The Horde crest was engraved into the shields center, surrounded by another engraved design of swirls that gave off a light hue of red; a small piece of crimson cloth hung from its bottom.

Casual: Satheair would usually be seen in his bulky armor, but on rare occasions he would instead be seen wearing a doublet made from Runecloth that fitted to the shape of the Elf’s body; dyed to be black in colour, a crimson embroidering lined the neck, down through the center and around the hem. Black Runecloth pants covered his legs; matching crimson coloured legwraps of the finest quality—woven together—were also covered with a uniquely beneficial amount of leather to add to the ability to walk with comfort and ease. Occasionally, he would be seen wearing his RGS tabard.


Accessories: A black stud earing sat neatly in either lobe of his ears; three golden hoops were pierced halfway up his right ear, while two more golden hoops were pierced through the cartilage at the top of his left ear.

Hanging around his neck is a thin, twisted gold chain; a golden pendant depicting the crest of the Scryers hung from it.

A large golden band made its home on the middle finger of his right hand. On its underside, the following text was engraved: “O no anu dath tal il’amare do ni… Nor O no dath O do’rah do ishura.”

Motto: “Give no mercy. Never be afraid to strike down and destroy your enemies, for they would not hesitate to kill you.”


#1 Wrist: A black tribal tattoo that wrapped around his right wrist. (http://tinyurl.com/m22dxvg)

#2 Arm: Black tribal sleeve tattoo on his left arm. (http://tinyurl.com/kgmh9mc)

#3 Face: Fairly small, but still noticeable, this final black tribal sat against the left side of his face, the tips reaching around the side of his face to the middle of his eye, while the rest flowed below it and more onto his cheek. (http://tinyurl.com/qdmj6ww)