wyrm art


I just wanted to draw more little spud people!

See, one of the issues with drawing the dragon is he’s so physically big. It’s a struggle sometimes just to fit him into the panels. Making everyone he talks to visually readable (when they’re so tiny in comparison) is a challenge. So I’m trying to design a “look” for the humans that will still work when there‘s a giant dragon next to them.

anonymous asked:

well, since i saw a post asking what you should draw, do you have any ocs that you'd like to draw? i love your art, it's super flowy and the style is rad and inspiring

aw thank you for the compliment! It means so so much to me! :0

And I do!  Haha I don’t draw them nearly as much as I should, but here’s Amaranth! 

Nickelodeon’s finally hopping on the Omnipotent Chaos Master with a Twisted Sense of Humor Train! His episode is premiering this Sunday, a preview of him was shown half a month ago, and I just made this sketch of him today.

This started with the sketch of Wyrm meeting Bill and Discord, but then I thought, “What if I turned this into one of those promotional sketches some artists on today’s shows make for episodes before they premiere?” So then all the words on it happened.

Oh, and I thought I’d put my real-world signature on it instead of my usual raccoon paw print.