wyrm art

I don’t post D&D stuff much, but I’m actually a “closet” huge D&D enthusiast (not to my close friends though lol). Anyway this is my favorite character I ever played with - Illyria na’Xiuhcoatl, Gold Dragon Wyrmling.  

I laugh because she nearly died in a battle at level 3 with a goblin chieftain. I imagine she lives to be a great wyrm a thousand years later and still has nightmares about that almost TPK. 


I just wanted to draw more little spud people!

See, one of the issues with drawing the dragon is he’s so physically big. It’s a struggle sometimes just to fit him into the panels. Making everyone he talks to visually readable (when they’re so tiny in comparison) is a challenge. So I’m trying to design a “look” for the humans that will still work when there‘s a giant dragon next to them.

Tumblr’s gonna ruin the quality but here’s the piece I teased yesterday (click please!)

Just a big fuckin dragon curled into a ring

This is actually what the Wyrms look like in Triple Star. The Wyrms are basically classic western dragons covered in spikes and with massive clunky bodies. They weren’t very good fliers which is probably one of the reasons they’ve gone extinct, and also, they were incredibly territorial and hardly ever tolerated each other for long enough to produce offspring