Wyrd Ways Rock Show CCXLVI

Taiwanese Black Metal heroes ChthoniC are back with a storming new album, Bù-Tik. Because of that, in this week’s Wyrd Ways Rock Show, you will be hearing interviews with Jesse and Doris from the band. There’s also new stuff from The Black Dahlia Murder, Children Of Bodom and Santa Cruz amongst others. Point your browsers at www.wyrdwaysrs.com to get much more!

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show also appears as part of The Cast Iron Ring and internet radio stations such as Planet Mosh, Rock Stars Glued and Radio Metal On – The Heavy.  See their listings for details.

If you want me to mention your gigs or play your music on the show, get in touch.


ChthoniC – Rage Of My Sword

One Minute Silence – Pandemic Schizophrenia

Children Of Bodom – Damaged Beyond Repair

Covered: ChthoniC - Painkiller

ChthoniC – Resurrection Pyre

Jesse Interview

Spotlight 1: ChthoniC – Between Silence And Death

Doris Interview

Spotlight 2:  ChthoniC – Supreme Pain For The Tyrant

Kreator – Death To The World

Overkill – Drop The Hammer Down

Diamond Drive – Five Stages

Exit State – The Pain I Demand

Down The Machine – Know Your Place

Sweet Taste – Knocked Out

Tracer – El Pistolero

Spotlight 3:  ChthoniC – Set Fire To The Island

Black Dahlia Murder – Every Rope A Noose

Sixgun Serenade – The Ghost Of Michael Stinson

Moss Of Moonlight – Follow The Owl

Spotlight 4:  ChthoniC – Defenders Of Bu-Tik Palace

SOTN 1: Hornet – Storm The Gates

SOTN 2: Final Trigger – Just A Freak

SOTN 3: Famous Underground - Necropolis

SOTN 4: Hounds Of Jezebel – Without Love

SOTN 5: Schwarzer Engel – Schwarze Sonne

Santa Cruz – Let’s Get The Party Started

Sanktuary – Thrill Of The Kill

Last Track: Amon Amarth – Father Of The Wolf

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