wyrd fest


Wyrd Fest, you guys!  I had such a nice time (although today I am SO SLEEPY, because yesterday I went to work for eight hours and then to the festival for eight hours.  Worth it!)  There were lots of the usual lovely locals (B-Lines, Needles//Pins, Role Mach, etc) and also many bands from all over the country that I had not seen before (favorites: Long Long Long from Halifax and The Famines from Montreal).  

Some things that happened (that were nice):

  • I got something stuck to my shoe and it turned out to be a coca cola gummy, which I thought was kind of adorable given the much grosser things that can get stuck to one’s shoe at shows
  • Grown-Ups (after some sort of instrument trouble): “That was on purpose.  Performance art.  With a y.  Performyance art.”
  • Also Grown-Ups: “Calgary is a shithole.” (I lived there for ten years so I’m allowed to think it’s funny, you guys.  Grown-Ups are from there too.)
  • People sitting cross-legged near the front to listen to Wyrd Visions
  • Someone buying the Red Mass art, getting Red Mass to sign it, and then giving it to the guy from the Ketamines saying “Happy birthday!”

Unfortunately I only got photos of the first two bands I saw because after that it was tooooo hard; I always feel so socially awkward when I am taking photos and I had to save up feeling awkward so that I could stay there for eight hours.  Oh well!

In conclusion, what a nice time, I hope it comes back to Vancouver again next year.