A bunch of AUs (all inspired more or less by my life)

- “Both my dad and his wife had to go to work and I’m left here with my baby sisters that I need to take care of but I so cannot deal with children and they totally crashed into you in the park I’m so mortified could you help me”

- “From my room I can see directly through your window because our apartments face each other and you always change exactly in front of that window and I know I shouldn’t but I’m attracted to you anyways. (Bonus: I find out that you actually know that everyone can see you but you’re so confident you don’t give half a shit and that just turns me on more)”

- “We go to the same school and we always take the same bus, but in four years we have never talked to each other, even though I know a shitload of stuff about you bc you always phone your mum while waiting for the bus, and we always sit across from one other (often staring at the other without even hiding it)”

- “You’re my hot, 20-something neighbour who is a friend of my mum’s bc you teach her tennis, and since I don’t go out much while you’re a party animal you keep inviting me to go out, but most of the time I’m too awkward/lazy to say yes. One night I do, and, well, smut happens.”

- “You’re handling fliers in the streets but no one pays attention to you and I’m the only one who takes time to ask what the fliers are about and we start flirting and when we part you give me a flier with your number written on the back”

- “We’re in a pub at the same table bc we have friends in common and we start talking and then you buy me a beer cause I’m barely underage and we exchange contacts”

For challenge 5 (limited palette painting), I decided to do Battle Dog fanart, which I’ve been hyped up for anyway! It didn’t scan very well but I think my very rudimentary color choice and watercolor skills alike are improving a little bit?! Anyway whatever, Battle Dog is super cute!

(I’ve been keeping up with the other challenges too, I just haven’t posted ‘em yet! I will!!)

Wyra, from an adorable little webcomic called Battle Dog, by Andrew Duff and Matt Cummings. Might add Battle Dog himself later, and possibly tweak Wyra a bit as well since it’s kind of 2:30 in the morning.
Decided to base this roughly on the style I used for my Cucumber Quest sprites a while back.

Also you might notice I updated my avatar for the first time in… forever. It’s my Kuriyama Mirai sprite from a couple months ago. Somehow miraculously managed to make it resize perfectly for my blog page and peoples’ dashboards.