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50 States Most Haunted

Each state in the USA has it’s own tales of haunted hotels, houses, and various other places. But each state has what is considered their “most haunted” spot. What is your state’s most haunted place?

1. Alabama - Sloss Furnaces (Birmingham)
2. Alaska - UAA’s Wendy Williamson Auditorium (Anchorage)
3. Arizona - Bird Cage Theater (Tombstone)
4. Arkansas - The Crescent Hotel (Eureka Springs)
5. California - Alcatraz Island (San Francisco)
6. Colorado - The Stanley Hotel (Estes Park)
7. Connecticut - Seaside Sanatorium (Waterford)
8. Delaware - Fort Delaware (Pea Patch Island)
9. Florida - Florida Theatre (Jacksonville)
10. Georgia - Kennesaw House (Marietta)
11. Hawaii - ‘lolani Place (Honolulu)
12. Idaho - Old Idaho State Penitentiary (Boise)
13.  Illinois - Congress Plaza Hotel (Chicago)
14. Indiana - French Lick Springs Hotel (French Lick)
15. Iowa - Villisca Ax Murder House (Villisca)
16. Kansas - The Sallie House (Atchison)
17. Kentucky - Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Louisville)
18. Louisiana - The Myrtles Plantation (St. Francisville)
19. Maine - Wood Island Lighthouse (Wood Island)
20. Maryland - Antietam Battlefield (Sharpsburg)
21. Massachusetts - The Lizzie Borden House (Fall River)
22. Michigan - Henderson Castle (Kalamazoo)
23. Minnesota - Forepaugh’s Restaurant (St. Paul)
24. Mississippi - Cedar Grove Mansion (Vicksburg)
25. Missouri - Lemp Mansion (St. Louis)
26. Montana - The University of Montana (Missoula)
27. Nebraska - Nebraska State Capitol (Lincoln)
28. Nevada - Virginia City
29. New Hampshire - Pine Hill Cemetery (Hollis)
30. New Jersey - Seabrook-Wilson House (Port Monmouth)
31. New Mexico - Highway 666
32. New York - The Amityville Horror House (Amityville)
33. North Carolina - Brown Mountain Lights (Burke and Caldwell Counties)
34. North Dakota - Liberty Memorial Building (Bismarck)
35. Ohio - The Ridges (Athens)
36. Oklahoma - Skirvin Hotel (Oklahoma City)
37. Oregon - McMenamin’s White Eagle Saloon (Portland)
38. Pennsylvania - Gettysburg Battlefields (Gettysburg)
39. Rhode Island - The Ladd School (Exeter)
40. South Carolina - Old Charleston Jail (Charleston)
41. South Dakota - Bullock Hotel (Deadwood)
42. Tennessee - Loretta Lynn Plantation House (Hurricane Mills)
43. Texas - The Alamo (San Antonio)
44. Utah - Westminster College (Salt Lake City)
45. Vermont - The University of Vermont (Burlington)
46. Virginia - Ferry Plantation House (Virginia Beach)
47. Washington - The Palace Hotel (Port Townshend)
48. West Virginia - West Virginia State Penitentiary (Moundsville)
49. Wisconsin - Summerwind Mansion (West Bay Lake)
50. Wyoming - Wyoming Frontier Prison (Rawlins)

I'm really REALLY excited about Ghost Adventures tonight.

Not because I particularly love that show, but it’s about The Old Pen. My Old Pen. The Pen is known as The Wyoming Frontier Prison to the rest of the world. I spent every year in high school volunteering for the Halloween tours. I know the Pen better in the dark than I do in the daylight. I ran around in the dark, popping out at people on tours with various costumes and makeup each year. There are places that freak me out, and a lot of things happened in there that I still can’t describe. It’s crazy to me that it’s going to be on national television.

AND my best friend since birth is interviewed on it! She is the tour guide named Kaitlyn. And one of my friends did some of the reenactments. AND I believe Tina should be on there, the Pen’s owner and I love her.

Watching the videos they’ve put up of it, they keep talking about how the Pen was a “virtual death house” and how freaky and messed up the place is. And I keep thinking, “Aw, it’s just the little Old Pen!” But I’m biased, I love that place, and even though I know the stories as well as my own life, I know them so well I guess I forget the rest of the world doesn’t and aren’t conditioned to them.

I’ve heard/told the story of Andrew Pixley so many times it’s just like, “Oh that Pixley. Being all creepy and freaking out in his cell in the death house. Ordinary day.” But when I think about it and the rest of the world hearing that story for the first time…yeah. He’s a freaky story.

I’m just really glad that it’s getting a bit of recognition.

(I’m a bit excited)

So, here’s a picture of me and my friend Tanner the last year I did them.
We used the The Pen itself as our theme that year, so I was a guard :)

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