I drove through Yellowstone on my roadtrip last week and the one landmark I was dying to see was the Grand Prismatic Spring. I had always dreamt of seeing the vibrant spectrum of colors in person. By the time I arrived the sun had set and the colors weren’t as visible, but the view I was able to witness was equally as striking and I’ll never forget the peace I felt while taking it all in. 


#168-Ariados, The Long Leg Pokemon

Ariados lives in solitude in dark forests, and can spray webs out of both ends of its body, When nightfall approaches, these Pokemon come out in large hordes to hunt for prey, rather than wait in a spider web. It is an extremely intelligent hunter, and will attach silk to Pokemon, pretending to accidentally let it go, but actually is letting the string allow it to track it back to its pack.


#165-Ledyba, The Five Star Pokemon

Ledyba is a Pokemon that inhabits many forests, and it does so in swarms and is extremely common where it dwells. Ledyba, however are quite weak and they find leveling up in the wild qutie difficult. This Pokemon depends on its pack in such a gregarious manner, that it will not even be able to move most times when it is alone, instead choosing to wait for its pack to find it. Ledyba are especially close together when it is cold outside, as they will share warmth. Ledyba are one of the pollinators of the Pokemon world, and can be told to take in instruction through a whistle. 


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