Wyntoon, Dunsmuir, Siskiyou County, California, 1902-1933

Julia Morgan and Bernard Maybeck, architects

In 1931, William Randolph Hearst asked Oakland architect Julia Morgan to travel to Europe to sketch Bavarian buildings. When she returned, she designed three Fairy Tale-style buildings for Hearst’s 50,000-acre estate on the McCloud River of Northern California. Hidden within a forest, Wyntoon is still owned by the Hearst family and is not accessible to the public. Adventurous kayakers sometimes venture up the rapids to glimpse the estate from the shallow, rocky river.

  • Cinderella House, Julia Morgan, 1933
  • Bear House and Cinderella House, Julia Morgan, 1933
  • Fairy House, Julia Morgan, 1933. Fairy tale murals designed by Hungarian illustrator Willy Pogany.
  • River House, Julia Morgan, n.d.
  • Rhineland-style Castle, Bernard Maybeck and Julia Morgan, 1902. Burned in 1929, and replaced by the Bavarian-style houses above.

My mom is too lazy to post their summer vacation pictures on her account so she’s making me post them. They stayed at a lovely estate in Northern California in June without me. They’re planning on going to Costa Rica without me on 2014 and Ireland without me. Mom is also going to the Bahamas without both me and Dad! Who will lick her feet and steal her socks?