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#WynterWednesday exposes more truth, unfolds more divine appointment and manifests more #HeatSquad members!

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My never boring,always twisting life/empire is relocating as most of you know. However I will be adding another destination to the #WynTOURspring #2016

Can anyone guess what my next stop is before Dallas?🤔

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Is it? #model #dancer #wynterheat #WynterWednesday

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Shout out to my love “freedom”! It was only a week ago that we were partying at Hooray Henry’s and now she has been whisked away from me to a beautiful soul who may be deserving of her presence. Y'all don’t wanna see the post of him stuffed in a trunk if he act up. 🙄🤗😛 check out a fun collage I made of us at the beach! And yes she’s a tall statuesque model; I’m 5'6" so you know she has legs for weeks! 😍
#WynterWednesday #girls2goddess #lifeCOACH #besties #teamgemini

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