I really adore how this came out.

So I was bored sitting in the gym waiting for gym class to get out and I saw a bunch of basketball players and you know the rest of the story.

I think maybe if Gamzee could actually focus on something for more than five seconds without being sober he might actually be pretty good at basketball.

Headcanon: Gamzee sags his pants.

Like majority of the douchebags at my school but on him it looks cool. But here I drew jeans on him shame on me. WHere is his other hand.

This is a really big file because scanned paper and didn’t know how to work Mal’s LEGAL Sai program to downsize the file and yeah so click high res with caution.

Here’s the whole page of Becky doodles, though! I was allowed to use le'scannerrrr

It’s actually  not a lot for a page of doodles, but we had to go to bed at the time. 6u9;;

I think this might be the only one I’ll scan today, because Mal’s computer is sO SLOW OMFG. But anyway– Para wanted to see these and I was more than happy to deliver. vuv/ 

Not to mention the Monster Boy tag needs a bit of fanart in it. U:<

So Mal and I watched The Mist yesterday, and I love to ruin all movies for her by sticking our characters to it because we’re so emotionally attached to them it’s not even funny but YEAH. SO one of my main OC’s, Harold, and his daughter, Genevieve totally fit the lead/lead’s son role in the movie and yeah. Whole thing was made 30498% sadder.

So I decided to doodle this little thing up based on the little au idea thing. (ignore the sketchy/roughness of it aaa)

I hope to dear God this uploads correctly.

Heeyyy, y'all! Been a while since I updated here, eh? I have so many things that I have to scan back home, and I can’t do digital work here at Mal’s. SO A CRUMMY iPHONE PICTURE OF SOME FANART WILL HAVE TO DO.

I drew this a while ago, actuallllyyyy! When I was listening to Z’s Livestream with his music and stuffff. That I plan on gettiinnnggggg. Eheheheh. I doodled a whole page of her, but you guys only get this one picture. >8C

I hOPE I SPELLED HER LAST NAME RIGHT. I can’t remember how it went, but I kind of remember someone (I think I was chatting with Para at the time) telling me how Chris would probably yell at everyone who misspelled it? Something like, “ONE t, TWO n’s!! It’s not that hard a concept to grasp!!!” (or similar idfklkdsfjaf)

But yes, this is Chris’s older sister, Becky– whose design I saw floating around and was like ‘I LIKE HER A LOT’ and thus drew her.

I miss drawing MB stuff. This was quite the refresher at the time, ehehe.

Again, sorry for the crappy phone photo! I’ll scan it properly at home!

So I really needed to get around to drawing all of my OC’s, which is somewhat of a goal for this spring break alongside SO MANY OTHER THINGS AUGH. But especially the few adoptables I adoptedddd.

This one here was a custom I ordered from here. And I really really adore the design and how it came out and stuff aND YEAH SO WHY NOT GIVE HIM THE ATTENTION HE NEEDS. 

Mono, here, is actually a bodyguard for Heist (another one I have to draw because that reff is horrendous adsfklj) AND YEAH (I’ve doodled them once), so he goes by Monochrome to everyone (and reason for that name can be seen quite clearly) – BUT, his real name is Luther, and only Heist calls him that/is allowed to call him that. OTHERWISE IT’S JUST MONO/MONOCHROME. AHAHA.

He’s not a friendly dog-thing. He also doesn’t talk a lot. I didn’t want to detail up that weird sword he has behind him and I’m sad I didn’t get to draw his fluffy tail. ;-;

Did this before I did the portrait I uploaded earlier today. Would’ve uploaded this too but hit the post limit and had to wait twelve hours or something but HERE YOU GO.

As most people know I’m extremely into Transformers and robots in general, but I can’t draw even simple machinery for shit, so I did a bit of studying. I have something like a “how to draw Mechas and giant robots” or something, and it’s actually a really resourceful book. So yeah… Hopefully you’ll see more in the future.

FUNFACT: I really enjoy this style of clothing/these types of styles/yeah

I really love sweatervests, and bowties, and fancy shoes

and just OLD FANCY CLOTHES in general

oh and plaid but no plaid on here ‘cept for the diagonal shit on the sweatervest

my girlfriend made me draw it. I bs’d it with my mouse in sai.

this is how i will draw myself from now on becauseilikeitactuallySOBS

I really kind of like how Chris came out in this– that’s the only reason I decided to scan it aldkjfsf idk I just like his face???


Okay okay so I came to the realization that I have an OT3 ship for MB– and it’s ChrisxBoyxViola

and in this picture originally Boy and Viola were holding hands but I added in Viola so late to the picture that she ended up looking like some awkward third wheel trying to insert herself into whatever the hell’s happening between Boy and Chris and I JUST COULDN’T HAVE THAT BECAUSE DAT BBY DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER… sobsob

SO for now you get some crapilly drawn Chroy.

“Tomorrow.. shit gets real.”

The King said, looking upon some irrationally bright lightsource— but thankfully he had his goggles strapped on that worked perfectly as sunglasses, if not a bit more cozy.

That’s right, though. Tomorrow was when he was finally going to do it.

Tomorrow, he’d make the contract.

…even if he didn’t really know what he was getting himself into.


One of many.

ANYWAY, one of Mal’s oooollldddd forgottennn and now unloovveeddd OC’s. She has hundreds that kind of… disappeared and got forgotten about and IT"S ALMOST SAD BECAUSE THEY’RE ALL PRETTY COOL BUT SHE KEEPS MAKING MORE AND

This is Keel~ I don’t know much about him, but I did do an old drawing of him a while back in my DA gallery~