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5 Questions for the Minimalist Spell Caster

A formula that i have been working with to cast spells that doesn’t call for chanting, rhyming, or many tools (some might be needed). It might help to integrate this into candle magic, or make it part of a greater ritual. Either way, it’s purpose it to help build and execute a spell.

1. Who
- Earth Thought. This means, to know the being you are acting on. Their personality, their life situation, their wants and needs for the working. How is the castee’s desires attune to this working? (Earth is form)

2. What- Fire Thought. This means, to know the actions taken to fulfil the manifestation to desire. You shouldn’t worry about the process so much as be well informed of all the steps it might take. How will this working be done? (Fire is action)

3. When- Water Thought. This means, to take into account all the factors involved. Everything from the day of the week, to that night’s moon phase, to the positioning of the sun that day, to the astral house the sun is in. And especial your own state of mind. How will the timing effect the working? (Water is time)

4. Where- Air Thought. This means, to consider the location of the working. Outdoors versus indoors. Your bedroom versus your living room. Your floor versus your alter. If you are uncomfortable or the faculties of Feng Shui are off, this could affect the working. How will the environment effect the working? (Air is location)

5. Why- Aether Thought. This means, to simply know the purpose of the working. Use no shallow reasoning, but think deeply and logically as to the reasons behind what you’re doing. How do your feelings effect this working? (Aether is meaning)

Try this format for vocalizing these questions…

·         This working is done for (insert name here)

·         By doing (insert actions here)

·         Now, in the time of (insert the natural factors here)

·         Here (insert the area/place here)

·         For the purpose of (insert reason here)

This working is done for, my friend, Patricia Wynn, by burning a white rose in this brass cauldron, now, in the time near the full moon and on the day of Saturn, here, in my bedroom and before my sacred alter, for the purpose of healing her heart of a lost love. So mote it be.

This statement should proceed the actions. Do the ritual in silence or speak an incantation for the actions preformed. Some Rituals ask that you call down the proper astrological powers (Spirit of Mercury or the Energies of Monday, Day of the Moon). You could also call divinity (Ishtar-Love, Thoth-Study). This format is a little more basic, and it takes a minimalist approach.

Is fan art for books even a thing on tumblr? (other than HP obvs)

I’ve been re-reading all the Chrestomanci books and UUrrghh I love them so much… ;_; 

So yeah. Fan art for Conrad’s Fate featuring Christopher, Millie and Conrad.

Definitely want to colour this at some point, but not sure when I’ll get the chance… (working on freelance job at the mo, drew this on breaks between drawing job stuff)